Why did my pet die now? 3 Inspiring Reasons Your Pet Died Now


Why did my pet die? If you’re suffering and grieving, you may find these three insights from Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon to be particularly helpful.

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Losing your pet is hard

Losing a beloved pet can be a heart-wrenching experience, leaving us with many unanswered questions. One of the most common questions that pet owners ask is, “Why did my pet die NOW?” I have a lot of experience with this my clients asking this question and I want to shed light on this difficult topic by sharing three important insights that may help you understand why your pet crossed over when they did. As an animal communicator, teacher, and psychic with over twenty years of experience, I have delved deep into the spiritual realm to uncover these profound reasons. So, let’s dive in!

Your pet’s purpose in your life is not a coincidence

First, animals come into our lives for a reason. They are extraordinary teachers, guiding us on our spiritual journeys. Just as we humans have lessons to learn, our animal companions also have their own unique roles to play. They enter our lives with a purpose, often to help us learn important lessons such as self-belief, self-worth, and feeling lovable and deserving. When you have successfully learned the lesson your pet came to teach you, they may feel their job is done, prompting them to cross over. Remember, their departure is not a reflection of your failure to learn, but rather a sign of completion and growth.

Your Pet’s Death and Dying Plan

It may be hard to comprehend, but our pets actually plan their passing at a spiritual level. They decide when and how they will cross over, as well as who will be present during this transition. While we may try our best to prevent their departure through medical interventions and constant vigilance, their plan will unfold as they have intended it to. Even if you blame yourself for not noticing signs of illness or for an unfortunate accident, it is essential to understand that your pet’s passing was part of their predetermined plan. Although you’re still reeling with the question, “Why did my pet die now?” it does help to embrace the fact that their journey was guided by higher power and knowledge beyond our control.

The Dying Pet Lesson Purpose

This aspect may be the hardest to accept, but it holds tremendous potential for personal growth. Your pet’s passing, regardless of the circumstances, is an opportunity for your soul to evolve and expand. In many cases, pets choose a passing that challenges us deeply, as they believe it will enable us to learn valuable lessons and transform our lives. While it may be painful and difficult to see the purpose in such moments, try to reflect on what you can gain from the experience. How can you grow, improve, or even change the world in honor of your pet’s passing? By finding meaning in their departure, you honor the bond you shared and make their transition a little easier.

Your pet is still with you

Losing a pet is an emotional journey filled with grief, confusion, and longing. However, it is important to recognize that there is a deeper spiritual meaning behind their passing. By understanding the purpose of the animal in your life, acknowledging their plan for crossing over, and embracing the lessons they wanted to teach you, you can find solace and meaning in their departure. Remember, your pet’s love and teachings will forever remain in your heart, guiding you on your own soul’s journey.

Video Transcript: 3 Inspiring Reasons for Why My Did My Pet Die Now 

I’m going to share 3 important things to help you understand why your pet crossed over when they did. If you’ve been wondering, “Why did my pet die?” this video will provide some spiritual answers for you.
Hi, my name is Danielle MacKinnon. I have been an animal communicator (pet psychic) for more than twenty years. My online animal communication school is where I I teach people how to connect intuitively with their pets. I also have a community for animal lovers to find other spiritual animal lovers just like them. 
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Today, we’re going to answer a common question about why our pets cross over when they do. Specifically, we’re looking at the question, “Why did my pet have to die?” 
I want to give you an example of the question I’m answering today so you can understand where we’re going. Here is the question:
“Hi, I recently lost my best friend, a cat. He was hit by a car. He was only two years old. Please help me understand.”
Let’s focus on the three pieces of information to help you understand why your pet died, when and how they did.

1. The Purpose of the Animal in your Life

The first thing, behind the “Why did my pet die now” question is to understand is the reason this animal was in your life in the first place.
Animals come into our lives to teach us lessons. Perhaps in this lifetime I’m trying to learn how to believe in myself, so I may have experiences and relationships that help me address believing in myself. 
Our animals are actually coming into our lives knowing what we’re working on. They’re specifically taking certain behaviors and steps to help us learn these different things. I’ve talked about them a lot in my “Animal Lessons” book.

The Four Lessons

There are four major things that we humans come into our lifetimes to learn. We come to learn that we are safe, supported, and protected, that we are lovable, that we are deserving and worthy, and that we are good enough.
I came into this lifetime with some feelings of not being good enough, and I had lots of experience to make me feel like I wasn’t. When my animals came into my life, what did they do? They did certain things to help me realize that, hey, I am good enough, that I really am good at the core.
So when an animal comes into your life and they are there to help you learn that you’re good enough or learn that you’re worthy and deserving, when you learn that lesson, what happens? They go, “All right, I’ve done that job with Danielle. I’ve taught her well. Guess what? It’s time for me to cross over.”
Yes, that’s right. When you learn the lesson your pet came to teach you, they then cross over or they leave your life. Usually though, it’s cross over. So that’s the first thing you need to know. Your pet is crossing over when you have learned the lesson with them. And no, you absolutely cannot say, “Well, I’m not going to learn that lesson,” and make them stay longer. It doesn’t work that way.

2. Your Pet’s Death and Dying Plan

The second thing you want to know about why your pet passed when they did is that once you have learned the lesson and they have decided, “Wow, my human has learned this lesson, I’m going to get ready to cross over now,” your pet actually plans when they’re going to pass. And not only do they plan when they’re going to pass, they plan how they’re going to pass, they plan who’s going to be around them. They also plan who isn’t going to be around them.
This is all decided at a spiritual level, what I call the soul level, by the animal. There is nothing that you can do to change this. You can do all of the medical tests, all of the chemotherapy, all of the watching over your pet and making sure that nothing bad is going to happen, but if that pet has made the plan that it’s time to cross over and today is the day, you cannot stop it.
There are a lot of people also who will say, “Well, I waited too long,” or, “I should have noticed he was sick,” or, “I shouldn’t have opened that door.” Regardless of what you did with the door, your animal had a plan to die that day, because that was their plan. You cannot avoid what their plan is, which means that however your pet passed was part of the plan.

3. The Dying Pet Lesson Plan

The third thing you want to know about why your pet had to pass when they did has to do with more about lessons. And this is the really hard part. This is the piece that I didn’t want to put in this video because it’s upsetting sometimes.
However that passing happened, your pet looked at your soul and said, “Hey, I know that if I pass in this way, it’s going to give my human an opportunity to evolve their soul even more.” That means that sometimes those passings are really, really hard. The best that you can do is to look for what could you possibly gain from this passing. What could you possibly take away from it? What could you possibly do better because of this in the future?
My dog passed away and we were only there for his very, very last breath.  It was really hard because he had had surgery the night before and we were doing everything we could to keep him alive. We did everything that we could try and make him be healthy and get better from the cancer, but it didn’t work. And actually, it was not the most, it was not an easy passing to go through. It was not easy to watch him have that last breath.

Learn the incredible story behind Kelso’s passing on my Youtube channel

I have others have other videos on YouTube where I describe Kelso’s passing but for my point here, I am sharing his story based on what I what learned from it. I learned that I needed to only be there for that last breath. That’s all he wanted me there for.
Kelso helped me finally understand how animals orchestrate everything from who is and isn’t there, why it happens, when it happens and more. All of these types of deaths are lumped together at the soul level as a way for us to learn.

What To Do Now

If you are suffering from your dog dying or your cat dying and the way that it happened is traumatic to you, I just ask you to look at that and figure out what could your pet possibly have been thinking? How could you possibly grow from this passing? How could you possibly better yourself from this passing happening in this way? Better yet, how could you possibly change the world as a result of this passing?
There is something in there for you to learn from and grow at the soul level, no matter if that passing happened positively or negatively. If you can learn that, your pet on the other side will be happy and grateful and kind of makes their passing feel a little bit better because you got from it what they wanted you to get from it.