Beginner's Guide to Animal Communication

Everything You Need to Know About Soul Level Animal Communication®

Your Guide to Soul Level Animal Communication®

Everything You need to know about Animal Communication

Just starting your animal communication Journey?

I created this Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication because the world of the pet psychic can be confusing! What does an animal communicator really DO? How does it all work? What is the difference between an animal communicator and a pet psychic? As a result, you may be feeling confused as to where to get started with all this intuition stuff.

As an animal communicator and teacher for two decades, I’ve helped thousands of people start their animal communication journeys. This beginner’s guide to animal communication should bring you up to speed, but if you still have questions after reading it, please email us at

Cool Readings To Help You Learn About Animal Communication

2 Hour Webinars on Pet Communication for Beginners

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication webinars!

As you dive deeper into the fascinating world of connecting with animals, these webinars offer valuable insights and practical knowledge. Explore the exciting topics and expert guidance as you learn about pet communication.

Start Your Animal Communication Journey With These Intro Courses

Discover the next step in your journey with our Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication Intro Courses.

Designed to provide a solid foundation for your exploration, my courses are tailored to beginners like you. Get ready to embark on an educational adventure that deepens your connection with the animal kingdom!

Your Animal Communication Glossary

Animals are innately psychic and would love to connect with humans psychically. Animal Communication is the art of learning how to tap in to receive (and give) intuitive messages with animals. Learn more, in depth about what animal communication is here.

An animal communicator (pet psychic, animal intuitive, pet communicator) consciously communicates psychically with animals. Animal Communicators know how to pick up and understand the messages that animals send through intuition. If you’re looking for a reading, go to my list of Certified Animal communicators here.

The Danielle MacKinnon School holds monthly labs. In a lab, students of all levels) plus many of Danielle’s Certified Animal Communicators) play with animal communication together. It’s a great way to learn how other’s work with their intuition.

Be Open is Danielle’s intuitive and animal communication practice community. Members get live webinars with Danielle, animal communication and intuition practices, energy shares, and courses too. PLUS, this loving community really supports and gives to one another! Most students taking Danielle’s courses choose to join Be Open to supplement their education and have access to more people to play and practice with.

Some animals communicate psychically through sounds and words. When you’re receiving clairaudient messages, you may “hear” a dog bark, but your dog is no where nearby. If you’re “hearing” your spirit guides, you may hear sounds or even a voice from within your head (although that might be hard to trust sometimes!). Because many of the “sounds” sound similar to our normal life, it can be hard to trust this info! But with practice, you can.

Claircognizance means inner-knowing. Many people receive psychic information in this way, but mistake it for simply being smart. When your guides or an animal want to give you psychic data through claircognizanace, you just suddenly “know” something. You’re not sure where it came from! As a result of all of the pop culture attention, this psychic sense can be harder to trust.

Clairvoyance is probably the most well-known psychic sense as it’s easiest to depict on TV but the word clairvoyance simply means psychic sight. People that are receiving visual information in this way may see a flash of an image or their eye may suddenly be drawn to the exact, most important spot somewhere, for no apparent reason. In animal communication, animals send visuals all the time as do spirit guides.

Animals can send messages psychically to humans using clairsentience. Clairsentience occurs when the person feels the message from the animal in their body or as an emotion. A person who is receiving messages through feeling is also called clairsentient.

Energy Management is the secret ingredient when you want to communicate psychically with animals or connect with your Guides. The style of Energy Management I teach relies on short, super fun (30 second) exercises that reset your energy so you can trust yourself and easily make decisions. To learn more about Energy Management you can read articles here or check out my On Demand Masterclasses too!

Animals are innately intuitive communicators. In fact, it is only because animals are so in psychically in tune with their environment that they are able to move through the world successfully. Learn more about how animals communicate psychically (and what they do with it!) here.

Here at the Danielle MacKinnon School, we define intuition as using innate psychic skills to connect in to the desired being (an animal, your spirit guides etc.) in order to receive information. Every person alive was born psychic however many have shut down their abilities. Our courses in opening the intuition are simply rediscovering that which already exists but has been dormant.

A psychic medium is someone who connects intuitively with humans in spirit (ie your grandmother that has crossed over). Instead, an animal communicator, connects psychically with animals that are alive and also with animals that have crossed over. If you’re interested in connecting with your pet on the other side, you may like this pre-recorded webinar.

The rainbow bridge poem talks about how animals cross over the rainbow bridge to get to animal heaven. While there is no actual bridge, as a result of the poem, many people use the rainbow bridge phrase to indicate their pet has crossed over. Though Soul Level Animal Communication® many people are reconnecting with their pets that have “crossed the rainbow bridge.” Learn more about the Rainbow Bridge.

Soul Level Animal Communication® is Danielle MacKinnon’s method for learning and working with animal communication. Here, there are two distinct levels that animals will connect through: the physical level (find out about their day to day life) and the Soul Level (find out about the lessons the animals are teaching). Learn more in Danielle’s book: Animal Lessons.

A Soul Level Coach® is someone certified by the Danielle MacKinnon School in Soul Level Coaching. And yes, Soul Level Coaches® specialize in working with their Guides to help clients discover and shift negative beliefs into positive. Changing a belief from negative to positive has far-reaching positive effects in a persons life from helping them find the love of their life to helping them finally love themselves.

As you attend live webinars and courses and play in Be Open, you’ll see people identifying themselves with this hashtag. #CPP stands for Certified Professional Practitioner. Anyone using this hashtag has been Certified by the Danielle MacKinnon School as a Soul Level Animal Communicator® or a Soul Level Coach. These are experts in the community you want to listen to!

The Beginner's Handbook on Animal Communication: Explore Your Options

animal communicator guide


Using my 7-Step Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication, you’ll understand what you need to know in order to hear the information the animals are trying to tell you and HOW to hear it without worrying about whether or not you’re “doing it right”.

telephatic animal communication guide


When you learn my Soul Level Method of animal communication you’ll be able to fully trust the information that’s coming through from your beloved pet. You’ll also be able to connect with pets that have crossed over.

communicate with deceased pets guide


Communicating with an animal on the physical level is when the animal talks about their body, how they like their food, and if they’re jealous, etc. Soul Level communication is when the animal tells you about how they’re helping you in this lifetime and the lessons they’re hoping to help you with. You’ll learn both!


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