About Danielle

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Danielle MacKinnon, is an animal communicator, intuitive, Soul Level Coach® and the bestselling author of Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance (Beyond Words, 2014,) and Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals (Llewellyn, 2017).

Danielle is the creator of the Soul Level Animal Communication® method for intuitive connection with animals in which animals give both physical and energy information to their owners that assists the owner in healing themselves. 

She has been featured in Conversations with Maria Menounos,  Worth Magazine, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, NH Chronicle, WMUR, and Worth to name a few.  Best Psychic Mediums has named Danielle to their top 10 list and she has been named one of the “Top 100 American Astrologers and Psychics,” according to world renowned psychic researcher, Paulette Cooper. Danielle’s laid back personality paired with her accessible approach  to intuitive work with animals and people has been well received by audiences around the globe.

One of the most influential animal communicators in the United States, Danielle is the go-to animal communication educator at the Omega Institute, the Kripalu Center and many other globally recognized teaching and wellness institutions. Her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School , has helped to make the field of animal communication more globally visible than ever and her newest book, Animal Lessons continues to help thousands of people transform their lives with the help of their animals, every day. 

Danielle’s books have been translated into ten languages (and growing). She lives in Massachusetts with her husband (a scientist), and her dog, Tuukka (and they all miss their son who recently started college).


For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like I didn’t belong. I could walk into a room and “feel” negativity, I could sense when someone was secretly upset, and I could even tell what animals were feeling. Unfortunately, growing up in a small Midwest town with a family that was afraid to draw attention to themselves, I wasn’t in an environment that supported these differences so I tried as hard as I could to blend in.

Years later,  I was living a highly successful life as an MBA in corporate America. However, that success never made me feel truly happy. It took a visit to a pet psychic to make me realize there was more to life than success on paper. I needed to feel happy, satisfied, and stimulated by my life as well.

After that incredible first experience with the animal communicator, I knew I wasn’t meant for the corporate world.  I walked away from the corporate life and opted to create my own version of “normal” (despite the fact that my family did not support this decision).   At that time, the world was even less receptive to the unsee than it is today, so it wasn’t easy. I’ll never forget when my mother (who is now a big supporter!) said, “Danielle you didn’t send that newsletter to anyone but me right?”

It was never my plan to start my own business helping people and their animals but once I got going in the world of the animal communicator, I didn’t want to stop. The animals taught me what I now call Soul Level Animal Communication®  and that’s actually what my Danielle MacKinnon School is based on! After that, I took things even further to give my community a place to really commune –  Be Open (after all, I wanted the other people that felt “alone” like I did to realize they aren’t alone!).

Today, I love helping others discover that their differences are really opportunities – opportunities to grow and opportunities to take advantage of. I never would have thought this all those years ago when I was crying in my bedroom, wishing that the girl across the street would finally like and play with me – but now I realize that it’s the things that are not like anyone else that make me special.

Read in-depth about my journey with that first animal psychic in my Animal Lessons book!