What is a Soul Contract?


What is a Soul Contract?

Unlike what most people think, Soul Contracts are not agreements between two souls. Soul Contracts are actually agreements we make with ourselves to avoid experiencing negative beliefs our own negative beliefs about ourselves.

For example, you might have a Soul Contract that says you must be number one at whatever you do, at all costs. The reason for your Soul Contract would be based on your negative belief. Perhaps in this case your negative belief is that you aren’t good enough.

You may have a Soul Contract that blocks you from feeling love, making money, feeling good about yourself, making friends or any number of other things. There is always an underlying negative belief that caused you to create the Soul Contract.

Your Soul System

Soul Contracts and negative beliefs are part of your Soul System, which is made up of Soul Contracts, Seed Thoughts, Discordant Energies and Root Beliefs. Each person has their own unique Soul System to help them discover which components are in need of attention.

While most people focus on “breaking” their Soul Contracts, the key to mastering (and the releasing) them is cultivating a deeper understanding of the related negative beliefs.

What is a Soul Contract Examples

Each Soul Contract indicates a lesson you need to learn in evolve your soul. Understanding your Soul Contracts and why they are in your life is the key to creating happiness, health, wealth, and well-being.  There are four main types of Soul Contracts:

Relationship Soul Contracts

These are the contracts between your soul and the soul of another person that you put into place pre-birth. These are usually identified through strife or great emotion with another person.  Understanding and then embodying the lesson behind this type of contract can help heal (or release) a particular relationship.

Animal Soul Contracts

These contracts are created in the same manner as Relationship Soul Contracts. They reflect the power of animals to help humans heal and evolve. When you master one of these contracts, it’s good for you and your pet. Read more in my Animal Lessons book.

Lifetime Soul Contracts

When you were in a negative state of being, reacting to a repeated negative experience, you formed Lifetime Soul Contracts. There is always a lesson behind this type of contract. Learning that lesson will release the block from your life and free you up to move forward.

Bump Soul Contracts

This is a type of pre-birth Plan B contract. Bump Contracts show up in your life if you are off track in learning a particular soul lesson. If you don’t heed the Bump Contract the first time around, more bumps will occur until you finally get back on track toward learning the lesson.

Learn More

I hope this has helped you understand more about Soul Contracts! I look forward to serving you…. Those who ask, “What is a Soul Contract” are usually the people most likely to learn about and finally master their Soul Contracts. If you want to read more about Soul Contracts, check out my book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance.