How to Start Talking to Animals and TRUST That You’re Doing It!
Online Pet Psychic Course in Beginner Animal Communication

When someone takes a pet psychic course, what’s the #1 common challenge in learning to communicate with animals psychically? TRUSTING the intuitive information they’re receiving.  The Soul Level method for talking with animals in Danielle’s pet psychic course is specifically designed to help you determine real psychic information from what you’re making up. When you’re learning to communicate with animals, this can make all the difference!

What is psychic animal communication?

Animals are innately psychic

They’re also able to use these abilities to connect to humans. Wild, domesticated, and rescued animals of all types can send messages to us through visuals, feelings, thoughts, sounds and more.

Animal Communicators (AKA pet psychics, pet communicators etc.) are trained in how to tune in to these messages that animals are sending. However, everyone actually has the ability to connect psychically with animals. Most people aren’t aware that they can learn how to communicate with animals psychically. 

Through this fun online pet psychic course, you can learn to talk to animals in just 17 minutes per day!

Everyone is psychic. Take the quiz and find out which of your psychic senses is already open!

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Use my pet psychic course to learn how communicate with animals and discover…

  • My 7-Steps to beginning Animal Communication are simple. According to thousands of past students, these steps really work!
  • My most updated her methods to ensure your success! (I update my tools and techniques annually!)  
  • By lesson 2, you’re doing your first animal communication reading. Yes, you will be talking to the animals that early in the course!
  • How to connect with animals on the Other Side (Lesson 5 is completely devoted to connecting with and understanding animal afterlife)
  • Entertainment. Most people love my encouraging, knowledgable, and goofy way of teaching. I aim for a low-pressure, yet exciting learning environment.
  • Check out all of my animal communication courses here!
  • No previous intuitive or psychic experience needed. I’ve dialed my method in so that ANYONE can learn to use it effectively.
  • My Soul Level Method® teaches you how to differentiate between YOU and the animal. (This is the biggest challenge for most people beginning talking to animals.)
  • My classes and technique have stood the test of time since 2009! Check out my highly reviewed and rated classes.
  • Spend as little or as much time playing and practicing as you desire! It’s all up to you!


Using my 7- Steps to beginner Animal Communication, you’ll learn EXACTLY what to do and when to do it. That way you never have to worry about what comes next and can focus on the animal!


We did the math. Spend just 17 minutes a day watching the video or doing your homework and you’ll be successfully communicating with animals! Plus, the homework is homework you WANT to do!


Our survey says trusting intuition is the biggest hurdle. Luckily, the Soul Level Method® has been specifically created around helping you trust the information you’re receiving from the animal.