Danielle MacKinnon’s Online Intuitive Animal Communication Community


I’m so glad you’re here

No matter what your level of intuitive experience is!

If this is your first time stepping into the world of animal communication, intuition, and energy and you’re a little nervous – that’s ok! You’re not alone.

Be Open is a community of people from all different levels of intuitive experiences. It’s a place where, if you’re interested in talking with your animal friends (and want to know what they’re trying to tell you when they tilt their head to the side!), you’re in the right place.

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Get ready to explore your intuitive animal
communication journey?

If you love animals (above and beyond how most people LOVE animals) and want to practice intuitively connecting with them while being in a community that supports your practice as you go – BE OPEN is the place for you!


Learn more about your intuition, your Guides, and your energy


Discover new ways to connect with and understand more about your pet, their thoughts, feelings, and their needs


Learn more about your innate intuitive skills in a safe place among friends


Access hundreds of hours of past and present content to assist you on your journey

If you felt

a bit “different” your entire life and wondered if you didn’t belong because the birds, the bees, and everything in between seemed to be trying to get your attention – good news! – Be Open is the community for you!

Everyone here in Be Open has felt this in one way or another throughout our lives.

The Be Open Experience

Intuition Training and Animal Communication Community

Live Webinars

Your questions, thoughts, and feelings shared in the community guide the topics each month.  Every webinar is designed based on the group’s energy to help you on your spiritual journey in that moment. Past topics have included: coming out as intuitive to our family and friends, finding your passion in life, and more!

Animal Spotlight

A community favorite! The monthly Animal communication readings are an opportunity for YOU to have your animal read by two of our Certified Professional Practitioners (CPPs). Each month the CPP reveals what your animal is trying to tell you! No more guessing as to why Fido barks at the wall!

Live Office Hours

During our monthly live video office hours, you have the opportunity to receive a mini-reading or have your question answered live by me! I try to answer as many questions as I can while I’m “in the office.” It’s a fun and festive atmosphere each month – one you don’t want to miss!

CPPs Getting Coffee

This monthly Q&A session with our Certified Professional Practitioners (CPPs) is a great way to learn more about working as a professional animal communicator or Soul Level Coach. Ask them anything about their professional journey, intuition, animal communication and more! The coffee chats are held quarterly.

Soul Level Check Ins

In the Soul Level Check-in, our Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach CPPs choose two lucky community member volunteers for a mini-reading where they can connect with their guides and get information on an intuitive level. Get support and assistance in a totally new way!

Pop up Webinars

The Pop Up Webinars in Be Open are my way of really dialing in on a particular subject. From delving into Animals and the Other Side to learning Hands on Healing or meeting your Guides, these in-depth two-hour classes are free to the community (while others have to pay to access!)

Here’s the best part!

The best part of having a community like Be Open is that you will feel truly seen and supported. You’ll be able to relate when someone posts a story in the Group Forum about a crow being outside their window and the message they received.

They, and the story, are met with “WHOA! That’s amazing! I connected with a crow last week, too!” rather than a response of “What? What do you mean?”

This can be your experience, too.

Join us in this connected, loving community to play, learn and engage your budding or established intuitive and animal communication skills!

Be Open is a space and place for you to feel good, have support, and connect with others who are on a similar journey. There’s no experience necessary to get started.

Learn why Danielle created this community in her interview with MemberMouse here!


receiving everything your intuition has to give today for just $30/month

You’re only 30 seconds away from having the intuitive information, assistance, and guidance you’ve been looking for. PLUS a 24/7 supportive mastermind community, intuition and animal communication practice, and a super cool place to get your questions answered while making friends!

When you’re Being Open, everyone has your back!

Monthly Plan

New to Be Open? The monthly plan is low commitment and you can cancel or switch to an annual plan at any time.


Annual Plan

Join annually and get 2 months free!
Save $60 with this option


What do you love

about Be Open?

Brenda Eldridge Mockler

I love BeOpen! It’s a friendly, supportive place where people you’ve just met are happy to help you practice. Everyone is cheering you on!

Fernanda Zulzke Galli

Joining be open gave me the opportunity to meet people that not just love animals, but also that are open to share their weaknesses, doubts, stories of griefs and hopes and, no matter what, people that are always supportive in many different ways. It is special being part of a community that really validates its spirit. I am grateful for being part of this!

Helen Foreman Kosinski

What surprised me about Be Open when I first joined was that I could actually do animal readings on a post in Facebook!

Jody Levesque Crotty

Be Open is a supportive and loving community for ALL people who are curious about their intuition! When I first joined Be Open, I was blown away by how I felt like I was among family!A little crazy but lovable and supportive all at the same time!

Julie Hirt

Be Open is such a safe and loving place to be. I can share thoughts on being an intuitive, get support from others and learn from all. I think the camaraderie surprised me the most because many places online offer interaction and connection but this tribe truly delivers. No where else I have found such a community of smart, gifted, intuitive, sensitive people who have welcomed me so unconditionally. I love it here!

Hella Martens

I love that we can Be Open about who we are, authentically ourselves. I am mostly myself in my ‘normal’ world, which is generally accepted. But often I won’t feel emotionally safe in expressing myself fully. Trusting people is kinda like a big thing.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to have that here.

Hi, I’m Danielle!

I got my start in animal communication nearly two decades ago when I took my ailing puppy to see a pet psychic.

This was a big deal for me.

I was an MBA working in telecommunications for a Fortune 500 company. I’d been raised to believe that there wasn’t anything in life beyond what we can see. So, having a reading with a psychic – never mind a PET psychic – was pretty out of the box.

That reading changed my life.

I realized I’d been intuitively communicating with animals my entire life. I began to understand that the outcast feelings I’d experienced growing up weren’t flaws – they stemmed from my natural sensitivity.
I’ve now come to embrace this sensitivity and I help others do the same. I’ve taught thousands to communicate intuitively with animals and to open their intuition through my workshops, webinars, and video programs. I’m SO happy I didn’t continue down the corporate path. It just wasn’t for me. Be Open is for me!

And I believe Be Open is for you!

I wanted to

create a safe, loving, and accepting place where you’re around like-minded people who accept the connections you know you have with your pets and animal friends. Connections that others in your life may not totally understand!

When I first realized my deep desire to communicate with animals went above and beyond tail wags and companionship, it was a little scary. I thought to myself: 

As my practice grew, I realized there are so many people just like me! We feel super connected to the animals in our lives and we believe that this connection with them was something extra special.

Unfortunately, we (the special ones) didn’t have a way to find each other.

This is why I created Be Open.

Bonus Content for you

When you join Be Open today, you get instant access to the two-hour pop-up class, Animals and the Other Side! 

If you’ve ever wondered why an animal has to pass away or what happens when they do, this community-favorite masterclass will help.

You can find answers to these questions when I share insights I’ve learned from the animals themselves about the dying process.

(And you know what? The info the animals have shared with me about this surprises almost everyone that hears it).

If you’re interested in animal communication, intuition, and soul growth –

I can’t wait for you to join us!

Monthly Plan

New to Be Open? The monthly plan is low commitment and you can cancel or switch to an annual plan at any time.


Annual Plan

Join annually and get 2 months free!
Save $60 with this option


You may be wondering…


For all your curious questions before joining.

What if my intuitive skills aren’t up to snuff?

Be Open is a community for any level of psychic and intuitive skill! If you’re just starting out and are exploring next steps on your intuitive path, Be Open is for you, too! You’ll discover more about your interests as you tune into the webinars, the Q&As, and the community.

Be Open has a library of videos and resources to help you expand your intuition with animals, grow closer to the animals in your life, and manage your energy. Plus, each webinar or Q&A can be completed at your own pace. Listen in the car, in your office, or while you fold the laundry!

Who is Be Open for?

Be Open is for anyone interested in playing with intuitive communication with the animals in their life. Any skillset and experience (or lack thereof) is welcome! Everyone is here to learn and play!

I’m a little nervous that I will have to participate in the webinars - can I just watch?

Yes! You can watch or participate as much or as little as you’d like. You’ll never be forced to participate in any way you don’t feel comfortable.

If I'm in the Danielle MacKinnon School should I join?

Be Open is the perfect companion to the Danielle Mackinnon School (and, really for anyone studying animal communication and intuitive arts). If you’re studying animal communication and/or intuitive work, it’s the perfect place to support those studies.

The great part is if you’re in the Danielle MacKinnon School, Be Open really compliments the classes, provides more opportunities for homework partners and allows you access to more people for questions and support.

How long do I need to be a member of Be Open? How long do people stay in the membership?

You can stay for as long (or as little) as you like in Be Open. Your membership renews each month and you can cancel anytime by navigating to your account.

When you join, you’ll be surrounded by a community that has longevity! Many of our members have been here more than a year or even two and are very engaged.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to be a part of the community? (NO!)

You no longer need a Facebook account to take part in the community. We’ve officially dropped that platform! Phew! The new platform (called Mighty Networks) is a closed system – so you can use your real name as no one is tracking you, advertising you, or anything else (oh Facebook, what became of you!) Additionally, because the group is “Secret,” no one can even tell that you’re part of the group (unless they’re in it).

How long does the content take to watch/listen to each month?

It’s up to you! You can choose to listen/watch/engage as much or as little as you would like. Plus, if you don’t make it one of the live webinars, everything is recorded for you to watch at your leisure. This is meant to be a community of support, practice, and fun – so you do what works for you the best.

How can I manage my membership?

We love this about Be Open! You are completely in charge of your membership. Log in to www.BeOpenConnect.com and navigate to the “My Account” area. There you can change from monthly to annual (or vice versa), change your profile info, your credit card info or cancel your membership. It’s all at your fingertips!

Are there refunds if I cancel my monthly membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll remain an active member until the end of your paid period. For example, if your subscription renews on the 15th of every month, regardless of when you cancel during the month, you’ll be paid up until the 14th. You must login to your account and go to the account management section to cancel or manage your account. We cannot do this for you.

I’m an annual member - are there refunds?

The annual subscription functions just like the monthly. If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have full access until the last day of your billing period. You must login to your account and go to the account management section to cancel or manage your account. We cannot do this for you.

Can I ask Danielle a question?

Danielle offers two opportunities each month for the community to ask her questions directly. During the monthly live webinar, you will have the opportunity to participate and ask questions. Danielle may give you her personal answer or she may connect in to give the intuitive answer. In the monthly live Office Hours webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your question. Danielle uses her time in that webinar to intuitively answer as many questions as possible. She may give you her personal answer, the answer from her Guides, or the answer from your animal. Additionally, Danielle engages with the community regularly via the private group forum.

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