What is Animal Communication?

Is Psychic Animal Communication Real?

What do you think is happening when a flock of birds is swooping around in unison?

Have you heard that elephants can “sense” one another from more than 500 miles away?

Animals communicate with one another intuitively all the time. They rely on this intuition to survive in the world. They’re experts at trusting and understanding through intuition! Those birds aren’t using visual cues to fly together and those elephants? They’re cluing into the unseen! Animals are tapping into ENERGY in order to connect to their world and thrive.

Animals Communicators have learned how to use their intuition to receive and understand the messages animals are sending through that energy!

7 Secrets to Understand How Animal Communication Works


Animal Communication Secret #1

All Animals Are Psychic

Animals are born with their intuitive senses wiiiiiide open.

As they grow, our pets and animals hone their psychic senses to help them stay alive. So much of what animals do, that science can’t explain, is simply because animals are such gifted intuitives, effortlessly using their sixth sense in absolutely everything they do.

This is why most people find it easier to learn animal communication than to open their psychic senses. The animals already know what to do! Take this quiz HERE to find out what your most open psychic sense right now!

Animal Communication Secret #2

Animals Communicate Psychically Just Like Psychic People Can

If you’ve been wondering how animal communication works, you’re on the right track! At first, it seems like a lot of nonsense. And there are skeptics out there who will tell you it’s not possible. However, intuitive animal communication is not only possible, it happens every day!

Animals send psychic messages to humans in many different ways. When someone is just beginning to learn animal communication though, the animals tend stick to the four main types:

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How Animals Communicate Psychically


Some animals communicate psychically through sounds and words. You may “hear” a dog bark, but it’s off in the distance and there is no real dog anywhere near you. Possibly, you’ll hear a certain word like, “Food” or “tummy.”


Animals can send you a picture of what they want you to know about. Perhaps it’s a quick flash of a red ball or maybe it’s a picture of the forest.


Animals love to communicate through feelings! They can give you a twinge in your big toe to let you know their toe hurts or they can make you feel hyper so you can understand that that’s how they feel.


When an animal wants to communicate some type of bigger picture to you, they’ll often send it as a thought. Suddenly, you’ll just “know” that this cat is afraid of blue cars because he was almost run over by one, for example.

Animal Communication Secret #3

All People Are Born Psychic Too.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we subconsciously work on shutting down our intuition, in favor of, “pushing through” our sensitivities. By the time we enter kindergarten, most of us have almost completely shut down these intuitive abilities.

Or, at least we think we have shut down our innate intuition! As it turns out, many people are still using their psychic abilities in their everyday lives without knowing it! 

Take this quiz HERE to find out what your most open psychic sense (and that you’re already using!) is! And it’s because everyone is psychic that it’s possible to communicate with animals in this way!

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Animal Communication Secret #4

Animals can help you re-discover your lost psychic abilities

Although your psychic abilities may be shut down right now, they don’t have to remain that way. Our companion animals continue to send psychic messages to us, regardless of whether or not we’re picking up those messages. This is because it’s just one of their many ways of feeling connected. 

When you take the time to learn how to receive the messages from your companion animal, your intuition naturally begins to open up. Top that off with your pet’s desire for you to finally GET their messages, and it’s a recipe for success! No one has to remain shut down. Ever!

How Psychic Pet Communication Really Works


Animal Communication Secret #5

Animals love using Animal Communication to Work Through Behavior Challenges

When you’re doing animal communication, the animal you’re connecting to finally gets a voice! You can connect to the animal to get answers that you’ve been longing for – and your pet loves this!

  • Learn why your horse is sick and what she wants you to do about it
  • Find out why your dog hates your neighbor
  • Discover the reason behind your cat’s inability to use the litter box

And very often, what your pet has to tell you is not what you expected because you’re receiving the information straight from the animal. Take this quiz HERE to find out which of your innate psychic senses you may already be using with your pet!


Animal Communication Secret #6

Animals Have Mastered Unconditional Love

Animals have mastered unconditional love and they want to help human souls evolve and do the same. The problem is that many of us, human souls, don’t yet connect to the animals to understand their true purpose.

In animal communication readings, animals share love, constructive help, and lots of support. They’re aware of their human’s challenges and strengths and do everything possible to promote their human’s soul growth.

Read more about this in Animal Lessons: How Your Pet Heals You In 5 Steps and find out how your pet is healing you.

Animal Communication Secret #7

Animals Send Psychic Information in the Way YOU Will Best Receive It

Animals scan each person they come across in order to figure out the best way that person can receive psychic information. It differs for everyone (we’re all psychically open in different ways), so animals take a LOT of care with this! They become our secret power pill to opening intuitively and connecting psychically with animals!

Take this quiz HERE to find out what your most open psychic sense is! 

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Get Playing with Animal Communication Now

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Take the fun quiz

Everyone has psychic abilities – with animals and separate from animals. Which of your abilities are you using every day?


Julie Ulrich

When I studied animal communication, it was the first time I really started to like myself. Knowing that this deeper connection was possible, and that my animal wanted the best for me and had tons of wisdom to share about how to be my best self just really made me feel good. It was like opening the door to a whole new level of love. Things started opening up in my life after that, and now my relationships with other people are better than I ever thought possible.

Allison Dellatore

In SLAC 101, I learned how to come out of my shell.  It was surprising how easy that process can be when you are in the right environment. I have always been terrified of doing a reading live and now I can see how fun it is! I loved the connections that I have made and all the support that is within this community.

Brenda Eldridge Mockler

This course answered so many questions I’d stumbled over in the past

In this course I learned some excellent ways to manage my energy which really helped me to settle down and do the communications. Even as a communicator with a bit of prior experience, this course answered so many questions that I had stumbled over before. That changed everything. Danielle has such a nice way with her students. I would highly recommend this class. Thank you so much!

Donna Norris

I was blown away!

I was blown away that I was actually able to connect with an animal during the first lesson! The step by step approach worked so well – I felt had a good amount of time to absorb each lesson before moving on to the next one.

Heather O'Hara Tawney

Soul Level Animal Communication 101 helped me to find my voice, allowed me to be vulnerable, made me feel support like I have never experienced, and gave me permission to not have to know or understand it all. It has changed my relationship with my own animals because the quirky behaviors they have are there to help me grow. The way I interact with my animals, others’ animals and the humans in my life has a different glow to it now. It truly is life changing.

Jody Levesque Crotty

SLAC 101 allowed me to trust and to believe in myself! It’s through the believing in myself I feel better, I feel happier and with managing my energy creates a calmer, funnier, lighter me!❤️

Kate Foggo

Mind-blowing, but real, and delivered with love

I had read about and watched animal communication videos, but nothing compares to actually having someone live. I don’t know what I was expecting, a little dubious at what I could achieve but Danielle and her team get you right in there doing it immediately and I loved it. The staff are all so open, so connected, so supportive, and extremely inclusive. Could not recommend more highly.

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