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Work, play, and learn with Danielle

September 1 - 30, 2023

September Be Open Theme: Clairaudience

This month we are continuing to PLAY. We’ll be delving in and exploring another psychic sense that is SO misunderstood: Clairaudience. Let’s find out what really goes on with this sense so we can catch MORE (or any) of the intuitive hints coming your way!

Be Open Community
October 5 - 10, 2023

Animal Soul Connections Retreat in Costa Rica

2 Spots just opened! 2 new “Fancy” rooms just added. On this 6-day immersive retreat you’ll connect with animals and people alike. Do you feel a deep, almost spiritual connection with the animals around you? Are you open meeting and connecting with peeps who feel  like you do? This retreat is THE opportunity to explore connection while rejuvenating, reinvigorating, and reviving yourself! Let the animals of Costa Rica and Danielle guide you as you discover sloths, whales, dolphins, BABY whales, toucans, the most beautiful beach in the world and MORE!  Get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and let judgement fall away!

Imiloa Institute - Costa Rica
October 13 - November 20, 2023

Soul Level Psychic 101® Course (Develop your intuition with guides)

Learn Danielle’s proven method to open your psychic senses and connect to YOUR spiritual guidance. (Even if you don’t think you have the “gift” or have tried before without success…) You’ll start feeling confident in this crazy psychic stuff, as you learn how to work with the energies that will MOST help you receive intuitive data accurately and deeply. You’ll learn Danielle’s personal method for allowing the intuitive data in only when you want it, AND create an incredible relationship with your spirit guides. Get ready to unlock the secret super intuitive powers you ALREADY have while also growing new psychic abilities too! All webinars are live and are recorded in case you are unable to make it, no experience needed

**Enrollment Opening Soon!**

A Mix of Live and Pre-recorded Webinars with Danielle
October 17, 2023

Be Open Webinar With Danielle

Each month in Be Open, we look at a new topic related to our intuitive and animal connection journeys. Danielle begins the exploration in the live webinar here. What will this month’s topic be? Stay tuned as we’ll announce it right here on the 1st! Join Be Open to be the very first to find out! Become a member of the Be Open community here.

12:00pm - 1:00pm Eastern
Live Webinar in Be Open Community
October 18, 2023 - March 12, 2024

Soul Level Business 202® Course (Build Your Business!)

Let me mentor you through the process of creating your Soul Level Animal Communication or Soul Level Intuitive Coaching business. Each week you’ll conquer a new topic aimed at helping you build your business from the ground up. My professional Soul Level Practitioners and I will walk you through each step and assist and support you in making adjustments so your creation can be successful and as reflective of you possible. By the end of the course, your business will be ready to go.

Online via live webinars at the Danielle MacKinnon School
November 10 - December 20, 2023

Soul Level Animal Communication 102® 6-week Course (Get confident!)

Want to gain confidence as you expand your animal psychic skills? Need answers to your questions? Want to keep growing your animal psychic skills with Danielle as your mentor in this 6-week pre-recorded AND live webinars course? Soul Level Animal Communication 102 is as much about YOU personally as it is about the animals you connect with. If you’ve already taken  Soul Level Animal Communication 101, this is the next AWESOME step for you – with more live support than ever before!

A Mix of Live and Pre-recorded Webinars with Danielle