February 26 - August 30, 2019

Soul Level Animal Communication® Course #202

In this course Danielle MacKinnon mentors you through the process of creating your business. Each week you’ll conquer a new topic aimed at helping you build your business from the ground up. With Danielle as your mentor, she’ll be able to look at each step you’ve taken and help you make adjustments so that your creation can be as solid and as reflective of you possible!

2:00-3:30pm Eastern
Live Webinars with recording
March 4, 2019

Automatic Writing 101

In this live webinar (recorded as always), Danielle will teach the fundamentals of Automatic Writing (connecting with your Guides through writing or typing). From lecture to practice, this is a not-to-be-missed webinar!  This class is open to all members of Be Open!

11:00am Eastern
March 6 - May 15, 2019

Soul Level Educator® Course #301

For Certified Soul Level Animal Communication® practitioners, it’s time to find and yes, hone, your intuition to act without limits so that you can better help your clients. How your intuition works, and how you share that information is unique to you but how do you tap further into that so your clients can see the beautiful, incredible, extraordinary being you are? In this course, you have the unique opportunity to cultivate that! * Please note this course is not yet available for registration.

2:00-3:30pm Eastern
Live Webinars with recording
March 27 - May 1, 2019

Soul Level Animal Communication® LIVE Course #102

For the first time in more than two years, Danielle is teaching this as a LIVE WEBINAR course! Do you want to gain confidence as you expand your animal psychic skills? Do you answers to your questions? Keep growing your animal psychic skills with Danielle as your mentor in this 6-week live webinar course. SLAC #102 is as much about YOU personally as it is about the animals you connect with. When you take your animal communication skills to this level you not only experience a higher level of work and connection with animals, but you’ll also experience a positive shift deep within. Are you ready to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and open a channel of communication with ALL the animals in your life? (This course will not be taught a live webinars again until 2021.)

Live Webinars with recording
April 5, 2019

Animal Lessons Demo: How Your Pet is Helping You Evolve

In this two-hour talk and animal communication demo, Animal Psychic Danielle MacKinnon will show you how your pet is always teaching you – and you don’t have to be psychic to figure it out! Plus, Danielle will end the evening with audience Soul Level Animal Communication® readings where you can hear, straight from the horse’s (or your pet’s!) mouth, exactly what your pet wants you to know so you can become your best self.

7:00PM - 9:00PM
Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA
July 19 - 21, 2019

Soul Level Animal Communication® – Learn What Animals Are Really Saying

Are you ready to fine tune your intuitive connection to animals and become a stronger, more confident animal communicator? Do you want to learn more from animals you’re connecting with? Do you want to get to know the animal soul?  In this advanced weekend workshop, intuitive Danielle MacKinnon guides you through a weekend of lectures, discussions, and hands-on practice to help you take your animal communication skills to the next level.

Rhinebeck, New York
October 18 - 25, 2019

Horse and Soul Retreat

Animal Psychic Danielle MacKinnon has partnered with Eponicity at Leaves and Lizards in Costa Rica to create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for connection, communion, and growth through animal’s innate connection to human consciousness!

Mentored by our horse partners, masters of unconditional love and natural wisdom – and with Danielle using her intuitive gifts to enhance the connection and communication – we’ll explore how our own positive intention and energetic focus sets the state for us to live in harmony with nature and ourselves.

What animal lessons do the horses have to teach YOU?

Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Cabin Retreat – Costa Rica