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Animal Communicator, Intuitive & Soul Level Intuitive Coach

June 7 - 28, 2022

Spring Clearing Series

Feeling weighed down by the past 2 years? You’re probably not working with your best, most clear energy. And unclear energy can result in relationship challenges, emotional challenges, and more – including life just not going your way. In this 4-part live webinar series,  Danielle leads you through layered clearings that build upon one another. By the end, you’ll feel ready everything the Universe can throw your way! Danielle will also unveil some a brand new clearing she’s not yet shown to the public! Note: You must be a member of Be Open to participate in the series. Join by June 7th because we’ll be closing the doors to the community during the series to ensure we’re all clearing together!

12:00pm ET
Be Open Community
August 5 - 7, 2022

Wisdom From Beyond the Veil

Many cultures around the globe view the end of October and early November as a time when the veil between this world and the spirit realm is at its thinnest. Whether through the pagan rituals of Halloween or the time-honored tradition of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, this effort to contact loved ones who have departed, as well as other beings in spirit form, has existed for centuries.

During this special 3-day, IN-PERSON weekend retreat, you’ll be guided by Danielle and a number of other experts in mediumship, clairvoyance, and spirit guide communication. Discover and harness the wisdom from departed loved ones, cherished pets, and spirit beings, to feel more empowered in your life and work.

Get ready to lift the veil!

5:00pm Eastern
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
August 26 - 28, 2022

Soul Level Animal Communication® Weekend Workshop

Learn What Animals Are Really Saying
Have you ever longed to psychically communicate with animals? Is there a way to understand what dogs, cats, horses, and even wild animals are thinking and feeling? Danielle shows you how to access your innate intuition (even if you aren’t yet aware of it) and connect with various animals using the universal language of all species. Learn how to move between the physical level and soul levels of connection with each animal to assist in achieving the greatest possible outcome for both animal and human. Throughout the weekend you develop your animal intuitive senses to cultivate healing, harmony, and a deeper connection, and learn about animal lessons and how animals help us evolve through them. You also explore Danielle’s simple steps to intuitively receive information from any animal and discover how to go beyond a superficial connection and attain a soul-level connection. Return home with valuable animal communication skills you can put into immediate practice. No prior experience is necessary.

Omega Institute - Rhinebeck, NY
October 18 - March 7, 2023

Soul Level Business® 202 Course

In this course Danielle MacKinnon mentors you through the process of creating your business. Each week you’ll conquer a new topic aimed at helping you build your business from the ground up. With Danielle as your mentor, she’ll be able to look at each step you’ve taken and help you make adjustments so that your creation can be as solid and as reflective of you possible!

2:00pm Eastern (US & Canada)
20-Week Live Webinar Course, TA Support, and Community
November 30 - March 15, 2022

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® CORE Course

Take your Soul Level Psychic® 101 skills even further by learning how to use Danielle’s technique to help others, while also continuing to grow your personal relationship with your Guides. This course is ONLY for those who want to use their intuition to serve others. The pre-requisite for this course is the Soul Level Psychic® 101 course (which is a 6-week course.)

12:00N Eastern
Online: Live Webinar Course with Danielle, TA Support, Community

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