July 14, 2020

Office Hours with Danielle (mini-readings!)

Have a question for Danielle? Show up for her Office hours in the Be Open Community group and post your question. Danielle will intuitively answer as many Office Hours questions as she can while she’s “in the office.” If you’ve been wanting to get Danielle to do a quickie look at something going on in your life, this is your opportunity! Open to all Be Open Community members. Join the community of Be Open here!

12:30pm Eastern
Live webinar meeting event via Facebook
July 28, 2020

Live Open Forum Webinar with Danielle

Each month, Danielle offers the Be Open Community this webinar to share, ask and answer questions, talk about what is going on in the world, and more This webinar is an opportunity to feel supported in a community of like-minded people. Often the participants (even Danielle) get teary at the super-exciting and deep ah-ha moments that arise from this time together.  All members of the Be Open Community are invited. Join the community here.

12:30pm Eastern
Live Online Webinar