August 11 - December 15, 2020

Soul Level Coaching® Core Course

In the Soul Level Coaching® Core course, you’ll learn Danielle’s system for intuitive work with people (no animals involved!) If you’ve wanted to open your intuition and learn how to use it to help others at the Soul Level, this course is for you! The pre-requisite for this course is the Soul Level Psychic® 101 course.

2:00pm ET
Live Webinar Course
August 19, 2020

Mini-Readings with Danielle

Struggling with your pet? Trying to open your psychic abilities? Feeling lost in your relationship? In Danielle’s Be Open  office hours you can get answers! Danielle will intuitively answer as many questions as she can while she’s “in the office.” This is a great way to get Danielle to do a quickie look at your challenge AND a great way to be part of the community. 

12:30pm Eastern
Live webinar meeting event via Facebook
September 1, 2020

Community Live Webinar with Danielle

In this live Zoom webinar with Danielle, you have the opportunity to share, watch, and even direct where the group goes. The topic is based on the energy of the particular group that shows up – and there are often happy tears!  Past topics have been anything from opening psychic abilities to how to handle family at holiday time to not feeling good enough. Open to the Be Open Community only. Become a member of the community!

12:30pm Eastern
Live Online Webinar
September 1, 2020

Soul Level Energy Clearing Live Webinar Masterclass

Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing this $39 masterclass very soon! It’s your chance to clear unwanted, annoying energies stopping you up from achieving your goals! Sign up for the newsletter so you’ll know exactly when we announce!

5:00pm Eastern
Live Online Webinar (Zoom)