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I’m Danielle

Animal Communicator, Intuitive & Soul Level Intuitive Coach

About Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon

I always

knew what people were feeling …

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been super sensitive with a strong connection to the animal kingdom. I remember telling my mother that I knew what each of my thirty-two caterpillars was thinking! I also knew whether someone was happy or angry, before I even entered the room. No one – not doctors, teachers, or my mother – knew how to “fix” me, so I was labeled “oversensitive.”

I continued to struggle to make sense of it all until one fateful day in a gym parking lot.

why don’t you take her to a pet psychic!

Ding ding ding! It was like a bell went off in my mind. I was standing in a parking lot crying on my friend’s shoulder. My beloved little dog, Bella, had been laid up at the vet for four nights, and we didn’t know why.

When my friend suggested taking her to a pet psychic, it all clicked. While I wasn’t 100% sure what I’d discover, I knew it was the only way forward. That conversation, and the following incredible experience with Bella’s psychic, changed the trajectory of my life.

Before I started my animal communication business, I was a successful project manager at a Fortune 500 company. Armed with my MBA, I’d find myself wondering, ‘Is this really it?”

After that enlightening first reading with the animal communicator, I had my answer. I began connecting with animals as they told me whether they liked their food or bed. But soon enough, they started sharing more than I was prepared to learn.


I had no idea a six-pound Chihuahua named Jesus would be the one to make me (finally!) accept my life’s purpose

Jesus, a feisty little Chihuahua, was peeing in the plants in his humans’ kitchen and needless to say, they were angry. I connected with Jesus energetically, and when I mentioned the plant in the kitchen, he let it all out.

Jesus told me that he only peed in the kitchen when the husband hit his wife. He had an Animal Soul Contract with the woman, and it was his job to help her learn how to take care of herself.

I threw my hands in the air and surrendered. My life’s calling wasn’t only to work with animals; it was to work with them to help people.


Overcoming Fear, Becoming Open and Creating Community

From that point on, I dedicated myself to connecting with animals and people at the Soul Level. When you connect at the Soul Level, you discover what you were born to know. Only then can you clear away everything blocking you from seeing, feeling, believing and experiencing your true perfection.

As you can imagine, I faced many objections to my new career path. When I sent out my first email newsletter to a whopping 22 subscribers, my mother promptly replied, “Danielle, you’re not sending that to people who can see it, are you?”

Her reaction represented the majority, and I knew that I had to create a safe space for people like me to seek guidance and learn to do my work.

If you’re

wondering if you have the “gift”, I’m here to tell you, you do

If you’ve been reading along, nodding your head, you belong here. You may even suspect that you have the gift (you do!), and want to discover how to explore your intuition and communicate with the creatures (animal and human) that mean the most to you.

My down-to-earth, fun, and flexible teaching style empowers you to look at yourself and animals in a whole new way. You’ll learn why animals are in your life and what they’re here to teach you. With practice, you’ll also gain confidence and believe more strongly in yourself than ever before.

The result?

You’ll be a calmer, lighter, more centred person better able to take on life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Embarking on this path can be daunting, but you’ll never be alone. You’ll instantly become part of a community of friendly, passionate, and supportive people who share the same hopes and insecurities you may have as you take this journey.


The Danielle MacKinnon School and Membership

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped people in over 60 countries learn animal communication, nurture their psychic abilities, and build thriving businesses.

I created the Soul Level Animal CommunicationⓇ method for intuitive connection with animals and Soul Level Intuitive CoachⓇ method for people who want to work intuitively with people.

My Be Open Community is for anyone who wants to learn more about animal communication and intuition in an inspiring, safe and friendly environment.

The Certified Practitioner Program Membership is for people who want to leverage the visibility, credibility, connection and business opportunities that come with being a part of this community.

I’ve written

two Amazon #1 best-selling books, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance and Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals.

I lead annual workshops at many prestigious facilities, including the Omega Institute and the Kripalu Center.

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Courses & School

Are you interested in learning how to communicate with animals, deceased or alive, at the Soul Level?
Are you curious about starting your psychic, intuitive or Soul Level journey?
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced intuitive, there’s a class for you. Learn more about my courses here. No experience needed!

Get Certified

Are you looking to turn your passion for communicating with animals or working intuitively with people into a business?
Learn how to get certified as a Soul Level Animal CommunicatorⓇ or Soul Level Intuitive CoachⓇ, and start a business of your own.
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Be Open Community

Be Open is the world’s best resource for anyone who wants to develop and expand their intuition, practice animal communication, or be amongst a supportive community of budding-intuitives, DMS students, and animal lovers. No previous experience or pet required!
You’ll gain access to a portal full of readings, live webinars, intuitive practices, mini-courses, and more! Join and start learning right away!

Here’s what people have to say

I’m so grateful to be part of this community, this is the most safe place where you can share and ask questions and get love support and joy every time

Karin Delaitre

Amazing Experience!

I am so glad I followed my intuition and signed up for this class! I learned so much not only about animals but about myself. Danielle’s down to earth teaching style was easy to understand and follow, and the content was so inspiring! I loved it every time I worked with a partner, and each of us presented information that could be verified. That was the most awesome feeling! Highly recommend!

Alicia Ann

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