Animal Communication Course Catalog

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Intuition is an innate trait that all people are born with. By the time we’re about five, however we have shut it down. Learning Animal Communication is not about learning a new skill, but it is about re-discovering the skills that already exist within each of us. Everyone can learn animal communication!

To become an animal communicator is not difficult, however it does take time. This is because most people shut their intuition down by the time they are about five years old. To become an animal communicator, you have to re-learn how to receive the intuitive data that animals send. This means you would need to learn how to receive their images, sounds, and feelings through psychic means. The Soul Level Animal Communication 101 course teaches you how to receive this information as well as how to place yourself in the emotional state to best receive from the animals

When you study animal communication, you not only learn how to open to the psychic messages that your pet is sending, you also learn how to have a deeper connection with your pet and with all animals that is much more meaningful than simply treats and cuddling. Animal communciation also teaches you about yourself as you must learn how your own intuition and your own negative beliefs work for or against you.

The best animal communication course is animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon’s Soul Level Animal Communication Course because it provides you with the exact steps needed to connect psychically with animals as well as uses Danielle’s propritary method for connection to ensure the intuition information is the deepest, most meaningful and helpful information possible.

Animal communicators usually charge for their animal communication readings based on the length of the session and based on experience. Depending on how long the person has been an animal communicator, a session could range from $45 to $500. When you choose an animal communicator, in addition to looking at their prices, be sure to look at the professionalism on their website, their social media and whether or not they have a phone number and email address so you can reach them easily.

The cost of an animal communicator course ranges based on what you are learning in the course, the format in which the course is taught (live, webinar, in person, online), and the experience and reputation of the teacher. A course can cost anywhere from $29 for a quickie all the way through to thousands of dollars for a comprehensive, personalized course that may include animal communication certification. Be sue the person you choose to take your course from has a longstanding, established reputation as well as solid social media. It is also helpful to watch online vidoes of the animal communicator you choose so you can be sure you align with their personality.

Anyone can learn to communicate with animals except for someone who is unwilling to try something that makes them feel vulnerable. Animal Communication readings require vulnerabilty on the part of the animal communicator because that is what opens the energy for the animal to be able to send messages. If you can’t be vulnerable and take risks, then animal communication would not be for you.

The skills an animal communicator has are: the ability to send and receive intuitive messages from animals, wild animals and pets, the ability to accurately share this information without filtering it through their own thoughts about the situation, an openness to being very vulnerable with a person and their animal, and a burning desire to help people and animals through intuitive connection.