Signs from Pets in the Afterlife

We all want pet signs from pets in the afterlife. If you’re hoping your pet on the Other Side is still somehow connected to you? Here are six COOL signs that your pet is visiting you from the animal afterlife – plus a BONUS sign from your pet that most people don’t know about!

by Danielle MacKinnon

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Signs from Pets in the Afterlife

Learn the six common ways that animals send messages to us after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge from animal communicator, Danielle MacKinnon. Do animals go to heaven? Yes, they do! If you’ve been missing your pet on the Other Side, knowing when they are checking in on you can really help!

Are you missing your pet on the other side and you want a sign from your pet in the afterlife? Here are six signs that your pet’s sending you messages from the other side.

Hi, my name is Danielle MacKinnon, I’m an animal communicator, and today we’re going to be talking about six really common ways that our animals that have crossed over will send us messages. I wanted to talk about this because so many people miss their dear dog, their cat, their hamster, their guinea pig, their fish that has crossed over and they don’t know what to look for in terms of messages and signs.

Our animals that have crossed over they’re always sending us messages and signs. They want nothing more than for us to believe they’re there. For us to maybe even sense that they’re there. So they’re constantly giving us messages of, “Hello, I’m here. Hello, I love you,” things like that. But if you don’t know what to look for you can just kind of overlook the messages or not believe the messages. So, hopefully, these signs are going to help you trust these messages that, I bet, your animal is already sending you.

So we’re going to go through the six ways and I have a bonus way, as well! And there aren’t only six ways that animals visit. There’s so many ways! These are just kind of like the common easiest ones.

6 Say My Name Say My Name

The first way you can get signs from pets in the afterlife that they’re visiting is through your animal’s name. My dog’s name, when she was alive, she was Bella. She still is Bella even though she’s on the other side. She’ll often let me know she’s around and  say, “Hi,” through her name. So for example, we’ll be watching TV and I hear about a “Bella” on TV. And then I’m reading packaging at the grocery store and the brand is Bella. And then I get something in the mail and I see there’s the word Bella is on it. Three times I’ll hear or see her name.

Now, those three things have nothing to do with each other. They’re all in the same day or they’re all in the same short period of time. It’s my Bella’s way of saying, “I’m here, I love you.” It’s not a warning. It’s not, “Watch out, Bella’s in trouble.” It’s nothing like that. It’s Bella simply letting me know, “Hey, I’m around, I love you.” That’s all she’s doing. And so often that’s all they’re doing. They just want you to clue into their love.

5 Smelly Animals!

The second common way that signs from pets in the afterlife is actually through smell. My dog Bella, when she was alive, was a Chocolate lab. She was also a smelly chocolate lab because she loved being a dirty dog.  She didn’t like baths, but she loved swimming in the swamp, and the pond and all these other places, so those things creates a distinct Bella smell (that I loved).  Sometimes now, when I’m sitting at my desk in my office the Bella smell just wafts by. That’s it, it just wafts by. It’s just Bella’s way of letting me know, “Hey, I’m here.”

Your animal on the other side could send their body smell or the smell of their favorite toy. Your pet could send the smell of poop! They choose whatever it is that you’re going to most associate with them to get their message that will make you remember them and think of them. Again, they’re just letting you know they’re around. They’re just letting you know, “Hey, I’m here.”

4 Woof Woof!

The number three out of six (plus our bonus) in this signs from pets in the afterlife series is all about animal sounds. So, let’s say you’re doing something that has nothing to do with your animal. Perhaps you’re watching TV, or you’re vacuuming, or you’re sitting in the backyard.  Whatever thing you’re doing, suddenly you feel like you just heard your cat’s meow behind you. Or your dog’s bark. Or you heard the sound that your horse’s hoofs made on the hay. It really couldn’t be real, right? My dog’s not barking behind me, my dog has crossed over. There’s no hay in my backyard. And yet, I heard it… You have to trust it. Sounds are another little hello from your beloved pet on the other side – and it’s a sign they love to provide for us.

When your pets give you the sound sign, they’re just wanting you to think of them. So when this happens, think of them and remember their love. Think of them and feel the, “Aw, yay, cool, I love you.” Just that. It’s all they’re asking you to do.

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3 Surprise!

Here’s the number four of six common signs from pets in the afterlife (and don’t forget that bonus is still coming). Let’s say you’re, again, hanging out in your backyard. You have nothing to with your deceased animal right now. Maybe you’re playing ping-pong or mowing the lawn. For no reason whatsoever you suddenly find yourself thinking of the animal that you love that’s crossed over. I know this one’s hard to believe because you think you’re just thinking of your pet on the Other Side. But often the animal kind of pushes into our thoughts right there so that we remember them and think of them.

When your pet on the Other Side pushes into your thoughts, it’s never in a negative way. You’re thinking lovingly. You’re thinking, “Oh, I miss her, I miss him.” But it just came from nowhere. So for example, maybe I’m playing ping-pong out in the backyard, but I don’t associate my dog Bella with ping-pong. And yet, Bella popped into my head. Those pop-into-your-head moments, they really count!

2 Eye Candy

Here’s sign number five of six (plus we’ve got that bonus coming). This sign happens when you see your pet that’s crossed over out of the corner of your eye, or a quick flash and you turn your head to look and nothing is there. There’s no dog there, there’s no horse there. There’s no mouse running across the room.  But right out of the corner of your eye it really felt like your animal was there and you saw her.

Eye Candy for Living Animals

Animals do this also when they’re alive too, although they do it more often from the Other Side. They send you their energy so you feel like they’re there.  You keep feeling like you’re seeing them with you in your peripheral vision. For example, right now, I don’t have my living dog with me because I’m in a hotel. I could be looking at a photo of an unrelated scene (a forest for example). Somehow,  I’ll feel like I see her in the picture. And then I look closely at the photo and realize, “Oh, no, she’s not there. That’s not even a dog what I’m seeing.” But that’s my dog saying hello.

Animals on the Other Side do the same thing with photographs or showing up out of the corner of your eye. And they do it way more often. Perhaps you’re walking down the hallway and then… “Wait, what?” You think you saw them! They weren’t there physically – but they were there. This is one of the signs from pets in the afterlife you have to really work on trusting. It’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. It’s your animal tapping into you so that your animal can give you this feeling of closeness and say, “Hey, we’re still together.”

And here’s the kind of cool thing about these visual signs: our animals are really hanging out with us and this is your proof! So maybe with my physical eye I didn’t see her, but my third eye is seeing her because she is around. She is saying hello. She is checking in on me. So it’s kind of a fun one to trust, but a lot of people if they don’t know that that’s a way that a sign works, they don’t trust it.

1 Sweet Dreams

Sign number six (with the bonus sign still coming)for how animals communicate, send messages, and visit us from the other side is through dreams. Finally you get a little control around your signs! The other five signs were signs that would just come to you. This sign is different. For dreams there’s a whole little process.

The Process

  1. When you go to bed think of your animal. For me, I would think of Bella.
  2. Ask your animal to visit you in your dreams tonight. For me, I would then say, “Bella, will you please come visit me tonight.”

It might take a few nights for this to happen so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first night, especially, if you’re deeply in grief. But ask your animal to visit you. Eventually, (probably after a few nights) you’ll have this crazy, wonderful, surreal dream with your animal. When you wake up and you’re like, “I feel like we were just hanging out together!”

With a dream visitation from your pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it feels so good and yet it feels almost unreal. Asking for a visitation is easy and doable for everybody who has an animal on the other side. Your success with it will depend on how thoroughly enmeshed in the grief you are.

Bonus Signs from Pets in the Afterlife – Is My Dog in Heaven Waiting for Me?

Did you know that your animal, when they cross over gets busy? (You can learn more about this in my Animal Lessons book.) Animals that have passed over actually start arranging the next animal or pet to come into your life! So, when a new animal comes into your life, whenever that is, (right away or five years down the road), your has directly influenced this! Yes, the new animal in your life is actually sent from the animal that has crossed over. And that new animal is a message in herself!


14 replies
  1. Gabriela
    Gabriela says:

    I lost my sweet Ty last Thursday. I miss her dearly. She was a JackRussell Mix with an amazing personality. She was 11 and my companion . After the kiddos left the house , she become the baby of the house. She made me feel her love and the sense that I was not alone. I miss her terrible and I’m glad that I can share this with people that understand my pain.
    Thank you

  2. chris
    chris says:

    My grief was horrible when I lost Laika, my beloved Husky. My mother 15 days after laïka’s passing passing smellt her very strongly in her bedroom during the night. My sister had many dreams with Laïka and later with Puppy (my beloved cat) . During the first 2 years I was so depressed that I became an alcoholic. Once I driving along a city whe she had her vet, and I was thinking that synchronities were mere bullshit, and suddenly in front of my eyes an italian camper, (I used to travel a lot with Laika from Germany to italy) and its brand was LAIKA written hugely ! I was stunned and overwhelmed with emotions. It is just a few examples. Lailka passed away in 2017 and Puppy in february 2021. I also got signs from Puppy and my sister too. still mourn them so much and still cry and pray a lot. Synchronicities are real… Chris de France (Bretagne)

  3. Roushni
    Roushni says:

    Bella, i need your help. I missing my cat a lot. I feel like I can’t live without him. Is there a way where you can talk to my cat or see if he’s okay. I don’t know what I am saying but it’s hurting me alot. It feels like i am dying. Please help.

  4. Nadya
    Nadya says:

    Danielle, you will not believe what just happened!
    I read this article, went to youtube and watched your video “How to Get a Message From Your Pet on the Other Side | Animal Afterlife”. Then in comments i saw 2 signs from my Musya. In first comment there was written the same death date & in the second – cats name was almost the same (Musse)! I`m really shocked! I received message from her in less then 20 minutes!
    Thank you for your amazing work!

  5. Helena Hon
    Helena Hon says:

    You always put up such wonderful, heartwarming videos Danielle. I recently saw your earlier video on Animals Crossing Over and that the spirit backs out of them. And yes, I totally agree. They are not afraid of death at all.They know what is about to happen. They accept the fact and they are ready and they go with grace. Unfortunately, I am usually not as ready as them. I think in accepting the fact that they will be moving on, they are more matured than me. They have an understanding of death that’s different from ours. I will take your advice in being calmer and more supportive of their “graduation” the next time the inevitable has to happen. I have 2 more dogs. They are 11. Of course I want them to be with me till they are 15 or longer but the signs of age are already there and its at the back of my mind that I must be ready for the day.

    Oh I am not afraid that they will be lost or something. I know their “sisters” (all the other dogs that have died before) will guide them and I see proof of this in the butterflies that come into my house to perch on the wall, after their death. The strongest way they come through to me, especially with my dalmatian, Faith, is through the internet, like Facebook or when I am browsing. Suddenly I will see her name. Its happened many times.

    Today, her picture popped up on my Facebook memories. Well, ya, you could say that was Facebook digging up memories from your archives as it often does. But I think Faith wanted to tell me something. Because right after that something happened. Something strange. Or maybe not so strange.

    You see, during the pandemic lockdown here in Malaysia, a stray cat we have never seen before, came to our house. We fed her and let her int to the kitchen to rest. Thereafter she would come every 2 or 3 days. She was a tri-coloured cat so I named her Callie (short for Calico). The next time she came around, she brought her brood of kittens with her — 4 rather grown up kittens, maybe around 4 months or so. 2 were black, 1 was black and white and 1 was orange. They were mangy and feral. Callie too was feral when she first came. We could not touch her. She would slink away. It took sometime but finally she trusted us enough to let us be close. We also made headway with the 2 black kittens, to the point that they allowed us to pat and carry them. The other 2 kittens still wouldn’t come close to this day.

    And then we noticed as the weeks went by that Callie was pregnant. She was a calm cat and we wanted to adopt her and I thought I would spay her and keep her. But now being heavily pregnant that was out of the question. How many kittens was she going to give birth to? We couldn’t possibly keep 10 cats. They would have to remain as strays but we could still keep feeding them, and maybe we’d spay Callie and let her come and go as she liked.

    But fate wouldn’t have this. 2 weeks ago she gave birth. We heard the screams of kittens in the drain somewhere but no Callie ever emerged. And soon the screams stopped too. The next day, there was a smell. Callie and all her kittens died.

    So I was left with her original kittens to take care of. I think this was what she wanted. To find her children a home that would feed them. Her kittens were really depressed their mum had died and did not eat their food for days. I think Callie knew she was going to die.

    And then something else happened. Last week, after a rain, one of the black cats looked sick. I had named him Muthu. I thought he got wet and had a chill and I laid out blankets for him. He didn’t want to eat. He rested for a bit and then he disappeared. Sometimes I don’t see these cats for days but I suspected he might have died. Until just now.

    This evening, just after Faith’s foto popped up on FB, my dog Megan rushed to our front gate and started barking. I went to check. To my shock, it was Muthu. He had collapsed infront of our front gate, barely alive. He was very thin and extremely weak. He looked like he was dying. I was just shocked he was at our front gate because I only feed the cats in the backlane. How did he find our house?

    I called the vet and made an appointment to bring Muthu in in the morning. I tried to feed him but he wouldnt eat. So I tried to syringe some water into his mouth and he screamed. OKOK! i thought I’ll best lay him down and let him rest.

    He lay there and a few hours later he died.

    I feel so sad. But at the same time, I feel so honoured, that he chose to see me before he died. He crawled all the way to my front door with the last of his strength to tell me he wanted to die in my home. I think he was no more than 6 or 7 months old. He is with his mother Callie now.

  6. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    Hi Danielle – Nice post- thank you. A few months ago my cat Pepper who passed 3 years ago visited me as a full bodied solid apparition. I was watching TV, turned to look toward the dining room and saw Pepper walk from the dining room into the kitchen. He had a black coat, the carpet is light in color and it was all extremely clear! At that point I was so shocked that I yelled OMG, looked away and when I looked back he was gone. Just awesome, later, after the shock wore off 🙂 He has also visited me in dreams and lets me know that he visits me. He was the sweetest cat I’ve ever had, nothing but love all the time from him, and back to him of course!

  7. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    We had two wonderful golden retrievers, named Gershwin and Gracie who crossed over a little over 2 years ago. We also have a little, adorable mixed breed named Watson. A few months after we lost both goldens, we adopted a lab mix and named her Elsa. On several occasions, I inadvertently call her Gracie. I think maybe Gracie is letting me know she is still around. I know Gershwin is, too.

  8. CATHY
    CATHY says:

    I lost my dog sparky a long time ago, we loved him so much. a little while asftr he died i was in bed asleep and i felt someting jump on me, it woke me up. the first word that came out of my mouth was SPARKY. I REALLY BELIEVED HE CAME TO VISIT ME

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      My Sparky crossed in August 2019 and I just got another member of his family TODAY! My new dog Leo, is just like him. Wow!

  9. Margaret Dumais
    Margaret Dumais says:

    After I lost my Bb my family wanted to adopt another dog. The only one I found looked almost exactly like him. My autistic son and our other dog Blu took it extremely hard. I was so worried they would be confused by Nova’s resemblance to Bb. The morning we were bringing Nova home sat in my backyard and talked to my Bb about my fears. A single black and white feather fell out of the sky and landed at my feet. I believe it was him telling me to go rescue this amazing girl and honor him by loving her.

  10. Lisa Malachi
    Lisa Malachi says:

    I currently have two boxers, a female, Reese, and a boy, Davis, that I got a few months after I lost my beloved Banner. Every morning as I’m preparing their breakfast, Davis stands in the corner of the den and looks up toward the bookcase on the fireplace mantle. It’s like he’s listening to something, then it’s like he’s acknowledging and he walks away. I’m sure it’s Banner giving him some pointers for the day!


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