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Hi, I’m Danielle!

I got my start in animal communication over two decades ago when I took my ailing puppy to see a pet psychic.

This was a big deal for me.

I was working in telecommunications for a Fortune 500 company. I’d been raised to believe that life was purely physical – there wasn’t anything beyond what we can see. So, seeking help from a psychic – never mind a PET psychic – was pretty out of the box.

Ever since then, I’ve filled my days sharing the wealth of information I’ve learned through my psychic connection with animals, and through my intuition. This is why I started my Danielle MacKinnon School of Intuition and Animal Communication and my Be Open Community.

Having the opportunity to share this with others – in whatever format is needed is what really makes my heart sing.

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Dedicated to the Rainbow Bridge, Animal Afterlife and more

What really happens to the soul when an animal dies? Let me share with you what the animals have shown me about the process that their physical body and their soul go through during the dying process. If you’ve been grieving the loss of a beloved animal or feeing guilt, you may be heartened by what you hear.

Danielle MacKinnon Talks Animal Communication on Japanese TV

Guest Appearance on Sakagami Animal Kingdom

Watch Danielle MacKinnon, renowned animal communicator, share her insights on connecting with animals on the popular Japanese show, Sakagami Animal Kingdom. Danielle explored the fascinating world of interspecies communication with the show’s host, Christel Takigawa, who was moved to tears by the bond she shares with her dog as told by the superhuman who can talk to animals.


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  • Named “Best Psychic Medium” by Psychic Detective, Bob Olson
  • Named Top 100 American Psychics and Astrologers by Paulette Cooper
  • Clients and students from 60+ countries 
  • Published author with Llewellyn, Simon & Schuster/Atria/Beyond Words Publishing
  • Featured Expert in The Spirit Whisperer by John Holland Hay House Publishing
  • Featured Expert in Mutual Rescue by Carol Novello Grand Central Publishing
  • Featured in The Secret Psychic by Angela Wix Llewllyn
  • Faculty at The Omega Institute, Kripalu Center


  • Conversations with Maria Menounous
  • Angelpalooza
  • Hay House Radio 
  • Spirit Connections with John Holland
  • Hay House Summit 
  • The Afterlife Conference
  • The Diane Ray Show
  • The Daily Love 
  • The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell
  • The Dr Pat Show
  • SiriusXm Radio 
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