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Why hire Danielle MacKinnon for your next event?

Danielle shines in motivational speaking opportunities where she can help people realize the unconditional love have for all beings.

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New Hampshire Chronicle

Speaking to Pets with John Holland

Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon, helps Jennifer (host of New Hampshire Chronicle) understand her dog’s injury and explains how animals use animal communication to help their humans.

What is animal communication?

Danielle MacKinnon on Youtube

Dedicated to the Rainbow Bridge, Animal Afterlife and more

What really happens to the soul when an animal dies? Let me share with you what the animals have shown me about the process that their physical body and their soul go through during the dying process. If you’ve been grieving the loss of a beloved animal or feeing guilt, you may be heartened by what you hear.

bob olson interviewing danielle mackinnon

Afterlife TV with Bob Olson

Discover the Soul Contracts Influencing Your Life

Feel like there is something blocking you from finding love, making money or having lasting relationships? In this Afterlife TV interview, Danielle illustrates how to identify your soul contracts, recognize their influence, and what you can do about it. Read Danielle’s Soul Contracts book here.


About Danielle MacKinnon

I was blown away

The first time I saw Danielle MacKinnon teach at Omega, I was blown away by her gifts. I had never seen anyone tap into the thoughts of animals in such a clear way. Her readings brought deep healing to the participants who were sharing their stories.

Carol Donohoe - Program Director, The Omega Institute

Danielle MacKinnon’s intuition has provided such comfort to those I love and I’m happy that she’s now sharing her gift with you in this book. Our connection to the animal world is significant and worthy of our attention. Animal Lessons will help you to understand your furry companions in a whole new way, and it will show you how to work with them to unlock the healing messages that can change your life.

Cheryl Richardson - Author of The Extreme Art of Self Care

A Total Life Changer!

Danielle takes us so far beyond just loving animals in our lives. Within Animal Lessons, she has delivered a clear, concise set of instructions on how to interpret an animal’s message, and then use it to embrace the spirit of change, contentment, and fulfillment. A total life changer!

Jennifer Vaughn, TV News Anchor, and author of Throw Away Girls, Legacy Girls, and Echo Valley

It’s about the Unconditional Love of animals

Danielle MacKinnon’s message is simple: the animal in your life has something incredible to teach you about being the best person you can be. Her work is more than a unique exploration of the unconditional love animals hold for all of humanity, it’s also powerful for harnessing and growing from that great love.

John Holland - Psychic Medium

Past Retreats with Danielle

Call of the Wild Dolphin Swim

Watch the video here! Over the past several years, Danielle has taken groups to Bimini to connect and swim with the wild dolphins that live there. Each afternoon, Danielle and her group venture out on the boat to call in the wild dolphins – and they have many to choose from as there are more than 200 wild dolphins that call Bimini their home!

Horse and Soul Costa Rica Retreat

The Horse and Soul retreat is a chance for Danielle’s students to work deeply with horses on their evolution of their soul. Danielle has partnered with Leaves & Lizards to offer a level of self-growth through this work with the horses not available anywhere else in the world.

Animal Soul Connections

Expand your connection with animals, intuition, energy and more. Participants in this retreat experience a freedom to try out their intuition in new ways – even if they’re just discovering it. Free from judgement of the external world!

Hi, I’m Danielle!

I got my start in animal communication nearly two decades ago when I took my ailing puppy to see a pet psychic.

This was a big deal for me.

I was an MBA working in telecommunications for a Fortune 500 company. I’d been raised to believe that life was purely physical – there wasn’t anything beyond what we can see. So, seeking help from a psychic – never mind a PET psychic – was pretty out of the box.

Ever since then, I’ve filled my days sharing the wealth of information I’ve learned through my psychic connection with animals, and through my intuition. This is why I started my Danielle MacKinnon School of Intuition and Animal Communication and my Be Open Community.

Having the opportunity to share this with others – in whatever format is needed is what really makes my heart sing!

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