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Certified Soul Level Coach® / intuitive coaching Directory

The Directory of Soul Level Intuitive Coaches® helps you find personal intuition-based coach so you finally move forward in your life with information, guidance, assistance, and love. Let your intuitive coach help you get to know your guides and assist you as you grow to be your best self.  Start changing negative beliefs, discover workaround patterns you’ve been using to avoid personal challenges and more. Everyone here has been Certified in the Soul Level method for intuitive coaching by founder Danielle MacKinnon.

Your Soul Level Intuitive Coach® can:

  • Help you calm that nagging voice that always tells you to do more/be more
  • Assist you in stopping repeated, unhealthy patterns in your life
  • Help you find your true heart path through life
  • Assist as you rebalance your relationships
  • Help you decode why you keep making the same mistakes again and again AND what you can do about that
  • Help you get to know your own spiritual Guides (by connecting with them!)

Find Your Soul Level Intuitive Coach:

Location doesn’t matter. Use your gut. Everyone here offers phone or Zoom/Skype readings as well as in-person readings.

Varied Services In addition to Coaching, practitioners may also offer other services. Services could be energy work, Soul Level Animal Communication, Reiki, and more depending on their interests in their private practice.

Choosing Your Reader When you’re looking for your personal coach, the most important thing to look for is your comfort. Choose a practitioner that you feel aligned with. Did they say something in their bio that made you laugh? Do they have some type of experience that just gets you excited? The more you like this person, the more open you’ll be to do the incredible, deep work that is part of this type of coaching!

The Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach® Directory

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Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

Stop living your life based on the negative beliefs you hold! Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how to change the repeating patterns in your life? Allison connects you with your Spirit Guides to help guide you through shifting those beliefs. Get empowered to make the changes that are necessary for you to step into your highest self and undo those repeating patterns! By making complex issues easy to understand, Allison will help you notice how the patterns are appearing in your life and why. Constantly supporting you through the process, Allison will be cheering you on, always reminding you that you are an amazing soul! Allison is also a Soul Level Animal Communicator®.

Soul Level Intuitive Coach & Soul Level Animal Communicator

Stop making the same old choices that keep you stuck in situations and relationships that no longer work for you. Feel a weight lifted as you're empowered to make better choices. Work with Stacey to shift underlying negative beliefs with ease, even healing old wounds along the way. She'll help you silence your inner critic, remove obstacles, and get moving with confidence. Stacey can help you get to the root of the problem and keep you focused to get the most out of your work and make lasting change. Stacey's passionate about reminding others of their inner strength, and also carries this theme into her work as a Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Shamanic Practitioner.Teaching Assistant for: Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® Core

Soul Level Intuitive Coach & Soul Level Animal Communicator

Tired of ending up in the same unfulfilling relationship and job, the same annoying situations and arguments, or the same battle of finances and lack of abundance? During a Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® session, Anna Marie works with your Spirit Guides to assist you in uncovering and shifting the beliefs and behaviors that are creating the unwanted cycles that are holding you back from having everything you want and deserve in your life. Through her own ongoing journey of healing from loss, moving and growing through fears, and finding her true calling as an intuitive, Anna Marie has developed a compassionate understanding of how to help others heal, grow, and evolve through Soul Level work.

Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

Develop your intuitive power. Release fears. Make decisions with more clarity and ease. A Soul Level Intuitive Coaching session with Stephanie can help you see your inner light more clearly through the noise and challenges of everyday life. Stephanie will connect with your guides and gently lead you where they want to go for your greatest and highest good. You might learn personalized energetic and somatic healing techniques, shift deep-rooted negative beliefs, access past-life information, or receive a big-picture view of where you are in your soul’s plan for this life. Stephanie is also a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, and she is dedicated to helping people feel empowered to live their fullest, most joyful life.

Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

You are strong and beautiful, even on those days when you don’t believe it. You have the power within you to overcome the patterns and cycles that keep you from living your life confident in your truth and beauty. Meredith connects with your Guides to provide intuitive information about the negative or limiting beliefs that have kept you from reaching your highest potential as your true, authentic self. Together, they help you learn to shift your energy, ask yourself the right questions, and learn to trust your own answers. Meredith’s comfortable demeanor and a touch of humor make her easy to talk to, as a Soul Level Intuitive Coach® or Soul Level Animal Communicator®.

Want to release limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Want to live with more love, joy, freedom, and authenticity? Ronni will work with you and your Guides to help you uncover and release the negative beliefs that have kept you from creating all that you desire. Experience profound energetic shifts by simply receiving information from your Guides and noticing more fully what is happening in your life. Watch these changes occur from a place of grace and ease, rather than turmoil and struggle. Ronni will help you access and embrace the gifts your Guides have waiting for you, so you can live the joyful, heart-centered life your soul craves.

Soul Level Animal Communicator® and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

Vicki Sontheim

Feeling stuck? In Relationships? Your job? Facing a challenging decision or transition? Would you like to be happier? Less anxious? Vicki weaves the teachings of A Course in Miracles into her Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®. With your Guides' direction, you'll embark on a journey of self-exploration and will shine the Light of loving awareness on the ways you hold yourself back and keep yourself from being all that you are. You'll discover new perspectives and possibilities. What you want will become clearer. Love will guide your decisions. You'll become "unstuck" and step into a higher version of yourself. Miracles are everywhere just waiting to be seen! Vicki is also a Soul Level Animal Communicator®.

Soul Level Intuitive Coach® Soul Level Animal Communicator®

Are you ready to dive deep and explore all of who you are? Jennie and the Guides will help you to see that life doesn’t have to be so serious or so difficult. With a sense of playfulness, Jennie will help you move through the negative beliefs creating obstacles that block you from living the life your heart desires. As Jennie helps you unpack the burdens you have been carrying, that simple shift in perspective will bring you tremendous peace. As you release these limiting beliefs, you will be more free to live the life your soul intended. Come experience the joy of living more fully all of who you are!

Are you having trouble feeling seen and heard? Is it difficult for you to create healthy boundaries, and to speak your truth with confidence? Karen collaborates with your Guides to help you recognize your worthiness, and to give yourself permission to choose you. You deserve to be here. You deserve to live a life full of love, vitality, and purpose. Karen compassionately guides you to uncover the root of anxiety and self-doubt so that you can break negative cycles and empower yourself to release what doesn't bring you joy. Karen is also a Pangu Shengong Energy and Qigong Instructor and Soul-level Animal Communicator®, and she takes a holistic approach to healing your heart and soul.Teaching Assistant for: Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® Core