Animal Lessons Book

Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals

Animal Lessons This is how you really connect with your pet!

All around you, animals are acting as therapists, trainers, mentors, and gurus—if you pay attention. Using their animal lessons, your pet wants to guide you toward the next step in your personal evolution. Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon’s book shows you how to understand and benefit from those soul contracts with animals using your personal animal lessons.

Danielle MacKinnon’s step-by-step process for personal growth uses animal guidance and connection that anyone can do. You’ll learn the Animal Soul Lessons you came here to learn (with the help of your pet) and feel closer to one another than ever before. When you develop this new awareness of yourself, your love for your pet will grow exponentially too. (Plus scroll down to join the Animal Lessons book club, once you have your book!)

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Once you’ve purchased your Animal Lessons book, you may find you want a little support as you go through the step-by-step process. In the Animal Lessons Video Book Club you’ll learn what Danielle has to say about each step of the process and discover the answers to readers most common questions.

Fill out this form to join immediately and read along with the four pre-recorded book club videos with Danielle.  This is how you get even more help delving deeply into the relationship with your pet.

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