Animal Lessons Book

Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals

Animal Lessons

This is how you really connect with your pet!

All around you, animals are acting as therapists, trainers, mentors, and gurus—if you pay attention. Using their animal lessons, your pet wants to guide you toward the next step in your personal evolution. Animal Communicator, Danielle MacKinnon’s book shows you how to understand and benefit from those soul contracts with animals using your personal animal lessons.

Danielle MacKinnon’s step-by-step process for personal growth uses animal guidance and connection that anyone can do. You’ll learn the Animal Soul Lessons you came here to learn (with the help of your pet) and feel closer to one another than ever before. When you develop this new awareness of yourself, your love for your pet will grow exponentially too.


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What the Experts Have to Say…

It’s a Must Read

“Animal Lessons is Danielle MacKinnon’s most important work yet. This fascinating step-by-step guide shows you how to appreciate the animals in your life as the loving change agents they are. I learned all the ways that each of my many animals are helping me to heal and grow. It’s a must-read for anyone who treasures their connection to a four-legged being.”

Barbara Carrellas - Author of Ecstasy is Necessary

Move Towards Inner Peace, Joy, and Happiness

“We have long known that animals teach us about unconditional love. But clearly, they teach us much more, and Danielle MacKinnon, in her intriguing and brilliant new book, Animal Lessons, demonstrates our deep intuitive links and how our animals can help us to remove the blocks and obstacles to inner peace, joy, and happiness.”

Brian L. Weiss - MD, Author of Many Lives, Many Masters

I was Blown Away

Animal Lessons offers a beautiful blend of inspiring stories, practical tips, and real-life tools.  Danielle helps readers discover themselves more deeply through their relationships with their animals.  You will uncover the lesson your animal is here to teach you, the behaviors they use to get your attention, the emotions they help you unearth, and the ways you can address the negative beliefs that have been getting in the way of living your fullest life. In many ways, the lessons of this book are quite similar to teachings I have seen from some of our best relationship therapists. It reminds us of the spiritual connection in our relationships, and that all relationships (both human and with our animals) have the opportunity to help us heal and grow.

Carol Donahoe - Program Director, The Omega Institute

Transformative & Heart Opening

“It is rare to find a book that opens your heart wide and deep, and at the same time, reminds you of truths that you have known but somehow have forgotten.  With excellent advice, powerful exercises, and wonderful stories from her life, Danielle MacKinnon’s book is a page-turner that creates a wonderful awareness of the profound messages from your animal companions that can transform your life.  Highly recommended!”

Denise Linn, Psychic & best-selling author of Sacred Space

A Total Life Changer!

“Danielle takes us so far beyond just loving the animals in our lives.  Within Animal Lessons, she has delivered a clear, concise, set of instructions on how to interpret an animal’s message, and then use it to embrace the spirit of change, contentment, and fulfillment. A total life changer!”

Jennifer Vaughn, TV News Anchor & Author

It’s about the Unconditional Love of animals

“Danielle MacKinnon’s message is simple: the animal in your life has something incredible to teach you about being the best person you can be and her brilliant, thought-provoking book shows you, step-by-step, how to master that lesson. Animal Lessons is more than a unique exploration of the unconditional love animals hold for all of humanity, it’s also a powerful guidebook for harnessing and growing from that great love.”

John Holland - Spiritual Medium, Author, Teacher

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