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I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Animal Intuitive and Pet Communication Teacher.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught thousands how to communicate with animals psychically, develop a relationship with their Guides, and trust their intuition at the deepest level to create lasting, positive changes in their life.

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Here’s what people have to say
about their experience with Danielle MacKinnon

Soul Level Animal Communication 102® assisted in my ability to open up and connect in a way that I could not do with previous animal communication classes. I greatly appreciated Danielle’s formats and structure of the classes as well as the guided steps to move you closer to success with confidence. I would highly recommend this class as it will move you to a place of quiet confidence and knowing; and that you were meant to uniquely connect with animals successfully.

Kelly Jorgenson

Soul Level Animal Communication 102® further validated what I’ve been learning from other areas of my life and internal work. It’s been so much fun to discover that my desire to speak with animals can also teach me universal lessons; like the importance of permission, intention, and transparency. I am grateful for this new and profound relationship with animals.

Shay Kim

What surprised me about Soul Level Animal Communication 102® was that I learned a lot about myself as well as the animals that I connected with. Soul Level Animal Communication® is not just about being the bridge of communication between the human and animal, but also making changes in yourself. You’ll experience that the results show up in real life situations.

Julia Weng

Soul Level Animal Communication 102® is such a great class! It touches on so many different aspects of animal communication. Taking it down to the Soul Level® is amazing as it teaches you to go deeper, whereas other courses I have taken often just ask yes/no questions. I have definitely gained more confidence in my abilities to receive messages from animals.

Nina Ruberti

In Soul Level Animal Communication 102® I learned everyone is capable of learning animal communication and tapping into our unused senses, setting intentions and growing with energy management. As someone who only had flashes of intuition before this class, what surprised me most over the 6 lessons was how quickly I went beyond just knowing the information I received from the animals to seeing flashes of images and sometimes hearing things.

Kristi Lea

Soul Level Animal Communication 201® really accelerated my ability to receive accurate and pertinent raw data while trusting what was coming through. I loved practicing with other students and watching everyone’s skills grow. I especially appreciated the regular practice with other students and detailed feedback from the TAs. The Flow provides a helpful framework for a short session.

Zita Worley

I am beyond shocked by how this course has changed me. This class will take your connection with the animals, their people and yourself to a level you weren’t aware existed. It will help you overcome fears and TRUST your intuition and abilities. I recommend the feedback calls process. It’s the perfect way for you to truly realize what you know and can do as an animal communicator.


“”Soul Level Animal Communication 201® has not only taught me about animal communication but also so much more about myself. 201 made me look inwards; examining my vulnerabilities, confidence, body rhythms, and support systems. I gained the confidence to truly go after what’s in my heart and never give up if it’s truly a part of my soul.
Ultimately I realized I do have the inner confidence in knowing that, if I trust the animals, I cannot fail. This course taught me that you cannot fake confidence and that I, myself need to truly believe in my abilities.”

Claire Rowe

Soul Level Animal Communication 201® taught me that all the animals in my life have a deep Soul Lesson® to teach me. Because I now know this about myself, I am now able to help others realize their very own Soul Lessons® with their pets. This is an extremely rewarding feeling and I am surprised by how accurate each reading became as my confidence continued to grow. I loved the live webinars with Danielle because each time, a new layer was peeled back. Total transformation!

Natasha Andreo

Taking Soul Level Animal Communication 201® and other courses at the Danielle MacKinnon School has been an absolutely amazing experience for me. Her structure and guidance has helped me build the confidence I have in myself and to embrace my gifts and further my development with them. It’s my intention now to share those gifts openly, and the guidance I’ve received here is allowing me to do just that. This is an amazing community to be a part of and I feel extremely blessed to have been ‘guided’ here.

Christie Wilson

Soul Level Business 202® taught me that setting up an Soul Level Animal Communication® business is way more involved than I had ever imagined. What surprised me most about this class is that even though I had started my own business and helped others start theirs before, becoming a CPP has it’s own set of challenges because of the layers being peeled back on what is going on emotionally behind the scenes within you. I loved that when I had moments of doubt in myself or my situation, the students, TAs, and Danielle stepped up to hold space for me, to lift me up and help me through it. This class made a huge impact on my life that I will remember always.

Heather Tawney

True to form, Danielle guided and coached me to the place of coming out to the world as an Animal Communicator and creating the structure of a business to be successful in this field. I feel immense gratitude for Danielle, both her intuitive and professional business knowledge; to the helpful and knowledgeable TA’s; and to my classmates/colleagues who are so generous in their support and encouragement while going through Soul Level Business 202®.

Sandy Epstein

As a woman with a traditional Business Management Degree, I LOVED the way this course approached business from the Soul Level®. Danielle encouraged us to embrace our creativity and authenticity in an insightful, yet practical way instead of simply focusing on any credentials we each held. By the end of this class, I was proud to have a fully-functional, professional website that was 100% me. I was able to hit the ground running with my new Animal Communication business before the course was even over!

Brooke Carlson

WOW. I was expecting this to be a challenge and it was, but what surprised me most was I thought it would be the technical challenge. What I learned was that the emotional challenge is actually far greater. I didn’t think I’d have a problem putting myself out there, but oh my… I really feel Soul Level Business 202® has given me all the tools to start my business, be successful, and overcome obstacles I didn’t even know were there.

Kate Foggo

Worth every penny. Personally, I have avoided technology, writing, and being seen my whole life because of my own learning challenges. Soul Level Business 202® helped me avoid starting from scratch and probably quitting, to be honest, and instead gave me the confidence and support i’ve always needed to grow as an individual. I was surprised at how much this course brought up as far as old issues. Then, to receive the solid and kind support from my fellow students, the TA’s, and Danielle, helped me work through so much that I’m now considering going back to school for writing!

Heather Tuller

What surprised me about Soul Level Business 202® was how tight knit our group became – everyone had different learning curves and abilities, but no one was left behind! The friendships I made here will last a lifetime! I loved when people in our private course group would open up and be honest about their feelings – whether that was being sad, mad, glad, happy, excited or frustrated! No one was afraid to let their feelings show and there was a lot of that in this class because of the tasks that were being asked of all of us. But everyone would support everyone else and we were all successful in completion!

Gail Hill

I love how Danielle layers the Soul Level Psychic 101® course. She builds on each part and is so encouraging and helpful. She truly cares about us, our learning and takes the time to work with us as students. She truly has a natural gift of making you feel comfortable and not embarrassed while walking you through a hurdle, even if you don’t want to go there. Nine times out of ten, people are having the same or similar issue, but are afraid to ask. I will be taking more classes!

Kathy Bakken

I learned to directly ASK things of my guides more often; moreover, I learned skills in Soul Level Psychic 101® to self-source information for problems or questions I was having. This is exactly what I wanted! I also got much better at being able to trust the data I receive because of the homework practice and direct feedback. I loved feeling the support and guidance we ALL have that exists beyond our five senses when we connect. This class helped spur me to make new connections and to play with accessing other forms of consciousnesses I didn’t have had the confidence in trying before.

Leilani Wong

I had felt disconnected from my guides my whole life, Soul Level Psychic 101® not only showed me how to connect with them, but also how to receive guidance and information. Danielle makes everything so easy to learn and the TAs and other classmates made this a really special experience. I highly recommend taking this class if you’re wanting to feel connected to something greater than yourself and if you’re interested in exploring your psychic abilities — you won’t be disappointed!

Monica Fuhrmann

Soul Level Psychic 101® taught me to trust the information I was receiving and how to present the info in its raw data form. I loved learning the many different ways other people received information and how to better understand the ways I myself receive it. What surprised me about this class was to find so many people, like me, who had been receiving psychic information all their lives & dismissing it.

Brandy McNeill

I have been planning to learn to read animals, but I felt compelled to take Soul Level Psychic 101® first. It was EXACTLY what I hoped for and needed! Danielle’s lessons were clear, easy, and most important for me, reassuring. Her methods and fun teaching style really helped erase self-doubts and build my confidence and ability to recognize my guides vs. my own thinking. The class provided the practical how-tos and energy management tips to be successful. Danielle’s class was much more impactful than I expected or could have hoped for. This was helpful in so many ways! Thank you!

Cyndy Bueg

I was finally able to learn who my spirit guides are. I was surprised at who they were and excited to get real life examples of beliefs for the readee. I absolutely LOVE all this stuff! Tuning into the spirit guides, the messages, how I receive messages, the raw data to give….it is all so phenomenal!! So much gratitude for the Soul Level Psychic 101® class and all of Danielle’s teachings

Nina Ruberti

Just when I thought I had learned so much and come so far in my SLAC training and certification…this class came along and took me to a whole new realm of psychic growth and spiritual healing! I am so grateful to you, Danielle, for developing and creating this space for us to expand our psychic abilities by connecting more deeply with our guides! What a loving and an amazing experience!!

Jennie Weaver

I learned how to strengthen my relationship with my guides and my soul team through the Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core® course. I got to know myself on a deeper level. I learned what I do in the world to avoid discomfort and how to better face myself while helping others do the same.

Robyn Wood

I learned sooooo much in the Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core® course. What surprised me the most during this class is the a-ha moments I had. Acknowledging them and then letting them go was amazing. Still continuing to work on so much, but having the lightbulb go off about those moments was awesome.

Tami Chao

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core® was so much more than I thought it would be! It was not only instruction on how to coach others, but it helped me uncover limiting beliefs about myself I had been unaware of. Danielle guided us through both the course content & self work, and was easily accessible for any questions. The homework was fun, and it was heartwarming to witness new growth amongst my classmates & myself!


The Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core® course was incredibly transformational! I learned how to transcend the yo-yoing I do between giving into my compulsive impulses and trying to overcome them with willpower, then feeling bad about myself for not being able to. It also showed me what real freedom and support feels like. I am beyond grateful to be able to offer this opportunity for transformation and freedom to others.

Stephanie Hopkins

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core® far exceeded my expectations. The process itself is very powerful and Danielle brings a beautiful blend of no-nonsense strength, warmth and compassion that fosters real transformation. I noticed significant, life changing healing shifts from class to class. I am so grateful for the personal growth I experienced and am excited to be able to share this with others!

Stacey Wall

The process of becoming a Certified Soul-Level Intuitive Coach® is profoundly healing and expanding. I had no idea the impact this would have on my life and the lives of my clients. Connecting with the wisdom of the Guides opened me up to new ways of thinking about what it means to “be here” and what we are each here to learn in order to evolve. I can trust the Guides to deliver what each client needs to begin their journey of healing and growth and I am TRULY grateful to Danielle for sharing her wisdom and guiding us with love.

Karen Dendy Smith

SLIC Practicum showed me the transformational power of Soul Level Intuitive® Coaching in action, with real clients. This class gave me confidence in my ability to create a safe space for clients to make big shifts in their lives. I learned how my guides work with my unique intuition, and how to trust that the guides always know what my client needs in order to grow and release old patterns for themselves. This class helped me release my own negative beliefs that have gotten in the way of me valuing myself and my business. I feel more clear about what I have to offer clients, and I’m so excited to add Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® to my Intuitive business.

Stephanie Hopkins

I am grateful to be among the first to be certified as a Soul Level Intuitive Coach® . Through this course, I honed my intuitive abilities, greatly enhanced my trust in myself, and learned to shift my own negative and limiting beliefs. Because I have personally experienced this powerful work, I know how effective it is. I truly enjoy sharing it with my clients to help them grow, heal, and learn to live as their true, authentic selves.

Meredith Tollison

Getting certified as a Soul Level Intuitive Coach® equipped me to help my clients find lasting change and ultimately soul growth. It established a solid foundation for coaching while taking my intuitive skills to a new level. I was surprised to find that it even helped me with my own Soul Level® work along the way. I’m so grateful for this work that has such a powerful impact and makes my heart sing!

Stacey Wall

Becoming a Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach® has added so much to my Soul Level Animal Communication® and Reiki business. What I learned in the course has enhanced my coaching and psychic abilities, allowed me to expand on the services I’m already offering, as well as broaden the personal growth and healing opportunities for my clients. I am honored to use what I’ve learned to help others on their Soul Level® journey!

Anna Marie Ellison

I have gained so much confidence in myself that I didn’t even recognize the me that started down this path two and a half years ago. The work we did as a class, the support we received and the help we are able to provide others is so fulfilling. I feel so much more connected to myself and to the world around me than I ever have before. And the best part is that I have found a group of people who not only accept me – but encourage me to be the best damn intuitive I can be. I am so grateful for Danielle, Karen, Meredith – and all of my classmates. So grateful! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I love you all so so so much!

Julie Hirt

Even though I didn’t truly believe I had psychic abilities, I somehow knew everyone has the ability – just like our other 5 senses. What I didn’t know was how to access my psychic ability and trust it. Danielle’s Soul Level Animal Communication® courses taught me simply & naturally, how to access this ability and have confidence in the information I was receiving.

Brandy McNeill

Danielle’s teachings helped me recognize that we are all capable of learning animal communication, tapping into our “unused” senses, our claires, setting intentions, and using energy management. As someone who only had flashes of intuition before this school, what surprised me over the course of the lessons was how quickly I went beyond just knowing the information I received from the animals to seeing flashes of images and sometimes hearing things. Remarkable.

Kristi Lea

I can really do this, I am not making this stuff up! So Exciting! What surprised me about these classes was how much more comfortable I feel about my abilities. I loved it when… I loved all of it. It was all great! Even when it was difficult, and I had to work through personal stuff, it was amazing!

Paula Polley

I learned that animals have a larger purpose in our lives and they are constantly working with us to help us become a better version of ourselves. What surprised me most was when Danielle would intuitively tap into our communications. I loved the way she would guide us through and help us recognize the “raw data”, this was extremely helpful.

Parul Chaudhri

Danielle’s teaching invites you to trust yourself in a unique way. I enjoyed working with several homework partners to practice energy management and discover what kind of animal communicator I am. Danielle nurtures an incredible environment to learn about human-animal connection AND to learn more about yourself.

Shay Kim

I learned that one soul is never more than a thought away from another. What surprised me about this school was how you can connect psychically to the animal with so little information whether alive or passed. I loved when my fellow classmates connected with my own pet giving me valuable information and confirming my pets Soul Lesson® with me.

Claire Rowe

I was blown away that I was actually able to connect with an animal during the first lesson of the first course! Danielle’s step by step approach worked so well – I felt had a good amount of time to absorb each lesson before moving on to the next one.

Donna Norris

What really surprised me the most about this school was that there are people out there just like me, lol! Being able to connect with my classmates made it easier because they’re right there with you, going through the same challenges, celebrating the joys and success with each lesson! We were able to encourage, support and laugh all together, which to me, is pretty awesome!

Jody Crotty

Soul Level Animal Communication® has helped me to find my voice, allowed me to be vulnerable, let me feel support like I have never experienced, and given me permission to not have to know or understand it all. It has changed my relationship with my own animals because the quirky behaviors they have are there to help me grow. The way I interact with my animals, others’ animals and the humans in my life has a different glow to it now. It truly is life changing.

Heather O’Hara Tawney

I learned that I do have what it takes to communicate with animals & their people. We can all do it. What surprised me about Danielle’s courses was the level of deep connection that took place with my classmates and how grateful I feel to each one of them. I loved it when I learned the Soul Level® Lessons my animals are working with me to learn and when the animals I communicated with shared the lessons for their people.

Janet Jones Johnson

Even though I already enjoyed some basic communications with animals, I still had a desire to go deeper with animals and their humans, but I felt I did not have the confidence to begin a business. Danielle’s Soul Level Animal Communication® courses have fulfilled that desire, have increased my confidence, and provided a support system that has helped me start my animal intuitive business. Danielle is a wonderful teacher who can intuitively zero in on how to help you overcome your apprehensions and fears as she guides you to ways of empowering yourself. Thank you, Danielle, as I am so filled with gratitude for the transformational experience through your classes.

Patricia Hernandez

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