Why Can’t I Train My Dog?


Scratching your head thinking, “Why can’t I train my dog?” Yeah, I’ve been there. My dog Tuukka was quite the stubborn pup when she was young. Luckily, I figured out the secret to successful dog training… and it’s not what you think!

Why Can’t I Train My Dog? The Stubborn Challenge Begins

Ok, so here’s my story: I’m the proud owner of Tuukka, a surprising concoction of Great Pyrenees, bulldog, bull terrier, beagle, and Chinese Crested. Adorable, right? Yes, until my teenage son would leave the house with his friends. Or my husband thought his workplace was actually outside the house. Then, my dearest Tuukka would irrationally morph into a barking concert, causing our neighbors to rethink their decision to live next to us. I’d tried everything and yet, Miss Tuukka seemed to have taken an oath to bark till the family returned.

Dog Training Difficulties: Tuukka’s Unique Blend of Stubbornness

My pal, Tuukka, is a delightful cocktail of various breeds, each contributing its own stubbornness factors: the dogged bulldog, the rebellious Great Pyrenees, the obstinate bull terrier, and, of course, the hardheaded beagle all rolled into one! Little wonder she turned a deaf ear to my commands.

So, at first, I thought – this stubbornness symphony is all breed stuff, that’s why she’s not listening. But I would soon find out that I was wrong. The reason she wasn’t listening was much more important and far-reaching than that.

The Animal Communicator’s Conundrum Around Pet Training Sessions

As an animal communicator, I’m well-versed in understanding animals on a much deeper level. I can pick up on their emotions, their fears, their joys, and their overall well-being and that has helped me work with thousands of animals in various situations. However, translating this understanding into effective dog training strategies was proving to be a unique challenge. So… why can’t I train my dog? Well, just because I’m a pet psychic, does not mean I automatically get a perfectly well-behaved dog. Nor did it mean that I knew the best way to teach Tuukka the “quiet” command (as evidenced by her continued barking despite my psychic protests to her).

But for me, when it came to pet training sessions, there was an element of control and obedience that seemingly contradicted the empathetic and understanding approach of animal communication. My expertise and passion lie in understanding deeply and communicating intuitively with animals, not verbally commanding them to my will.

Dog trainers were asking me to let go of my deep connection to Tuukka and instead force my will upon her and this just didn’t feel good.

What finally worked with Tuukka though, was every day dog training techniques paired solidly with the deeply connected relationship between us.

As you’ll see in a moment, the journey we were on wasn’t just about training Tuukka. It was about learning, adapting, and growing together.

The Real Reason Dog Training Isn’t Working And What To Do About It

The problem with most dog training isn’t always found in the dog or the training method itself. When we get caught up in the popular notion that to train a dog we must have complete control over them through dominance and force, we overlook something much more important: the deep connection we have with these animals. In fact, many dog training methods only work when the dog has “given in” to the fact that the human is the master. And what does “give in” mean? It means, giving up. Losing hope. And letting go of free will.

When we approach dog training with this mindset, we ignore the spiritual aspects of the relationship with the animal. For example, did you know that all of the behaviors of our pets that bother us, are actually intended at the soul level to help us become better people? Animals try to get us upset or riled up so that we’ll try to find a solution by looking at the situation from a different perspective. (I talk about this in my Animal Lessons book BTW if you want to learn more!)

With Tuukka, I realized I had to find the balance between the traditional dog training techniques and my intuitive connection with her. When I did that, our relationship grew deeper. She trusted me more, and fell more into step with what I was asking of her both in the physical world and the spiritual.

dog training difficulties

Addressing Canine Disobedience Involves More Than Just Dog Training Solutions

If you’re wondering why can’t you train your dog, seeking the help of a professional dog trainer is a significant step toward addressing canine disobedience. However, you’ll have a lot more success by incorporating the spiritual connection between you and your dog into the training as well. Building a meaningful bond with your pet goes beyond training sessions. It involves understanding their motivation and what they are trying to teach you.

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