Is Animal Communication Real: Unveiling the Truth


Everyone has heard of animal communicators and pet psychics and what these people can do. However, a lot of people still wonder, is animal communication real?

Is Animal Communication Real?

Animal communicators are also known as pet psychics, pet mediums, and animal psychics. Animal communicators connect psychically and directly with pets and wild animals in order to have a back-and-forth conversation with them. In these connections with animals, the animals are able to share information about their life, their human life, and more.

The Emotional Connection with Pets: Their Soul Mission and Unconditional Love

Before we dig deep into the world of animal communication, let’s pause for a moment and think about the incredible connection we share with our furry friends. Have you ever noticed how your pet seems to understand you so completely? They have this uncanny ability to comfort us when we’re feeling down and celebrate with us during our happiest moments. It’s almost as if they have a secret mission to bring us happiness and love unconditionally.

And guess what? They do have that mission! But it’s not a secret.

We have such a deep and loving connection to our pets because it’s their soul’s mission to help us grow and evolve through our experience of their unconditional love. This is probably why you’re wondering, “is animal communication real?” because you would love to be able to feel that love with your pet even more than you already do.

Animals have mastered unconditional love, but humans have not. Yet. This is why you don’t run into wild horses with self-esteem issues or fish that think feel badly about themselves – animals love themselves and therefore everyone else, unconditionally.

Pets help us become happier, emotionally healthier people by modeling that unconditional love with us all the time. Having a bad hair day? Your pet loves you anyway. Failed that test at school? Your pet still thinks you’re awesome. Tripped and fell while jogging? Your pet lovingly waits for you to pick yourself up and start jogging again.

Your pet wants to do everything they can to communicate with you and help you become the best person you can be.

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Pets Understand Humans Better Than Humans Do

You might be surprised to learn that our pets often understand us better than we understand ourselves. Yep, you read that right! They have an intuitive sense that allows them to tap into our thoughts and feelings. They become our furry little confidants, offering comfort and support without judgment. Whether we’re feeling anxious, sad, or over the moon excited, our pets are there with a reassuring presence, ready to lend an ear, or a paw. These adorable beings can pick up on our emotions, even when we try to hide them -through their intuitive connection with us.

There are three main methods that our pets use to help us become the best people we can be. These methods exist because of your pet’s psychic connection to you. It is through that psychic connection that your pet knows exactly what you need and which method will be the best for you.

In fact, if you’re wondering if animal communication is real, get this: your pet knows how you really feel about your partner, the challenges that you’re having at your job, and even when you’re eating food that is bad for you! They take that information in, and they figure out what they can do in your life today to assist your soul’s growth.

In my best-selling Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals book, I’ve written extensively about this process through which animals use their intuitive connection to us, to know us better than we know ourselves and help us, but here is a quick version to get you started figuring out how your pet is assisting you:

Step #1: Think about your relationship with your pet. Is there something in that relationship that brings up BIG emotion – either positive or negative? A positive emotion would be overwhelming love for the animal while a negative emotion would most likely be centered around a problem you and the animal are experiencing.

Step #2: Look at that experience and write down the emotions it makes you feel. Do not write down your thoughts about it at this point in time. Just write the emotions.

Step #3: Carry that emotion through to the end. If the emotion you feel is fear, ask yourself why? Do you fear someone will think you’re not good at X? Do you fear others will notice you? Or do you fear it means you’ll never find a partner? Follow that emotion down to it’s root.

What you figure out through Step #3 is the lesson your pet is trying to teach you through their intuitive connection with you!

Is Animal Communication Real? Do Animals Really Understand Human Language?

Now, let’s trot into the territory of animals and human language. We all know that our pets respond to certain words or phrases. But if you’re wondering is animal communication real, you probably wonder if they truly understand the meaning behind our words. They do! They understand the words we use as well as the intention behind the words we use, due to the use of their intuition.

Animals use their innate psychic abilities to connect to the world around them. And that includes connecting to their human owners as well. This is why they are able to adapt to new homes and new human families as quickly as they do, because they are using their intuition to understand all of the unspoken nuances of their new humans. It doesn’t matter what language the humans are speaking. At the Soul Level the animal’s intuitive connection allows them to understand what is really happening around them.

But knowing that your pet is connecting in with you to understand YOU better is even more exciting when an animal communicator can psychically tap in to deliver the messages the pet now wants you to know.

Animal Communicators can help you understand your pet’s desire to sit on only red blankets, the reason your pet doesn’t like women with long dark hair, and even why your pet feels you should change your job. How? Because the animal communicator is receiving the information ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ (pun intended).

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Becoming an Animal Communicator – Is it Real?

So is animal communication real? Yes, it is! But here is the big question – can anyone learn to communicate with animals on a deeper level? Is becoming an animal communicator a real and tangible thing?

Spoiler alert: it is! While it may sound like a magical tale spun from a fairytale, animal communication is a skill that can be honed and developed. And guess what? It’s not just for the psychic elite. In fact, anyone who is open to the possibility can embark on this path of connection and understanding.

But where to start? Well, peeps, I’ve got a little secret to share with you. (leans in closer) I’ve written a book called “Animal Lessons: Discover Your Pet’s Secret Messages” that can guide you through the process of uncovering the lessons your beloved pet is teaching you. It’s like having a personal translator for your furry companion’s thoughts and emotions. So, if you’re itching to take the leap into animal communication, this is the perfect tool to get you started on this amazing journey – and you don’t even need to be psychic to do it.

So, grab a cup of tea, cuddle up with your four-legged pals, and let’s unravel the magical world of animal communication together. It’s time to discover the truth and unleash the extraordinary connection waiting to be unearthed between humans and animals. Let’s go!

And OH! You could also take one of my beginner animal communication courses so you can connect with your pet intuitively about anything and everything under the sun!