Animal Communication

Animal Communication: Five Tips for Connecting with Your Pet

I often hear, “I’m not psychic so what’s the best way to connect with my pet?” First, I’ll say that you are psychic. Everyone is psychic. Really! It’s just that some people have taken the time to work on their psychic skills while others have not. Being psychic is very much like running. We can […]

Danielle Answers: Why Do Animals Suffer & What Can I Do About It? Do Animals Have a Soul Contract to Suffer?

Many people have asked me about animals – their pain and suffering and what it all means in terms of Soul Contracts and until now I’ve avoided answering these questions. It wasn’t because I didn’t have an answer or because I wanted to keep it a secret – it was because that topic is so loaded and […]

Danielle on Best Psychic Mediums

Psychic Investigator Bob Olson has named Danielle to his esteemed list of Best Psychic Mediums. From the Best Psychic Mediums website: Bob Olson has tested hundred of psychics and psychic mediums from around the globe. Some readings were terrible, some good, some great, and some were absolutely extraordinary.

Animal Rescue: Image Upgrade!

I’m looking for better animal rescue organization TV commercials. The current ads (you know which ads I’m talking about – those with the Sarah McLaughlan music in the background) don’t resonate with me because they intend to appeal to our negative emotions. These commercials show us sad, humiliated, abused animals with the hope that we will feel so badly that we’ll pick up the phone and make a donation – or that we’ll guiltily decide to bring an animal into our home. While this may work for some – it’s not working for me.

So, I want

Why Has This Animal Recently Come Into My Life?

Kathi asks: I have an animal who has come into my life recently. Has someone from beyond sent them to me? Thanks, Kathi From Danielle: There are a couple general reasons that a person could feel a strong connection with a pet. Perhaps this pet was directed to you by a deceased loved one. While […]

A Pet Psychic’s Three Tips for Getting Your Dog Off the Sofa

It seems like there are a million different ways to train a dog to stay off the sofa – so how come your dog still jumps up there every time you aren’t looking? Well, as I am sure you would tell me if you were standing in front of me, it’s not for your lack […]

What to do When Your Pet Gets Lost

Losing a pet is a very difficult experience. The emotions, fears and imaginations of everyone involved can actually prohibit an effective search from taking place. As an Animal Intuitive, Danielle can often help locate a lost pet using her psychic connection. If you have lost your pet, please take a moment to calm yourself before […]

A Lesson from Beaver: Animal Energy Reading

This morning I decided to take a walk. Although it is cold and almost rainy out – I knew it would be a good day for me to get outside. I put on my husband’s hockey jacket (it’s really great in the wet weather despite that it’s four sizes too big for me), grabbed my […]

Animal Energy Reading: Cat

  Today’s Animal Energy: CAT Energy Despite that cat energy may seem somewhat under the radar, it’s very powerful! Cat energy helps you believe in yourself – in an independent way. You don’t NEED anyone else, you are perfectly capable of reaching your goal on your own. And when you come around to this idea, […]

Animal Energy Reading: Whale

Ok-so recently we learned about the energy of dolphin (to read about that click here) and this week we are continuing with a similar-yet very different energy: whale. This week, whales are all about communication, intuition and re-discovering that locked-inside you talent for trusting yourself and believing that you can be the best in what […]