Will My Dead Dog Visit Me?

Signs from Pets in the Afterlife

by Danielle MacKinnon

If you’re looking for relief or understanding around the grief of losing your pet, my What Your Pet Wants You To Know When They Die Video Manual can give you some much needed information and inspiration!

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“Will my dead dog visit me? Will my dead cat visit me? Will my beloved pet on the other side be visiting me?” 

As an animal communicator for more than twenty years, I have answers to these questions!I’m going to share with you the top three ways that visits from pets in the afterlife happen, so you can know what to look out for. I’m also going to share with you the biggest mistake that people make when trying to get a message from their pet on the other side. 

What Animals on the Other Side Really Care About

Let’s begin with some information about the other side, because it’s really important that you understand what’s going on over there before you can understand how animals are giving us divine messages. 

First, animals that have crossed over are still in tune with us here, who are still alive. They’re still in tune. They’re still monitoring. They’re still aware of what’s going on. 

The main difference that animals have shown me through my animal communication readings, is that since they’re no longer in their physical body. Their focus has changed from their physical existence to their spiritual one. When they were in a physical body, they wanted food, they wanted cuddles, they wanted attention, and they wanted to play. Once they reach the Other Side, these things are no longer of interest to them.

What Pets Want to Do With Us From the Other Side

The spiritual aspect of animals still exists when animals are alive, it just isn’t an obvious focus. Living animals  are certainly aware of the big picture and are helping us grow and evolve our soul. but when they cross over, their full focus becomes the big picture.  You can read more about this in my animal lessons book. This means, they clue in to our emotions, our thoughts and feelings as well as our grief – and they do everything they can to help us through.

How Animals Feel About Our Grief

Let’s say I am somebody who’s lost my dog recently.I’m grieving deeply and I’ve stopped eating, or I’ve turned to drinking or I’m depressed and I can’t get out of bed. These are things that I hear about a lot on my YouTube channel, because my channel is pretty dedicated to helping people who are grieving the loss of their beloved pet. A lot of people have a very hard time when their beloved pet passes over.

I I were to hire an animal communicator (like me) to connect with my deceased pet,  many of the messages they delivered would actually be helpful loving messages like, “Hey you need to get out of bed.” “No, no stop with the drinking.” “Let’s work on this step-by-step.” 

In other words, your pet on the Other Side is very aware of what you’re experiencing and wants to help you take the steps you need to take to feel happier, healthier, and more content. Your pet is still THAT connected to you from the Other Side!  They simply focus differently!

Here are some examples of how your pet can communicate with you from the Other Side

Picture Messages from Your Pet on the Other Side

This first sign animals send from the other side is common, but also commonly overlooked because people struggle to believe it’s real. Animals will often send visuals to their humans. Sometimes, you’ll actually SEE your beloved pet that has crossed over.  

For example, many people have written to me about waking up in the middle of the night, only to “see” their beloved pet on the Other Side, right there with them in bed! More commonly, an animal sends a sign by showing up out of the corner of your eye. Where you think, “Wait! , Oh yeah, my cat is not here anymore. So neat to see my cat run by!” They work with our peripheral vision!

Problems Seeing Messages From Your Pet in Heaven

A watched pot never boils. When you’re staring right at something and waiting for it, you have expectations, and attachments. So it’s very challenging to actually see what your animal wants you to see. But when I’m sitting here at my desk and I’m concentrating on something else, it’s much easier for my animal to tap in and run by in spirit. No attachments means anything can happen.

So it happens. 

People often discount this visual experience because they think they’re just “used” to seeing their beloved pet nearby – but if this has happened to you, know that it’s really a sign of love!  “Plus, the more you trust it, the more it happens, because your animal on the other side is able to see that  this is an opening for you.

Hearing Messages from Pets on the Other Side

The second most common sign that animals will give, but again, probably also the second most overlooked/least trusted sign is through sound. Animals can tap into your ears, psychically, and give you sounds that you associate with them. A lot of people will hear the clicking of the nails on the floor, or they’ll hear the soft bark in the background or the scratching on the scratch post. 

What your animal will do is scan you to determine what sounds you associate with them. Then, they’ll start making those sounds as their way of saying, “Hello” or “I’m here!” And if you can trust, “Wait, I did just hear that sound? Yes!” Your concern about “Will my dead dog visit me” and be alleviated! Your departed pet can start sending you more and more sounds. 

Unfortunately, you dictate how these messages work. You can’t tell your departed pet to make the sounds louder or better or more easy to understand. You can, however, trust that these sounds are messages from your pet – which will then open the pathway for even more messages. ” 

Nighttime Messages from Pets on the Other Side 

A really fun, and probably the easier way to get a message from your pet on the Other Side, is to use my Dream Connect Method,In this technique, you’re putting yourself into a certain state of mind before you go to sleep so that your animal can visit you while you’re sleeping. This results in a visitation. 

Even though I named it the Dream Connect Method, it is technically a Visitation. (I’m not great at naming!) The sensation and  emotions that come up with the Dream Connect method are incredibly strong. So much so, when you wake up you often feel like you really were just with your pet a moment ago. See a detailed, step-by-step instruction of the Dream Connect Method here.

The Biggest Mistake Receiving a Sign From Your Pet on the Other Side

The biggest mistake that people make, when trying to receive messages from their pet on the other side, is not trusting. They’re busy wondering, “Will my dead dog visit me?” that their wonder gets in the way. Many people have such a strong desire for a bigger, more obvious, hit-me-with-a-2×4 message that they don’t give credit to the incredible experiences they’re already having with their departed pet.  “No, I want a bigger message. I want more of a message. I want it to be more obvious. I want it to be so obvious that no one could ever doubt.”  

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. Animals need us to be open and non-attached to be able to receive their messages.  When you’re attached, you’re demanding that it has to be bigger, it has to be better. You’re creating this energy of, “You can only give me a message through this way,” and when the animal can only get you a message through “this” method you’ve dictated; things become lackluster. Most of the time, your beloved pet can’t even begin to meet your need of giving you a sign in the way you’re looking for it – so you end up without any signs. 

If you really want to connect with your pet on the Other Side and receive their messages, your best bet is to open your eyes and stop assuming that everything is a coincidence! If you think it “might ” be a message, trust that it is! 

5 replies
  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    This just hit me hard and just the other night I’m sleeping i woke up to goose bumps all over and it wouldn’t go away my 13 yr old little poodle/bichon passes away September 12th 2022 it really broke my heart i have left my 2yr old maltipoo but as i was saying i woke up to goose bumps none stop i closed my eyes to go back to sleep as i did out of the blue I opened my eyes slowly and saw my pups face right next to mine i started saying his name and crying i blinked about two to three time still saw him after i closed my eyes again he was gone but my goose bumps was still there a couple seconds went by my maltipoo who sleeps with me gets up and starts starting and looking around as if he see my dog and I’m crying telling him it’s ok i took care of my dog till the day he passed away feeding him with a syringe helping him walk i saw him pass away aswell as my maltipoo I can’t stop grieving well that’s my story can you please tell me was this really real

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hi Jessica. Yes! This is called a visitation and the goosebumps are your validation that your poodle was there, visiting you to say, “Hi, yes! I’m still around you!” And yes, our animals that are still here, they KNOW when our animals that have crossed over are visiting. What a lovely experience you have had. I know it’s hard, but do see if you can feel grateful for the visit and all of the validation. I’m sending you love <3

  2. Rachel Lingle
    Rachel Lingle says:

    My heart is broken we had to put our sweet boy down this morning. It happened very fast although he had been sick for quite some time. We are so devastated and I don’t know how to do life without him at this point. I’ve been so used to taking care of him and loving him I just don’t know where to turn. And right now I am in that phase of praying that he will come and visit me I’m just hoping that as I can deal with this grief that maybe he will come through because that would give me so much peace.

  3. Lauryn
    Lauryn says:

    Thank you for this Danielle! My family’s beautiful 8 year old black and tan CKCS suddenly passed on Sunday evening. I saw him in my dream last night and I was sure I also saw him laying on my bed looking at me for a second as I rushed past my bedroom earlier today. I’m a strong believer that our loved ones who have passed are always with us communicating, we just need to be open minded enough to receive their messages. <3

  4. Enid Hernandez
    Enid Hernandez says:

    I am going through the same for about a month now. Hope you are feeling better. Thank you for the information, very helpful! 🌈🦋


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