Column of Strength – Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #6

shutterstock_303815918Well, it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in the US, and you know what that means! Family, friends, food and… fights?

Now that we spend Thanksgiving with 25 other people at a family friend’s home in Boston, we don’t really have that many fights, but with the political situation what it is right now, with tensions high, and with people coming together who may not necessarily hang out together every day – it’s a little bit of a recipe for disaster.

Unless you can prepare yourself.

And what does prepare yourself mean?

A lot of people will say that preparing yourself means protection. Putting up boundaries, carrying around crystals that ward of negativity, saying protection prayers, and more.

But what I’ve come to realize over the years is that preparing yourself is not about protection at all. It’s about being strong, clear, and powerful within.

Think about it, if you go into a holiday gathering all worried about what your crazy-uncle is going to say about the election, or fearful that your mother is going to bring up your marital status, or already feeling pissy with your sister because she’s always talking over you – you’re basically setting the stage to receive all of that.

You’re just paving the way…

But, if instead you’re in an empowered, balanced energetic space in your body, you don’t need to do things to protect yourself – it becomes a non-issue. You’re feeling safe and supported from within and the stuff going on outside you just doesn’t have the same impact.

So, how do you get into that space so that you can really enjoy your experience? How about by using today’s Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday tool: Column of Strength!

Here are the steps:

1. Close your eyes and take a few belly breaths.

2. Now, imagine that there is a beautiful column of light surrounding your body, about 2 inches out from your body. It stretches a little bit above your body and a little bit below too. (It might be easiest to do this standing up the first few times.)

3. As you imagine this column of silvery, sparkly light surrounding you, take a deep breath in through your nose. As you exhale through your nose, allow the exhale to gently expand that column 2-3 inches outward, so the column is growing larger around you.

4. Using your breath, continue this process, expanding on each exhale until the column extends several feet out from your body. Try going out to ten feet in all directions, and notice how you feel. If it’s too much, allow the column to come back toward your body. Most people will end up with their column most comfortable and strong somewhere around 2-3 feet from their body.

5. Once you’ve found the best size for your column (whatever makes you happy – but remember bigger is not necessarily better – do what feels most strong), keep your eyes closed and feel. Notice what feels different about you between now and when you started.

This tool creates a strong, powerful feeling FROM WITHIN. It’s not protection, it’s just allowing you to be fully you.

Now you’re ready to get on with your big day! Your column may try to go back to it’s formerly small size and if it does, just do the exercise again!

Love and Light,


2 replies
  1. LM
    LM says:

    I think I’m becoming addicted to the daily emails. Love me some WCWT and the little life lessons you’ve obviously written just for me, thank you for that generousity by the way, are aha moments I am very grateful to receive.

    With smiling Gratitude,


  2. Ann
    Ann says:


    This fabulously right on. I just realized this not to long ago. Because I have been caught up in that thinking for a long time.

    You said it very poetically.

    I am now just realizing it is important to be strong from within.

    Makes me more grounded and centered.

    By the way all of your daily emails have been spot on.



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