Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday #1

by Danielle MacKinnon

shutterstock_127984400smIt’s Wednesday morning and I’ve decided to start a new thing. I’m calling it “Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday” (after all, I do live in Boston where everything is “wicked.”)

This means, every Wednesday I’m going to share with you a tool or technique. Maybe it will be to help with intuition, or animal communication or maybe it will be to calm you down or perhaps it will help you deal with your in-laws.

I have no plan except to share a new tool each week.

So, for our first WCTW (oh yeah, I”m using acronyms now), it’s all about the shower. I alluded to my own use of this tool in yesterday’s email and today I wanted to take you even further with it.

It’s really easy to receive great intuitive information while in the shower. Yes – a regular old shower.

If you can open yourself to the idea that showers can be psychic time, you don’t even have to do much to make things happen. 

This is because when your physical body is occupied with all the sensations of the water hitting your skin, the smells of the various soaps and shampoos, and even the sound of the water landing at the bottom of the tub – it clears the path for other information to come in. 

You only have to be aware that it can. 

Have you ever been in the shower and come up with a great solution to a problem you’ve been having? Well, most likely that solution was intuitively driven!

So, here’s all you have to do:

1. Get in the shower. 

2. Spend time feeling the soap on your body, smelling the shampoo, listening to the water – let it lull you into a wonderful, peaceful place. Just hang out with yourself for a couple minutes. 

3. Think about the “thing” that you’ve been pondering. I.E., I have that big dinner tonight- should I still go?, or What’s the best way to help my sister through her divorce right now?, etc.

4. And then just let your mind wander around that subject. Don’t try to solve it – just ponder it. I know ponder is a funny word – but you’re not SEEKING an answer here. All you’re doing is poking your finger into the subject to see what falls out. 

Often what falls out is information that is helpful, more solid, and easier than what you were thinking of before and often what falls out is something that works for your highest good and the highest good of all – rather than just to mediate the immediate short-term situation. 

This is because the physical/3D part of you was busy. It couldn’t go “but wait! What about their feelings!” or “Oh no, that’s going to feel scary” so what you end up with is a really helpful direction. 

One important thing though: don’t try this right of the bat with huge decisions like, “Should I quit my job” or “Do I sue?” Get used to this tool before tackling the big huge life decisions. 

Practice, practice, practice!

And then scroll down to tell me how it went!

6 replies
  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    My husband has always been intrigued that information comes to me in the shower. He promised our next house will have a very lovely “phone booth” in the bathroom. Haha

  2. Anita Strawser
    Anita Strawser says:

    I love that you’re going to share “tools” every week! This is something I’m excited about and look forward to incorporating into my life! It’s incredible how simple tasks like a shower can truly help us connect to our inner being/heaven.

    Thanks for all that you do, Danielle! 🙂

  3. pam
    pam says:

    I have noticed this for years! I won’t even be thinking of anything when I get in the shower and answers to something or guidance just pops up while showering. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Debbie Gray
    Debbie Gray says:

    Great idea…love the WCTW, no hang on WWCT…no..WCTWC? Dammit…the cool tool thingy…:o}
    Anyway ~ have noticed that connecting with HP and/or getting good ideas (same thing?) works really well in the shower. Pleasantly surprised to find out that others have discovered this too. It really does work.

  5. Dottie
    Dottie says:

    I long ago discovered that entering the shower was like “entering the phone booth to heaven.” Amazing ideas and solutions would come to me. Some “inspirations” would make make me say, “You want me to do what!!!” — when I was encouraged to do something that was out of my comfort zone but once I summoned my courage to go through with it, it always worked out for the best.


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