The Intuitive Reason You Are Drawn to Dog Rescue Videos


Do you seek out Dog Rescue Videos and Love My Pet Videos?

If you’re like me, your social media algorithms are filling your feeds with heartwarming stories of dog rescue videos, animal rescue videos, pet rehabilitation videos and love my pet videos. I can lay in bed with happy tears for an hour scrolling through videos of animal transformations.  I’m transfixed by every Love My Pet video I can find!

Have you ever wondered why you’re so drawn to these dog rescue videos? There’s an incredible spiritual reason behind our fascination for watching animals transform from broken to happy…

Animals Have a Greater Purpose

Animals have mastered unconditional love and they want to help us (humans) master it too. They do this on a person-by-person basis and/or and on a mass consciousness basis. Here’s how:

Before they incarnate into their animal bodies, animal souls plan how they’ll help human consciousness evolve. This plan is an agreement (ie Animal Soul Contract) that these amazing souls carry out, once they’re here with us.

Some animals work these agreements individually with their humans (check out my Animal Lessons book) while others work globally. The dog rescue videos and love my pet videos are the vehicle for animals to fulfill this inspiring purpose to help humans master unconditional love, globally.

The Real Power Behind Dog Rescue Videos and Love My Pet Videos

Dog rescue videos and love my pet videos bring most of us to tears. Why? Because it’s all about vibration.

Transforming an animal takes patience, softness, understanding, and the vibration of unconditional love. The rescuer must hold the vibration of unconditional love long enough for the transformation to occur.  And thankfully, the video catches that process of unconditional love, is for all to watch.

That  unconditional love in the video? It’s a magnetic vibration. We’re drawn to it because this is why we are here: to learn unconditional love.  So when you’re watching that Dodo video about the abused dog who finally nuzzles her rescuer’s hand, you’re experiencing more than happiness for the dog. You’re also being drawn to the unconditional that went in to creating that moment.

Experience Unconditional Love

And luckily for us, it doesn’t matter HOW we experience unconditional love. Whether it’s through a dog rescue video we found on TikTok or hands on experience with our own horse… every bit of exposure we have to this vibration, helps us move closer and closer to aligning with and believing in it.

So keep watching those dog rescue videos! Search love my pet videos, dog transformation videos, and everything else that makes your heart swell. Those amazing animals in the videos WANT you to see their transformation and be transformed by it.

(And yes, of course, the more transformed we are, the more we help the animals right back!)