Why is this animal in my life?

There are a couple general reasons that a person could feel a strong connection with a pet. Perhaps this pet was directed to you by a deceased loved one. While people who have crossed over cannot change the way we (on this side) live our lives, they can direct and nudge. It’s more likely, however that what you are experiencing is an active Animal Soul Contract.

An Animal Soul Contract is the bond that connects you to your pet. It is the agreement that your soul made with your pet’s soul before being born into this lifetime and that agreement actually structures the way you and your pet will relate to each other now. Animals will nudge, direct and offer guidance through this connection – and if you pay attention to it, you can heal yourself with their assistance.

You’re lucky as well! You’re experiencing the positive side of the Animal Soul Contract – where you get to feel deeply connected to your pet. Often, the ASC will show up in a more challenging way – for example a dog who barks every time your new drug-addicted boyfriend arrives at your apartment. (Message from your dog: I’m barking to show you that this guy isn’t good news!).

Take some time to look at the connection you have with all the animals in your life. Your pets are constantly sending you information, guidance and assistance through their behavior and connections with you.

In Love & Light,

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  1. Kai medina
    Kai medina says:

    My dog and I work out pretty well. He isa rat terrier but acts like a giant kid. He has been a real focus on my family. The soul contract in this family pet is right on target.

  2. aimee
    aimee says:

    I love this and although never used the terminology soul contract before finding this site; I have always been open to my dogs, I help them and they help me. Sometimes it is difficult to see what is in them, is really your lesson. My newest is afraid to try, this lesson has been draining on us both. On the other hand, a couple of the dogs have been bullies in thier pack and I say that is my husband’s.

    At times I feel so bad for the pet, if it takes me awhile to get it or accept it…I feel that I’ve let them down and at times I feel like if I take longer with the lessons that they’ll be with me longer.

    I get it and love it, but at the same time it seems there is so much thinking involved. All the interactions in a day and then I try to sort them all out, that is when I get myself a little mixed.


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