Why Get Certified in Animal Communication
from the Danielle MacKinnon School?

What you’ll find here and nowhere else!

Danielle MacKinnon School (DMS) is the only school in the world that teaches its students Soul Level Animal Communication®, delivering cutting-edge methods for expanding and fine-tuning one’s intuition, mastering a profound level of work with humans and their animals, and building and marketing a thriving business.
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Based on her many years of experience focusing on the lessons our animals are here to teach us, Danielle takes her students beyond receiving simple, intuitive 3D information (toys, food, surroundings), and opens them up to the wonders of animal wisdom.

It’s in this work that students learn how animals guide their humans to overcome obstacles and be their best selves… which often leads clients to gain more from a reading than they originally imagined.

These unique DMS Soul Level™ studies include live webinars, a consistent personal touch from the expert herself, and a thriving world-wide community of support.

This is your tribe!

Want to build a side business?

  • You want animal communication to be more than a hobby, but don’t want to give up your “other life.” Through DMS, you’ll gain confidence and acquire the tools to build a business—one that you can run at your own pace.

Want to add services to your existing intuitive business?

  • DMS animal communication certification is for you—you’ll further your own soul path and build your client base, too. The streamlined convenience of online webinars plus a supportive community of peers means your studies align seamlessly with your current business.
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{ Why Get Certified? }


CERTIFIED SOUL LEVEL ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PRACTITIONERS (CPPs) are passionate professionals dedicated to building their animal intuitive businesses, spreading the joy of animal wisdom. Every CPP is trained to provide kinship, support, and motivation to help people and their animals grow and evolve.

{ What’s cool about being Certified? }

(A.K.A. exciting benefits, opportunities, and access to Danielle!)


  • As a CPP, you get the benefit of Danielle’s almost twenty years cultivating her animal communication audience. There is no other place in the world that gives animal communicators access to a bigger more dedicated animal communication audience.
  • CPPs that keep their certification current have access to Danielle’s Practitioners seal. The Practitioner’s seal, as it has come to be known. stands for the highest quality in animal communication.
  • Soul Level Animal Communication® is Danielle’s trademarked brand of animal communication. Being able to offer a trademarked, world-renowned type of reading to your clients will help you stand out in the animal communication world.
  • As a CPP, you are featured on this dedicated online DMS page, where potential clients can find you. It’s more than a listing—it’s a marketing page that includes your headshot, contact info, a description of your services, and links to your professional website, social media and most current blog post.
  • The Be Open Community is an integral part of the platform for all CPPs as it provides a space for practitioners to refine their leadership skills in front of a community that is looking for guidance in exactly that area.
  • Danielle provides opportunities for CPPs to assist in her Level 1 and Level 2 Night School classes. It’s a chance to experience the leadership required in the classroom and also a way to continue building your business, presenting yourself as an expert to a new and interested community.


  • This Facebook group is your go-to place for support from Danielle and your professional peers. You can share challenging experiences, look for new marketing ideas, celebrate successes, and most of all, connect with those who understand you best.
  • The CPP community comes together on a live webinar once a month, without DMS staff, for an open discussion about business status and professional development. It’s a group huddle for feedback and support, with a different CPP leading the webinar each time.
  • This is your personal dashboard where dates, events, recordings, guidelines, and other important information is stored and updated for you in real time. Easy to access and navigate, it’s the one-stop hub for all things DMS- and CPP-related.


  • To promote continuity and accountability in the CPPs’ professional lives, Danielle leads a quarterly CPP webinar. In a Q&A format, this is a great opportunity to discuss your business challenges with the expert.
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  • Danielle hosts a quarterly 30-minute mini-course for all CPPs, on a professional topic submitted by the group. This is an amazing chance to further your business education and tap into Danielle’s many years of experience.
  • As a world-renowned Soul Level™ Coach, Danielle has structured her business to focus on her students and practitioners. She is available only to students and CPPs for monthly private coaching, and priority in scheduling is given to CPPs. This coaching adds yet another level to your DMS education, as it assists you even deeper on your soul’s path.

“The school community is the best I have ever found in the many places I have studied. What makes the difference at DMS is the interconnectivity, personal approach, and incredible support during the learning period, followed by the support given to us as CPPs as we build our own practice in animal communication.”

~ Daniela Rosu

“The ability to connect with, share ideas, get advice from, and become really good friends with my fellow CPPs has been absolutely priceless. [It’s] one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

~ Geri Karabin

“I’m so proud to have the Danielle MacKinnon School seal on my website as an endorsement of someone so respected and accomplished in this field…”

~ Julie Ulrich

{ How to get Certified }


This is where you begin!


In Course #101 of the Danielle MacKinnon School, I’ll show you how to merge your innate intuition (even if you aren’t yet aware of it) with that of the animal to experience a depth of connection like never before. You’ll learn how to work with the 3D and Soul Levels of connection to intuitively help people and their animals through lessons and challenges into growth.


Course #102 shows you how to take your skills to the next level so you can communicate with animals with more confidence and with more tools in hand to handle more complicated situations. This program is designed for the animal lovers that value and align what it means to work at the Soul-Level with animals and with humans.


Things are getting exciting! In Course #201 the focus is on learning to manage sessions and handling any challenges presented by the person or the animal in a reading, to create the best reading possible.


This is it! In Course #202, you, Danielle, and a select group of animal intuitives, spend time putting all of the pieces together to create your successful intuitive business. The goal? Get you ready to come out to the world as the exceptional professional animal communicator you are!

{ What’s the icing on the cake? }

(Yes, there’s even more good stuff!)


    As a CPP with your own business, you have the unique opportunity to earn money through your affiliation with the Danielle MacKinnon School. Through the affiliate program you are not only rewarded for each new student you recruit to DMS, you’re also able to add variety to your own services and, in turn, grow your business, your income, and DMS itself.


    This is our way of celebrating the many talents of our CPPs! Here, you can share your skills outside of animal communication with other CPPs and benefit from their areas of expertise, too. Some of these skills align perfectly with intuitive work (e.g., Reiki Master, Shaman), while others may be 3D-world talents (e.g., copywriter, web designer, painter). The Barter Network provides the perfect place to support each other and share your passions.

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{ What are the CPPs raving about? }

(Hear it right from the horse-lovers’ mouths…)

“Becoming a Certified Professional Practitioner has changed my life. Having my own animal communication business is something I never imagined until I actively pursued this powerful journey. Making this choice has given definition to my world and day to day existence. I’ve always wanted to help animals, but because of my paralyzing sensitivity, had not thus far figured out how to make that into a reality. Engaging in Danielle’s business course, I am now doing that as a regular pursuit, and it couldn’t be more satisfying and fulfilling. I come from a place of very little technological ability, but through Danielle’s assistance alongside her teaching assistants, I was able to put together a website that draws people in from all over the world. Clients contacting me for sessions happens consistently, and the feedback I receive coupled with connecting to different species is the most rewarding path I’ve ever been on in my life. And to get paid for it? It’s a dream come true. Great things are happening all the time, and I get to meet new, interesting, animal loving people on a regular basis. I’m even leading an upcoming workshop in Costa Rica involving working intuitively with horses! I never foresaw any of this until I took a leap of faith to become a CPP. As daunting as it was to come out as an animal intuitive, I have come to see who I am, and all that I can offer!”

~ Phoebe Hoffman

“I’ve been irretrievably hooked on the journey to become a CPP ever since I found DMS. Step by step, I’ve rediscovered my inner intuition and seen my confidence grow. During my many hours of practice with people and their animals, I have received incredible validation for my work. This has allowed my belief system to shift. I’ve realized that I ​can​ follow my true passion and be an animal communicator! The school community is the best I have ever found in the many places I have studied. What makes the difference at DMS is the interconnectivity, personal approach, and incredible support during the learning period, followed by the support given to us as CPPs as we build our own practice in animal communication.”

~ Daniela Rosu

“Even though I already enjoyed some basic communications with animals, I still had a desire to go deeper with animals and their humans, but I felt I did not have the confidence to begin a business. Danielle’s Soul Level Animal Communication®s classes have fulfilled the that desire, have increased my confidence, and provided a support system that has helped me start my animal intuitive business. Danielle is a wonderful teacher who can intuitively zero in on how to help you overcome your apprehensions and fears as she guides you to ways of empowering yourself. Thank you, Danielle, as I am so filled with gratitude for the transformational experience through your classes.”

~ Patricia Hernandez

“I’m so grateful to be one of Danielle’s CPPs, as I always feel one-hundred-percent supported and encouraged by her. She continually comes up with new ways to help us grow our business and ourselves, and has created a support community of CPPs that I consider a “home base” for sharing advice and celebrating each other’s successes. As a CPP you don’t stop learning—I’m currently enrolled in a master-level class, and Danielle offers mini-courses a few times a year, on topics chosen by us. I’m so proud to have the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication seal on my website as an endorsement of someone so respected and accomplished in this field—having this certification has led to me being accepted into psychic and healing fairs to give readings and workshops, as well as attracting beautiful clients I feel honored to work with.”

~ Julie Ulrich

“I’ve got to say becoming a CPP with the Danielle MacKinnon School has truly been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was communicating with animals before I found Danielle’s school, but since enrolling and gaining my certification, I’ve just added so much MORE to my reading, my skill set, and my practice. You could say I’ve added several more tools to my toolbox! But more importantly, the camaraderie that comes with that certification is absolutely priceless. The ability to connect with, share ideas, get advice from, and become really good friends with my fellow CPPs has been absolutely priceless. Again, one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

~ Geri Karabin

“Becoming a CPP is such a blessing! Not only do I now get to enjoy helping people and their animals, but I am also building friends within the CPP community. This community is like no other I’ve ever experienced. I am so grateful to have had Danielle as my mentor through this journey. Now, I love what I do for a living and waking up every morning has never felt better!”

~ Ana Pollo