Why does my cat stare at the wall

by Danielle MacKinnon

Yesterday afternoon I taught my Energy Management Supercharge webinar and it was SO fun! I’m into really minimal, simple, but powerful tools and I had a great time watching everyone try these crazy easy tools out.

(If you missed it and want to watch – you still can here for a few more days!)

And this morning, while I’m still riding the high of that webinar (I just love this feeling of sharing!), I received an email that I felt would be great to answer here. 

A woman emailed wanting to know why her cat always stares off into space and was it something that she should be concerned about. 

We think of animals as being similar to us, but in the big ways that matter they really aren’t. First, animals have already mastered unconditional love whereas we haven’t. That’s why it’s so much easier to rehabilitate an animal than it is a human – and that’s why we humans tend to hate ourselves so easily. 

Second, and this really has to do with the answer to the question – animals are much more connected to the Other Side/Universe/Spirit than we could ever hope to be! Their intuitive connection is how they survive. An animal’s “instinct” isn’t just her ability to smell blood under water or his skills at hunting using even the slightest sounds to follow – an animal’s instinct also squarely relies on their ability to see/hear/feel/know/act intuitively. 

As conscious people, we delve into the Other Side, we read about it, we try to connect to it, and people like me – we tune ourselves to it. But for animals, the Other Side/Universe/Spirit is just part of their world. 

So, when it looks like an animal is staring off into space, you can be pretty sure that what is really going on is that they’re interacting with an energy that we aren’t necessarily aware of. 

Perhaps they are intuiting that something is about to happen.

Perhaps they are connecting with an animal they’ve known who has crossed over.

Perhaps they are receiving intuitive visuals about where that mouse is…

When you open the to the idea that animals know MORE than us, you also open to the idea that animals could have something to teach us. And THAT is where I believe we all need to sit – in a place where we are learning from these wonderful beings, here to help us, open us, and evolve us.

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  1. bernie krumis
    bernie krumis says:

    HI Danielle, I love your smile. It really is very big and bright it draws one in it makes a connection. I appreciate the insights and have experienced some visualizations that even though kind of bizarre were really useful and made acceptable by your using them. I experience cat energy last Saturday while table tipping, I’m used to dogs who are usually the gate keepers even ducks but that was my first cat and he was the gatekeeper as well. Your right the animals have taught me alot they have taught me to breathe through my grief and watch for the signs which seems usually to come in the form of a new pet , we now have 4 dogs and a cat and they make our life whole<3 thankyou for sharing all this my first time seeing you was with Bob Olson and I have tuned into for years now, beautiful stuff D

  2. Katie Young
    Katie Young says:

    My mom passed away in December, and her cat Fawn now lives with me. He often sits and stares and I know that he sees her. On a couple of occassions, I’ve smelled the styling product thst she used on her hair and a lotion that she used, and suddenly Fawn was standing beside me as if to say “you know that mom is here don’t you.”

  3. Pamela Templeton
    Pamela Templeton says:

    Two of my cats stare above or to either side of my head frequently when I’m in my livingroom chair. I always feel their seeing the energies from our rainbow bridge kitties and/or my mum and dad in spirit. 😇

  4. Debby
    Debby says:

    We have a German Shepard (Tasha) who always stands at the top of my basement stairs (she won’t go down, but she’ll go to my second floor) for long periods of time and stares. We always wonder what it is

  5. Angela
    Angela says:

    I am so happy to hear this because my girl Angel has been staring into space since my boy Max passed on 10/30/16. I was thinking that maybe she was connecting with him and it’s so wonderful to validate my feelings.

  6. Jane
    Jane says:

    Danielle – thanks for this post. I so agree with what you say about the animals and what all they have access to. They certainly are our teachers. I would prefer to live in that world most of their time!
    Just want to mention that I am out of town this week at an intense training. Signed up for the Energy training, and I hope it will be available next week when I get home so that I can listen! Thank you for You!


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