Why Do I Love My Pet So Much?

by Danielle MacKinnon

Pet Love

The simple (and incredible) reason why your pet has your heart

Do you ever find yourself looking at your beloved animal wondering, “Why do I love my pet so much?”

We have such a deep and loving connection to our pets because it’s their soul’s “mission” to help human consciousness evolve through our experience of unconditional love.

Now, you may be questioning if an animal can really help us change into happier, emotionally healthier people through unconditional love.

Here’s how I know it’s true.

As an Animal Communicator, Intuitive and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, I’ve been communicating with animals on a soul level for over 20 years.

And, after thousands of animal readings, I can tell you that your furry friends come into your life to show you unconditional love and teach you lessons you need to know but can’t see on your own.

While there are many reasons why you love your pet so much, a big one is that their very existence in your life brings you more joy.

In this post, I’ll explain why you love your pet so much, why they love you so much, and why it’s so important to pay attention to the lessons they’re here to teach you.

Let’s get into it.

Why You Feel So Much Unconditional Love For Animals

While it may be odd to think of animals as capable of giving and experiencing unconditional love, they do. Giving and receiving unconditional love probably comes easier to them than some humans!

To explain how animals do this, it’s helpful to understand the difference between an animal soul and a human soul.

Left to their own devices, meaning without human interference, animals love and accept themselves in a way most humans cannot yet do.

For example,

A pigeon doesn’t question her ability to scrounge for food; she just finds the food.
A wild horse doesn’t have low self-esteem because he isn’t the lead stallion.
A bumblebee doesn’t avoid gathering nectar because he thinks the other bees will collect nectar better, and he could never measure up.

In other words, animals love themselves without judgment. There is a beautiful balance in the natural world where animals simply accept themselves for exactly who they are.

But this doesn’t mean animals don’t strive to achieve more in their life.

There is competition in horse herds and lion prides and among other groups. But a lion that doesn’t successfully overthrow his king doesn’t slink away thinking to himself, ‘I’m not good enough.’

The lion’s success or failure only affects his next move. It has no bearing on his internal dialogue about his worth. Animals understand their intrinsic value in such a way that nothing could ever make them question it.

On the other hand, humans often base our belief in ourselves on external experiences like success and failure, the number of friends or followers we have, and even what others say to us.

Often we only value ourselves based on what we can achieve, and this is because we have not yet mastered unconditional love.

But luckily, our animal friends come into our lives to help us by carrying out their animal soul mission.

What’s The Animal Soul Mission

The animal soul mission is really behind why we love our pets so much.

Unconditional love is what all beings are really working toward and crave. When you grow at the soul level, you’re coming closer to mastering unconditional love.

You know when you have an a-ha moment or realize something about your past?
Those moments are when you accept more of the vibration of unconditional love into your life.

And the feeling (and benefits) of unconditional love are contagious because the more you’re living a fun, exciting, fulfilling life, you’re inspiring others to do the same.

So how does your beloved pet come into this conversation?

Fortunately, animals understand that they’re ahead of us in the department of unconditional love and are willing to model this for us so we can move towards it as well.

We love our animals so much because of their mission: to do everything in their power to help us come closer and closer to fully aligning with unconditional love.

Wondering if your animal knows how much you love them back? Read more here.

Now that we know what their mission is, let’s look at how they carry it out in our lives and how to recognize and honor their mission.

How Animals Carry Out Their Mission

Have you ever had a dog that wouldn’t stay off the sofa?

How about a cat who wouldn’t allow you to pet them?

Or, what about a rabbit who felt like your best friend, closer to you than any other human?

Animals have figured out that humans don’t make lasting changes in our life without emotion.

No one wakes up in the morning saying, “Hey, things are fine in my life right now. I think I’ll set about becoming a better person.”

Instead, we get to our wit’s end and THEN make a change. If we’re paying attention, we see that our animals are nudging us toward what we need to see or realize by appealing to our emotions.

Let me explain.

Maybe you can’t figure out why your dog barks at everyone walking by your house, and no matter what you tell him to do, he won’t stop.

You can’t figure out what to do, so finally, when you feel frustrated enough, you try a new tactic.

While you may think that the issue is the barking, it’s not.

At the spiritual level, animals figure out what we most need to experience or learn in our lives to get closer to unconditional love and create situations through their behaviors for us to experience or learn exactly that.

The dog barking at everyone walking by could be modeling for you that you have to set boundaries with the people in your life.

The cat that won’t allow anyone to hug her could mirror how you behave in your relationships.

Your best friend, the bunny, could be showing you what unconditional love really feels like because you have yet to experience this.

Our pets believe their mission in life is to help us realize these things about ourselves so we can grow, evolve, and become better aligned and open to unconditional love.

Yes, it’s pretty fascinating stuff, and now, I bet you’re wondering what your pet’s mission is for you.

In the next section, I’ll teach you how to figure out what your pet wants you to know.

How To Figure Out Your Pet’s Mission With You

Now that you understand the answer to “why do I love my pet so much?” you’re probably wondering how your pet is helping YOU align with that unconditional love.

After all, it must be happening somehow because you know how much you love your pet.

In my best-selling Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals book, I’ve written about the process in-depth, but the quick and easy version is this:

Step #1: Think about your pet. What experience do you have with them that brings up HUGE emotions? The emotions can be positive (like… I’ve never loved anyone so much!) or, more likely, negative (like… I’m so frustrated that you keep peeing in the house).

Step #2: Choose the experience with the most significant emotional charge for you, not the most acceptable or obvious.

Jot them down and allow yourself to reflect on them.

Got the one that really impacts how you feel?

Ok, THAT’s the area where your pet has chosen to help you grow and evolve! It’s not an accident; it’s very conscious on their part.

Step #3: As you go through the next few days with this pet, each time you have this emotionally charged experience with them, get curious about what’s happening for you when this behavior takes place.

Do you find it frustrating because your dog puts SO many boundaries in place? Do you wish you could be as clear in your needs as your horse?

The realizations you have in these moments are the breadcrumbs your pet is leaving you to figure out how they teach you about unconditional love!

The Answer To “Why Do I Love My Pet So Much?”

Reading through this blog post, you know that you love your pet so much because they love you back!

They express their love by teaching you what you need to know about yourself through their behavior so you can experience more love and joy and the soul lessons they have to share.

The animals in our lives are a gift, not only because they show us unconditional love but also how to become better people, more open to loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

If you’d like to learn more about how to understand your animals on the soul level and nurture a more intuitive relationship with them, check out my courses here or my books here.

OR (once the ebook launches)

If you’ve recently lost a pet and are longing to understand what they’re feeling and experiencing on the Other Side, read my new e-book called The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know.

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