Who Greets My Pet in Heaven, in the Afterlife on the Other Side?


 Today, we’re going to answer the question: Who greets my pet in heaven? 

For some reason, animals that are crossing over seem to want to talk to me about this in my work as an animal communicator. In fact, they’ve spent a lot of time educating me about this. So, what I want to help you do today is help you learn more about, “Who greets my pet in Heaven, in the Afterlife, on the Other Side” from the animal’s point of view!

Animal Connection to the Spirit World

Animals maintain a connection to the the Other Side [God, the universe, whatever your representation of love is]. They maintain that connection in a way that we as humans do not. From the hummingbird outside my window, to the bug on the deck, to my dog, to a horse, to a bird; they all have this interconnected awareness of what it all means. We, as humans, don’t understand what it all means. We go through our days using our five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling; having types of experiences that are physical, real-world experiences. Animals have that, but they have this other piece as well.

Animals have this incredible connection to the big picture which is why they don’t worry about your “Who greets my pet in Heaven” question. They’ve got this connection to the spirit world and they never let go of that, even when they incarnate here into their physical bodies, into becoming our beloved pets, they never let go of that connection.

How Do Animals Cross Over to Heaven?

I want to share with you how the crossing over works, because this helps you understand who greets your pet on the Other Side. When an animal incarnates into their physical body here with us, on earth, what’s happening? Their entire soul is not incarnating into their physical body. Only an aspect of their soul is incarnating into their physical body. So the visual I get intuitively is this. Only part of my dog, Tuukka’s soul is here, present in her physical body. There’s also this beam that goes up above her head. That is the connection to Spirit (ie the other side).  It stays because there’s a bigger part of her that did not incarnate here in the physical world. That part that instead, stays in spirit. 

The same thing happens with us. I have:

  • Incarnated into this physical body.
  • The same thing going on, which is that connection that has been maintained, where not my entire soul is here incarnated into my physical body.
  • Continued this connection. Most of me is still located on the other side in spirit, or whatever you want to call it. 

I like to use this kind of goofy visual. Imagine a disco ball, and imagine a light shining onto the disco ball. What happens? Each little reflective part reflects a piece of light, right? A little bit of light reflects off all these little, individual parts. 

Now, think of when your animal incarnated; a light shined onto the disco ball of your animal’s soul and “ding,” one of those lights beaming down became who you know as your beloved pet. 

This is also what happens with you. So all of me is not here, my disco ball is back in the spirit world. Only an aspect of me has incarnated here. 

Your Soul Family Greets Who in Heaven

I am telling you this because most of me, just like most of your cat, dog, bunny, horse, pig, etc;  just like most of them, is not incarnated in the physical, most of them are back in the spirit world. 

So when your beloved pet crosses over what really happens? Who greets your pet in Heaven? 

You’re there, your significant other is there, your beloved animals you had when you were young are there. Everybody who’s ever meant anything to that animal and probably to you is there to greet your beloved animal because they’re all there already. When my dog, Tuukka, crosses over, I will be there to greet her even if I’m still alive. It’s kind of comforting, right? 

A lot of people worry that nobody’s there or they are hoping grandma will be there. Well, of course, grandma is there, but so is everybody else in that animal’s soul family, because everybody in your soul family includes your beloved animals.

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