The Power Center: Wicked Cool Tool #11

by Danielle MacKinnon

shutterstock_531106942-768x512What is power, really? I had this incredible moment yesterday morning during my meditation that I wanted to share with you. It’s about power and what that really is.

I’ve spent years teaching how power is different from force.

Force is when you make something happen. Often, with force, the end justifies the means and the results are more about survival than anything else.

Power is more about this feeling within you – and for years and years, I’ve taught that it stems from a belief in your own safety, awesomeness, and goodness.

But the other morning something else about this came to me and I believe it’s related to the next step in our soul’s evolution.

True power embraces not just that feeling of awesomeness and goodness within, but also (and this is the big part) that feeling of vulnerability within.

What is power, really? When you are fully in your power, you’re not blocking everything else out to stand up for yourself, you’re, instead, acknowledging your feelings (of vulnerability) and using your power to meet the needs of that vulnerability, whatever they may be.

In some ways, standing up for yourself actually becomes unnecessary when you’re in your full power.

Why? Because your vulnerability is no longer a weak point – it is just one more piece that makes up who you are and it’s a valuable one, with a voice. A voice that says, “hey, I’d like more support” or “Let’s not do X anymore as it’s not making us feel good.”

Your vulnerability actually becomes more discerning than your initial power!

This is a new concept for me to share here. Many of my clients have spent much of their time shifting their beliefs about themselves and learning to protect themselves, have balanced relationships, and believe their intuition… and the past year was all about that for so many of us.

But this next piece – the integration of our vulnerability with our power, this is really the next step. And that leads me to this week’s Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday: the power center. This is an exercise that puts you in touch with both the power and the vulnerability at the same time.

The Power Center

1. In a quiet, safe space, start by standing.

2. Notice your energy as it travels up and down your body. Try to align yourself with that flow. This may take a moment or two, but get into that groove before moving on.

3. In your mind’s eye, begin to expand your energy outward in all directions until it has formed a column around you about two feet out from your body. Stay with this column and feel it for a moment.

4. Move your attention to your heart. In your mind’s eye, allow the energy of your heart to expand three to four times bigger. Your heart’s energy will extend outside of your body. Sit with this for a moment and align with it.

5. Now, allow that beautiful column of your energy to begin to interact with the heart energy. Perhaps they will co-mingle, perhaps one will embrace the other… the possibilities of how these two energies interact are endless. Try to feel or see or experience how these two energies interact with one another.

6. Stay with this feeling, allowing it to grow, change, morph, and do whatever it’s going to do for a minute or more. Notice how you feel. Notice how your mind feels. Notice the air around you. Notice also, how you feel about the world around you.

What you’ve done with this tool is you’ve given your power permission to show up in it’s fullest form. We don’t often do this for ourselves – believing we need to use our power to protect our vulnerability but imagine the incredible power behind allowing them to integrate!

That’s all for today. Have a great Wednesday! And please let me know what you’ve experienced with this totally new tool!

Love and Light,

3 replies
  1. Maddie
    Maddie says:

    you are so vibrant and refreshing and right-on with your knowledge and teaching abilities Thank you for reminding me to bring my vulnerabilities to my heart chakra for mixing and release. I am grateful to have found your website

  2. Holly
    Holly says:

    Loved this. I completed with utilizing colors in the energy. The Heart energy wanted to move through me from feet to head. Very empowering, thank you Danielle so much. Many blessings to you!

  3. Ananur Forma
    Ananur Forma says:

    was hoping your daily newsletter was about sharing your experiences with communicating with animals. do you have any examples on your website? I am most interested in reading that. thank you for being YOU.


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