What is energy management anyway?


Energy management. OK.

It’s Saturday morning and oh the world is still totally wonky! When I woke up this morning I just felt like crying. Nothing in my life had changed, no big momentous thing had fallen through, and no one had attacked me in any way.

I simply felt alone.

And I know that a lot of you are feeling alone right now as well. In fact, many people are feeling alone, abandoned, hopeless, scared, unsure, disappointed, and more.

Many more of us than usual are waking in the middle of the night with a case of the “what if’s” (as in, what if the law is made or what if I lose my job or what if XYZ happens….

More of us than usual are also experiencing fear – that seems to come from no where (like me waking up feeling alone and upset this morning for no tangible reason).

More of us that usual are experiencing regular parts of our lives being threatened…

And then on top of that, many, many more of us than usual are plugging into the pain of those around us in a very intense, overpowering way.

So, when I woke up this morning feeling alone, and I wanted to sit in my bed and cry, what did I do?

Did I tell myself I shouldn’t cry? Did I push myself to get up and go through my day as I normally would? Did I try to push through the feelings to get done what I needed to get done?

No. No. No.

Over the years of learning how to place my sensitive self out into the world, I’ve come to realize that pushing through doesn’t work. Not. At. All.

So, the first thing I did was sit in my bed and cry. I let all of those emotions and energies come up and out of me. I didn’t wallow – I whooshed. I had to do it – if I went through my day trying to hold it back I wouldn’t have been able to be present the way I wanted to be present so I had to let those emotions go right through my body.

Sometimes, with energy management, the tool is allowing what needs to happen, happen. I don’t talk about that aspect of energy management very often because it’s probably my least favorite. I like to DO things to make myself feel better.

But this morning I just had to cry. I had to allow.

And when I felt like that cry was complete, I got up, went downstairs, made my green juice and did an energy management tool focusing on my pelvis of all places (it’s a new tool I’m about to teach in my upcoming energy management webinar) and was able to move on through my day with a smile.

Energy management comes in all shapes and sizes. In many ways, I don’t care WHAT I do for energy management as long as it works as the deep levels. Sugar seems to work for energy management, but in the end it really doesn’t. It’s more of a temporary fix. But there are so many simple, easy, things that you can do to bring yourself into that beautiful, wonderful, awesome space that makes you feel like you can handle the world.

What do YOU do for your energy management? What works and what doesn’t? What takes you out of your body and what brings you beautifully into the moment? Please share here!

Love and Light,

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