What is energy management anyway?

by Danielle MacKinnon

Energy management. OK.

It’s Saturday morning and oh the world is still totally wonky! When I woke up this morning I just felt like crying. Nothing in my life had changed, no big momentous thing had fallen through, and no one had attacked me in any way.

I simply felt alone.

And I know that a lot of you are feeling alone right now as well. In fact, many people are feeling alone, abandoned, hopeless, scared, unsure, disappointed, and more.

Many more of us than usual are waking in the middle of the night with a case of the “what if’s” (as in, what if the law is made or what if I lose my job or what if XYZ happens….

More of us than usual are also experiencing fear – that seems to come from no where (like me waking up feeling alone and upset this morning for no tangible reason).

More of us that usual are experiencing regular parts of our lives being threatened…

And then on top of that, many, many more of us than usual are plugging into the pain of those around us in a very intense, overpowering way.

So, when I woke up this morning feeling alone, and I wanted to sit in my bed and cry, what did I do?

Did I tell myself I shouldn’t cry? Did I push myself to get up and go through my day as I normally would? Did I try to push through the feelings to get done what I needed to get done?

No. No. No.

Over the years of learning how to place my sensitive self out into the world, I’ve come to realize that pushing through doesn’t work. Not. At. All.

So, the first thing I did was sit in my bed and cry. I let all of those emotions and energies come up and out of me. I didn’t wallow – I whooshed. I had to do it – if I went through my day trying to hold it back I wouldn’t have been able to be present the way I wanted to be present so I had to let those emotions go right through my body.

Sometimes, with energy management, the tool is allowing what needs to happen, happen. I don’t talk about that aspect of energy management very often because it’s probably my least favorite. I like to DO things to make myself feel better.

But this morning I just had to cry. I had to allow.

And when I felt like that cry was complete, I got up, went downstairs, made my green juice and did an energy management tool focusing on my pelvis of all places (it’s a new tool I’m about to teach in my upcoming energy management webinar) and was able to move on through my day with a smile.

Energy management comes in all shapes and sizes. In many ways, I don’t care WHAT I do for energy management as long as it works as the deep levels. Sugar seems to work for energy management, but in the end it really doesn’t. It’s more of a temporary fix. But there are so many simple, easy, things that you can do to bring yourself into that beautiful, wonderful, awesome space that makes you feel like you can handle the world.

What do YOU do for your energy management? What works and what doesn’t? What takes you out of your body and what brings you beautifully into the moment? Please share here!

Love and Light,

PS: Want to rock and roll some more techniques? Join me for Energy Management Supercharge on April 6th right here!

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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Danielle,I really hope your right about who animals choose to be with when they pass. My lil chihuahua luci and I had a connection unlike any other dog I have ever owned,and there have been many throughout the years.She always slept with me but she came up to my head and started scratching to be comforted i rubbed and loved her it was the middle of the night and i knew she wasnt feeling good she passed away in my arms at 3:30 am Christmas morning.My heart is broken like never before when Ive had an animal pass That lil dog brought me so much joy and happiness over the past 14 years.I really hope I will see her again.I wish there was a way to just ask her if she knew how much I loved her and how devastated Iam she’s gone .I have no interest in ever owning another dog .She had a personality that was almost human and understood what I would say to her I dont understand the connection we had but it was very special.

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Danielle – thank you so so much for your ever-deepening sharing and reflecting on sensitivity in this crazy physical world. It took me many many years – and a wonderfully spiritual and loving therapist who informed me that my sensitivity is a GIFT to the world and to those especially who cannot access their emotions. And I was finally able to take that in and really HEAR it. As a child (and a young adult), my mother (who is 90 and I am very close to and I adore) would pat me on the shoulder and say to whoever was near, “Wendy wears her heart on her sleeve”. And that was hard in a home where no one talked about ANYTHING – I mean, not even the weather!! Today I cry when I need to. Then I go about my day. I visualize, I meditate, I walk my dog amongst huge trees, visiting with and bonding with the horses and goats at a local rescue farm, and I have a large supply of spiritual supporters (online or in book form) – and I KNOW that I need to start each day with that support to clear my mind of difficult energies and thoughts. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I must keep swimming across the lake of my emotions, and that I will not drown if I keep moving – the distant shore will get closer – solid ground will appear under my feet – as long as I keep moving the energy. “This too shall pass” is helpful to remember. But I have a difficult time managing the energies of heartache and fear and uncertainty in every area of my life. Prayer is helpful – surrendering to the love of the Universe – and being willing to just feel — PEACE. This is all maintenance. I would love some more effective tools :)) Sending out love to all…

  3. JoAnn L.
    JoAnn L. says:

    I feel the world is in such a mess and it affects me a lot.I feel safest and more secure right here behind the walls of my home.Sometimes I feel depressed and the next moment I can read or hear about something good that someone has done especially for animals and I can see there IS a lot of good in the world and I thank God for those angels of mercy who reach out to help others and especially animals. I am at a crossroads as to move closer to my son and grandchildren where the life is truly hectic and busy or to stay here where the pace is slower but with no family around.I have lived here 21 years and I feel safe here and to branch out at my age(will be 71 in June) is truly scarey. This uncertainty has been a thorn in my side for months now..not sure why I got into all of this,not even sure if it pertains..maybe just needed to vent..thank you for listening

  4. Janet
    Janet says:

    At this time energy management just isn’t working for me. Right now I’m so sensitive to the weather. after the northeastern storm it just isn’t ending. there’s rain coming and everything organic on or in me hurts. my head, my stomach and I just don’t want to leave my apartment. Nothing works for me at work either because I am a phone operator for tech support and even if I wanted to do energy management, the phones will ring, people are walking by me and talking either to another worker or on their cell. it’s a madhouse. I would love to say Mr. Wizard get me outta here, but that is not real. I can’t go shopping today or at least right now because I just don’t feel well enough to deal with it. dragging the wagon back and forth is just a trudge. I just do at the beginning of my morning and just before I go to sleep a protective bubble with Angels around me, but that only covers nasty energies given by other people, that does not help me deal with the chaos surrounding me. 🙁 Yes everyone sensitive is being affected by everything surrounding them. that too is heavy on my head and body.

  5. Safena
    Safena says:

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful moment. I feel like that at times too but I tend to try to find the reason why I feel so sad and then I find myself laying blame to someone or myself. I’m not going to do that next time. I will let it come up and out and accept it as simply a feeling not a situation I have to change or wallow about. This feels empowering to me!!! I don’t have specific tools to manage my energy so I meditate and I imagine breathing out gray air and breathing in white light. Most of the time I’ve had a good cry to start. Again much gratitude for this post. It’s a good reminder we are all connected and not going thru this alone. Love to you.

  6. Pamela Templeton
    Pamela Templeton says:

    I have my times of anger, worry and despair around how our country is being dragged toward a hell realm as we all are experiencing. Have been a bit isolated from the everyday outside world this winter since I’m retired and have been healing from an ankle break requiring surgery and 3 months of healing indoors. Maybe that has helped me in some way throughout these darker times, along with a small dose of prescription anti depressants! Thanks for posting the question to us Danielle, had not thought about this before. Guess I get down to daily gratitude for what and who is part of my life. My siblings and husband and our mutual love and respect, my animals unconditional love and laughter they bring everyday and mother nature right out my windows no matter what the weather. Pretty simplistic but it keeps me grounded. We’ll see how this may evovle as I become fully mobile again and as I wean myself off the anti depressants which is a spiritual goal for me.
    Be well and happy Danielle and everyone out there. 😊

    • Safena
      Safena says:

      Wishing you well Pamela. I’m grateful for your beautiful heart. One thing for me rising from the chaos I’m noticing kindness more than ever before. I’m finally seeing it as powerful. Blessings to you.

      • Pamela Templeton
        Pamela Templeton says:

        Blessings to you too Safena, many thanks for your very kind words. 💕 Yes kindness is so very powerful, the more we are willing to share this with others, the more it comes with ease, even when it’s just as simple as a smile not expecting anything in return. But if the smile is returned our interconnection is very palpable…


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