What happens to the animal soul when a pet dies?

What happens to the animal soul when a pet dies video with transcript below:


Today we’re going to talk about what happens to the soul of an animal or your beloved pet when that pet dies.

Hi, my name is Danielle Mackinnon, I am an animal communicator, that means animal psychic. This means that I talk to animals that have crossed over as well as animals that are here psychically connecting in with them using my intuition as my everyday job. I am going share with you what the animals have shared with me about what really happens to the soul of an animal when that animal dies.

How Do I Know what happens to the animal soul?

First of all, what you need to know is that everything that I’m gonna share with you is from the point of view of the animal in my intuitive connections with the animal. This isn’t something I heard somewhere, this isn’t something I read in a book, this isn’t something that some teacher taught me, it’s what the animals have shown me again and again in my connections with them. I can’t give you proof because I have not died and come back to tell you what it’s all like, I can only tell you what the animals keep telling me.

The dying process

The first thing that you need to know about the soul of an animal is that even when the animal is in their body, during their lifetime, they are very connected to their soul. Their soul comes with them when they embody into this lifetime. When they’ve completed their journey here, (meaning they have completed teaching whatever they came here to teach in their animal bodies) they decide that it’s time to cross over. Yes they do decide this (and i have many articles and videos on Youtube about this choosing as well!)

The decision

When they decide that they’re going to cross over, there is a whole process that happens because the spirit and the soul need to disconnect from the body.  How the physical process occurs is all I’m gonna talk about here. In this physical process we’ve got an animal body and then we’ve got the soul and the spirit enmeshed together.  What has to happen is those two need to disconnect so that the physical body can die and the soul and the spirit can continue on as they’re going to continue on.

So what actually starts happening is we’ve got this physical body and the spirit/soul starts to back out of the bum of the animal in order to start releasing from the physical body.  So when I connect with an animal that is perhaps, that’s about to cross over or is getting ready to cross over, what I can see and this is what I teach my students to see as well is the physical body and there will be an outline of the spirit part way in the body depending on how far along in the crossing over process the animal is.

So, yes the spirit kind of backs out of the bum and you can kind of see this as it goes all the way along, so even right before the animal actually crosses over, you could see often a little bit of that energy still in the physical body using intuition.

The push

Once that spirit actually releases from the body, and sometimes this comes with a big energy push, meaning euthanasia for example if you are getting help from the vet to help your pet cross over some animals will go through a big resistance and they’ll start kind of freaking out and going crazy and that is the energetic push that is sometimes needed to get the spirit right out of the body. Once the spirit actually does detach from the body, what happens is now the body can die. The spirit is still there, the soul is still there, it’s all intact.

How animals share their crossing over with animal communicators

What’s really cool about what happens to the animal soul is that I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve connected with an animal and I’ve asked them about their passing, and then they’ve actually shown me, it’s so cool, from above looking down the moment of their passing and I’ll be able to share that picture with the person who’s coming to me for the reading. So I’ll say, I see you sitting there, I see this person here with this kind of hair, there’s a sofa, I’ll describe the whole thing and it’s because the animals soul is actually giving me the information about what happened during their crossing that they’re aware of the whole thing.

Real life example

I recently did a reading where the animal crossed over and the guy took a long walk after and I didn’t understand what the animal was showing me but he showed me, all I knew was I kept saying, “All right I see you, he crossed over, this was at the vets office. The dog crossed over and then you were upset and you left the room and you walked out of the room, and I’m seeing this all from up above.”

So I’m describing it to the guy about what the animal’s saying happened and you walked and you walked and I’m seeing you and you’re continuing to walk down this road and I’m describing all this stuff that’s happening, again almost like I’m on an airplane, and it’s because it’s the animals soul that’s still connected to us giving me the information.


When you are wondering what happens, yes the soul and the physical body need to detach but we are still connected to those animals from even once they cross over, they’re still watching over us. They’re still aware of us, they’re even right in the moment of crossing seeing what’s going on.

Even if your animal crossed over and you, oh I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say, and you said it afterwards, there is no afterwards.

The animal’s there, the animal’s getting it, the animal’s listening and hearing you.

Now, want to learn how to how animals really feel about dying (it’s not what you think!)? Watch this video here…

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  1. Juliette
    Juliette says:

    I really appreciate you sharing your gift. I have experiences that go in line with what you say the animals have told you. So a lot makes sense to me now after listening to you. Please continue to educate us and making yourself available. I cant say thank you enough. My beloved Red came to you in a zoom class reading you did a couple of months ago. I asked you “what way is his favorite way that I communicate with him?” You said that he says it is the one thing I do when I do a sit/lay with my hands in my lap. I had to think about what that was for a bit. I realized it’s me communicating to him through YOU that is his favorite!! You couldn’t see more than my face, but I was in a sit/lay position with my hands in my lap. It is communicating to him through YOU that is his favorite! Thank you for making that possible for him.

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Your words are so comforting at this time. My Siamese in the terminal stages of FKD. She’s been with me for 20 years and suddenly came into my life after the loss of a baby. When my son was born, she immediately bonded with him and has been by his side ever since. We joke that she is his second mom. Monday we were at the vet so I could learn how to give her fluids. The vet and I discussed how he handles euthanasia in his practice. I need to hold her when the meds are pushed. He doesn’t like owners in the room. My cat was flicking her tail like crazy during this discussion, giving me a very strong sense that my beautiful girl that she does not want to leave the world in that vet’s office. We tell her everyday how much we love her that we will honor the way she chooses to leave. She’s ok with the fluids for now, but I will stop them when she no longer wants them.

    • Patricia
      Patricia says:

      Most vets nowadays welcome owners in the room. We do, and we sedate the patient prior to actual euthanasia. Look for a housecall vet in your area that does this, or see if Lap of Love hospice care operates in your area.

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    2 of my dogs were poisoned, Bee lived. Had to put Buddy down. Buried him on my property. He was the best boy. Think of him often. Terry


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