What Does Being Intuitive Mean?

by Danielle MacKinnon

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What Does Being Intuitive Mean: Sensing vs Intuition

Sensing vs Intuition. Instinct vs intuition. Gut vs psychic. How does intuition work? What does intuitive mean? Is there a difference between sensing and intuition?

(And don’t miss the three exercises below to figure out more about your own intuition!)

We All Start Open

We are all born with intuition in place. It doesn’t matter who your parents were, where you come from, or when you were born: you are innately intuitive.

Unfortunately, because society poo-poos intuition, by the time we’re five years old, we have shut down our sensitivities.

But did you know that you can’t completely shut down your intuition? That’s because intuition is sneaky. It will find ways to show up in your life – without you knowing it!

For example, as a teenager, I was the advice giver for all my friends. Everyone wanted to tell me their secrets and get my advice. At the time, I thought I was just a really good friend. Now, I know that it was my intuition that was driving this good advice.

You know when you meet a new person and, before even shaking their hand, you feel yucked out by them? This is another example of intuition popping it’s head up.  Intuition is always at play – once you recognize it.

Intuition vs Sensing / Instinct vs Intuition

In many instances, intuition masks itself as intelligence, gut-instinct, sensing, or even coincidence. Society accepts having a gut-instinct over an intuitive hit. Society tells us that so much of what we experience in the world is simply a coincidence! We’re taught to overlook instances where intuition is clearly working and so you:

  • “Think” you came up with that answer so fast because you’re quick-witted.
  • Assume your past experience is helping your success
  • Ignore that you “knew” that person was going to call because it’s just a coincidence.

Every experience above is very likely an instance where your intuition is at play, although most people avoid knowing that!

What is Intuition?

Intuition comes in many forms. You can hear thoughts and sounds, see pictures and movies, feel emotions and body sensations, and just know things. There are many books on this subject and I do teach a class, Soul Level Psychic, to show you how to develop intuition.

Where does Intuition Come From

But WHERE is this information coming from? Intuitive data doesn’t just arrive in you from nowhere. Here are three sources of intuitive data:

  1. Animals. Like people, animals are born intuitive but animals value and hone their intuition. Without their intuition, animals would not be able to survive! Animals are a positive and helpful source of intuitive data. Animal Communicators have honed their intuition to be able to pick up on the intuitive data animals are sending them.
  2. Spiritual Guides/God. Another great source of intuitive data comes from your Guides (God/Spirit – whatever name you use). Many people rediscover their intuition simply to feel the deep connection with their Guides.
  3. Energy Fields. We all have energy fields. Every single thing on earth has an energy field. In our energy fields sits a lot of intuitive data. If you were just thinking about a certain book, for example, that book will sit in your energy fields. Energy fields are another source of intuitive data.
  4. Deceased Loved Ones. Our beloved friends, family, and furry family can all send intuitive data from the Other Side. There is no limit to the data that our loved ones send over. Often, they just want us to know that we are loved.

At any given time you could be receiving intuitive data from one of these sources. Most people, as they learn how to develop intuition, will spend their time connecting to one or two sources. When you’re developing intuition, you may find yourself experimenting!

Exercises to Find Your Intuition

Now that you know everyone is intuitive, you’re probably wondering how it works for you. Here are three simple exercises you can do to determine where your psychic abilities are:


Take a look at the relationships in your life. What do people ask of you? Do they seek your advice? Do they find you to be quick-witted or funny? Perhaps they like how you intervene for them.

Often, we can’t see our intuition at work, but our friends are taking advantage of it. Stay paying attention to what most people really want from you. (Remember, for me – they wanted my advice because my advice was actually intuitive!)


Start paying attention to the language you use. Do you say, “It looks like…”, “I feel like…”, “It sounds like…”, or “I think?” Simple phrases like this give you clues into how you’re perceiving the world. I say, “I feel like” and, “It feels like…” all the time. This is because a lot of my intuitive data comes in through my feelings and emotions.


Last, notice how you react to color in your environment. Imagine being in a lime green room. What is your reaction? Or try a color that you adore. Notice your reaction. Do you feel disgusted? Do you want to close your eyes? Do you want to drink it all in? These reactions are all extensions of your intuition. For example, when you feel disgusted – this shows that your emotional center is open. This means you’re probably a feeler like me!

Wrap up

Hopefully, you have a good handle now on what does intuitive mean! If you’re interested in developing intuition, read more about it here!

6 replies
  1. Sara Andersson
    Sara Andersson says:

    Hi Danielle!

    I had a cat named Zeus.
    He passed away in 2012 and i really want to know what he wants me to know.
    He was my best childhood friend and still my best friend. Please help me!

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Hi Sara, I’m sorry to hear about Zeus. This is something I think a lot of people don’t understand – it can still feel hard even years and years later. If you go to the animal communicator directory here –> https://www.daniellemackinnon.com/animal-communicators/ (go to the top of the page and click on “Readings.”) you can see the list of people that I have certified to give you a reading and help you. I’m sending you and Zeus my love

  2. Lynne Moeller
    Lynne Moeller says:

    I’m definitely affected by colors. My bedroom is all neutral and spa-like and so soothing. I walk in there from the family room and instantly feel calm.

    I say “I feel” and “I think” ALL. THE. TIME.

    I don’t know if I give advice such that people are drawn to me, but I have had friends say that I’m a walking tranquilizer and that I can change someone’s frantic energy or situation just by entering a room.

    This was so interesting! Thank you!

  3. Debbie Curtis
    Debbie Curtis says:

    I’m definitely a ‘feeler’. When I walk into a room and there are bad vibes or good vibes, I notice. Colors are VERY important to me. Yesterday, I burst into tears because I just want to see green grass and leaves instead of snow and brown branches. There was some phone store a few years ago that a friend had to enter, so I went along. Holy crap! It was bright red and gray, and just had a horrible vibe for me. I told my friend it was like a dead possum in there, and he gave me a weird look, but I had to go wait in the truck while he did whatever he had to do. UGH! But, he is one of the few I confided in that I could talk to animals, and he grudgingly agreed to accept my ‘strangeness’ when I told him that one of his deceased dogs enjoyed the Burger King crown every time he got a burger!


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