What chaos means – to YOU!

by Danielle MacKinnon

It’s Friday morning and I’m feeling pretty excited for this weekend even though it’s going to rain both days.

All week, I’ve been sitting in this chaos energy with my days being much too packed with things that must get done, last minute emergencies popping up with my family, projects with work (like getting ready to close registration on Be Open at the end of the month and getting my new home study class ready) demanding hours and hours of my attention…

And it’s made me really, really uncomfortable.

Super uncomfortable.

I realize that the energy of chaos that I’m in right now is energy that many of us are experiencing. My personal initial reaction to chaos is freak out. “Oh no! I’ve got to get a handle on all of this!”

I start creating systems to manage the chaos. I start pouring through my calendar asking what I can eliminate so that I don’t have to feel this way. I start telling anyone and everyone, “I won’t be like this forever! I’m changing it all up!”

And yes, it’s clear that there are lots of things that I can change up and make more manageable, more clear, more simple.

But in many ways, I don’t HAVE to do that.

Chaos energy is actually the manifestation of that change happening at a deeper level. It’s a feminine creative energy that spurs new ideas, new ways of being, and pushes us to leave the old ways behind simply by trying to move away from the chaos.

I realize now that that’s what my (I think) genius idea to close registration on Be Open was – an intuitive hit that, “Hey, there’s a better way to do this that you and your peeps will love more!” and I realize that that’s why I’ve been committing to some truly glorious experiences for 2018, and why I’m revamping how I teach the beginning levels of animal communication… and more.

The chaos that I really, truly dislike has actually been my friend for the past eight weeks that I’ve really been experiencing it. Helping me to suss through, grow (on the inside), and really position myself for the next level of vibration my soul is moving toward.

If you’ve been experiencing your own chaos (and I bet 90% of you reading this have been experiencing your own version of this), embrace it! It means change, growth, expanded positive beliefs and more are making their way to you.

Thank god!

Love & Light,

PS: Registration for Be Open is ONLY open for enrollment until June 30th.

Two quick things: First, I’ll re-open it in the fall with higher pricing, so if you want to be grandfathered in, now’s your time to jump! If you’re interested, you can enroll HERE.

Next, I’m holding an information session about Be Open on Zoom next week (webinar format). There is limited seating for this event, but if you’d like to learn more about Be Open and how I run it, then register HERE. I’m doing this LIVE so if you would like to learn more CLICK HERE to claim your seat!

PPS: Find out what language animals can “speak!” This July 14-16th, you’ll learn that and MORE (like, how do animals actually talk with one another and what does it feel like to be a snake…) in my weekend workshop on Animal Communication. Sure, I’ll teach you how to do it, but you get so much more than that working in person with me and a group of like-minded students! Learn all about it HERE!

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