The one reason we don’t fit in

Arenal Volcano Day 2 in Costa Rica (Why we don’t fit in)

The reason we don’t fit in!

After a very long day on the road, I’ve finally reached Costa Rica! I got a good night’s sleep and now it’s 4am Costa Rican time and I’m totally awake. In my travels, I ended up missing a couple days of connection with the Be Open Community – and I really wanted to check in as we just finished one of our practices, and that usually bring up a lot of “stuff” for people. (It’s so rarely just about intuition!)

As I read through what everyone was talking about in Be Open, one person’s post really stood out to me. She’d never officially studied animal communication or intuition or anything like that. She’s someone who was looking for a community where she could receive emotional support and explore her intuitive senses and Be Open is the community she chose.

Her post in the group was about how dejected she was feeling after the last animal Be Open intuitive communication practice. After comparing her impressions from the horse with the impressions from other people in the group, she was upset because of how “clinical” everything she wrote was.

But this is the funny part! She totally skipped over the fact that so much of the info she shared with us was completely correct and that her ability to get 3D details about this horse’s was spot on and instead chose to focus on the fact that, the way she read was so different from the way she thought others were reading.

Being different seems to be a theme in the world lately. Everyone wants to know the reason they don’t fit in. We think that safety comes from blending in, avoiding being noticed, being able to “be” just like everyone else – and yes, that is a type of safety.

But it’s not a safety that allows us to explore our strengths! It’s not a safety that pushes us to find our passions – it’s only a safety that keeps us small, undiscovered, and away from any conflict.

Isn’t it interesting that so many of us want to blend in! Even when doing something that’s out of the ordinary, like playing with our intuition, we’re still desperately trying to play with our intuition in the “normal” way.

Today is the day to accept that there really isn’t any normal! There really isn’t an overall BEST way for everyone.

The true expression of unconditional love looks different for each and every one of us – and it’s through that truest expression of unconditional love that we find our leaders, our innovators, and ultimately our selves.

Are you trying to blend in? Are you trying to be like everyone else? Perhaps it’s time to accept that you’re not like everyone else (and neither is everyone else like everyone else). You’re just NOT like anyone out there. When you start to realize that there is no normal, that others are faking it too, that you’re not meant to be like everyone else, the opportunities the universe is handing you to be YOU begin to seem fun, exciting, maybe a little scary, but motivating, and stimulating. Plus, it will aid you in liking your WHOLE self a whole lot more!

Love and Light,

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  1. Daniela Rosu
    Daniela Rosu says:

    I totally agree with not fitting in! We are unique, our body is unique, our thoughts are unique, our beliefs are unique! As a health coach I have also thought in the school about bio-individuality! If we are talking about nutrition, health issues, there is no diet which will work for everyone the same. The food that nourish me, may poison you! And once people will realize that this apply in every aspect of our lives, things may be more easier to accept the way we are and connect with our tribe on social level as well!

  2. Julie Davidson
    Julie Davidson says:

    Danielle, I have cherished your blog posts but this is the most beautiful to-date. Weren’t we all the *weird* kids on the playground? Haven’t we all felt isolated and stared/glared at? And if the truth be told, even the popular kids felt that way but were better at hiding it. We have so much to teach each other if we drop our fear of difference. I think of African dancing traditions where everyone takes a turn in the middle of the circle, not to judge who is best, but each to share and celebrate THEIR physical interpretation of the music. Thank you so much for this post!


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