Recent Appearances

As an expert TV psychic, intuitive, coach and speaker Danielle is often asked to be a guest on TV or radio. Here are some of her memorable recent TV appearances.  If you’re looking for more interviews with Danielle, you may also want to check out her other videos on Youtube. There you’ll find more interviews and helpful webcasts on energy management, being psychic, animals and the other side and much more. Danielle continues to expand her influence to help people learn to live brilliantly through her work in the media. She also works with animal rescue organizations throughout the year.

Speaking to Pets with Danielle MacKinnon and John Holland

Speaking to Pets How animal mediums use their gifts to help animals in NH. Click here to watch the full video.

Expert TV Psychics Danielle MacKinnon and Dougall Fraser Give Audience Readings on NBC’s New Day Northwest TV show

audience readings tv psychic Danielle MacKinnon
TV psychic and Intuitive Coach Danielle MacKinnon and Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser are interviewed by host Margaret Larson on the NBC morning talk show, New Day Northwest. After the short interview, Danielle and Dougall had a ball doing on the spot psychic readings for a very excited audience – with some very interesting results! Click here to watch the full video.


Creating Soul Level Changes for Lasting Growth: AfterLife TV (Full Interview)


Danielle MacKinnon – What are Soul Contracts?


You may also want to check out Danielle’s other videos on Youtube!