Top 5 Ways to Open Clairaudience


Clairaudience is psychic hearing

I’ve been working professionally as a clairaudient psychic (as well as clairvoyant psychic) for almost two decades. I’ve also been teaching psychic development and spirit guide courses almost as long,  mostly to people who don’t realize that they are actually are already clairaudient!

Clairaudience means you hear a word, phrase, or sound from within your head (almost like when you hear yourself thinking.)

Everyone is naturally clairaudient (even those who don’t consider themselves to be clairaudient). Opening this intuitive sense is more about learning how to tap into it rather than trying to “grow” something.


Clairaudience is probably not what you think.

You may be assuming that when you hear psychically, you’ll be hearing in the same way you heard your mother call you for dinner when you were young. 


When you’re a clairaudient psychic, the intuitive sound messages from spirit, a deceased loved one, or an animal come from within. I like to think of it A soft space inside you.

Which creates the main problem for budding psychics. How can you differentiate between a Clairaudient message and just plain old chatter in your head? Well, the answer to that is actually one of my top 5 ways to open clairaudience.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Open Clairaudience:

  1. Trust yourself.

    Yes, it’s that simple. When you’re working to open your clairaudience (or any psychic sense), you’re probably not dealing with life or death situations – so it’s safe to take a chance and trust that what you think you heard really is what you heard. You’ll never find out how you’re doing if you don’t take a chance!

  2. Use your imagination.

    This is real! Whenever I teach about the psychic senses, and in whatever format I’m teaching (it doesn’t matter if I’m teaching about animal communication, connecting to your guides or what), I always bring imagination into the game. Why? Because, when you use imagination, you can’t go wrong. You can’t “imagine” something wrong. Your imagination can’t break. It is what it is. And the frame of mind that imagination requires you to be in to imagine is exactly the same frame of mind that allowing intuitive information in any form requires you to be in. It’s that non-judgmental, accepting frame of mind that brings that clairaudience to the forefront! In my Be Open community we play with imagination a lot in order develop more trust in our psychic abilities. 

  3. Start listening differently.

    Clairaudient messages are constantly being sent to us, even if we’re not aware or listening for them.  It’s not just clairaudient psychics that receive this info – it’s simply that clairaudient psychics know HOW to receive this info. All it takes is learning to focus your hearing in a different way. To develop the skill to hear, you must first learn how to hone in on your hearing. Stand in the middle of your bedroom and close your eyes. After a moment, start really listening to the sounds around you. Do you usually “ignore” the train going by since it’s so far away? What about cars? The hum of your wifi? How many “new” sounds can you call out to yourself? Noticing the sounds that you usually discount is a great step toward honing that clairaudience. Do this over a period of several days – always in the same room and at the same time of day. Can you find new (overlooked) sounds each day?

  4. Breathe.

    Yup. This is an easy one, but to open your clairaudience, you must pay attention to your breathing in a new way. We all go through our days ignoring the sound of our breath – but make no mistake, your breathing does make sound! Whether you’re running on a treadmill, lying in bed, typing at the computer… your breath makes noise. And the type of focus It takes to push away all those other sounds and focus on on this one part is exactly the type of focus it takes to listen to your clairaudience. Try it throughout the day. Notice the sound in your breath as well as the lack of sound as there is a moment when the sound ceases – yes, even when you’re running full speed!  Try my heart magnet tool here to work on this step so you can put yourself in a better position to notice your clairaudient skills at work!

  5. Pump up the music.

    One of my favorite things to do right now is turn the music up very loud in my backyard and lay down on the ground exactly centered between the speakers. Then, I feel like I’m getting the full musical experience. You can turn this into a Clairaudience-boosting exercise by picking a specific instrument in the song and following it throughout the song. Then go back, listen to the song again but pick a different instrument. This exercise will help those “honing in” skills so important to really working with clairaudience.

And finally, to really, really open, hone, and play with clairaudience, find a like-minded support network (like my Be Open Community). There’s nothing like being able to share this crazy experience with others who get it!