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The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know by Danielle MacKinnon

The Incredible Animal Afterlife

Straight from the horse's mouth...

In this uplifting and insightful book, you’ll learn – straight from the animals themselves – about the dying process, the animal afterlife, and what they want you to know about their death. This is information that the animals have communicated directly to me through my thousands of readings as an animal communicator with them.  Order below.

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“After losing my guardian angel, Gigi, I wondered whether she was ready to go. I couldn’t get past the idea that she wouldn’t be by my side anymore. Danielle’s book helped me feel the same warmth and happiness I used to feel when she was with me. By learning how differently animals feel about death, I was able to learn a better way to deal with my grief.” — Laura

Discover the inspiring and uplifting truth about how your beloved pet experiences death – as told by them

Are you grieving your pet who has just crossed over or anticipating when that day will be?

Are you wondering who greets your pet in heaven or if they hear you when you speak to them?

As an Animal Communicator, I’ve been doing intuitive readings with animals and people for over 20 years. While each loss is unique, pet owners have the same questions and feel the same sense of loss and bewilderment.

In The Incredible Animal Afterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know, I share everything the animals have told me about their dying experience — before, during and after they pass — in psychic readings.

Written in an uplifting and compassionate tone, I offer insight and tools to help you:

  • feel less pain and guilt so that you can move on to healing
  • ease the grief so you can become open to communicating with your pet on the Other Side
  • gain a fascinating, spiritual understanding of how they feel about dying and what they experience.

Unlike other books on animal death, The Incredible Animal Afterlife doesn’t retell stories of animals passing. Instead, it offers an in-depth and easy-to-understand account of what the animals want you to know on a Soul Level

By the end of the book, you’ll understand that your animal isn’t mad at you or lost forever. They’re still by your side, sending you messages that you’ll come to recognize when you learn how.

I couldn’t be more excited to share what I know to be true about your animal’s passing with you. I’m confident you’ll feel much better and adopt a new, uplifting perspective on death (it’s possible!)

“Danielle, I’m amazed at how much you’ve helped me after the death of my dog. I actually thought I would die from the grief. I had not slept or eaten for days after her passing. I felt like I could not breathe. Then I found your videos and I could breathe again. There isn’t any help out there for one of the most devastating situations of life- the loss of our dear pets. Thank you so much for the work you do.” – Kat

“I have learned a lot and gained much peace of mind about all sorts of aspects of various Furkids and their passings. Danielle seems to be able to answer questions I hadn’t yet thought of asking!” -Debbie G.

A Sneak Peek at What’s Inside the 102 pages…

The Incredible Animal Afterlife:
What Your Pet Wants You to Know

Chapters 1-7 address the 3 most common and heartfelt questions I receive about animals and the Other Side.

I provide in-depth answers as told to me by the animals, and I expand upon each point based on my extensive experience as a professional Animal Communicator.

Here’s a sample of some of the questions you’ll find in each chapter

Why does this loss hurt so much?


Are animals afraid to die?


How do I know if my pet is ready to cross over?


What happens to the animal Spirit as the animal dies?


Will my pet forgive me?


Am I getting signs from the afterlife?


What does my pet’s spirit wish I knew?

“I experienced the sudden crossing of my dog just a few months back, and I was constantly worried if he was OK. I was surprised to learn from Danielle that the animal actually plans their crossing. What a comfort to learn they are “ok” with what happened and they continue to help us from the other side.” – Joesphine C

“The information I got helped me greatly and allowed me to find some comfort during one of the hardest times in my life.” 
– Rachael N.

The only book about how animals experience death “straight from the horse’s mouth”

Drawing on thousands of animal communication readings over 20 years, The Incredible Animal Afterlife tells you exactly what the animals want you to know about transitioning to the afterlife.

And while there are thousands of articles about pet death on the internet, no other sources offer the in-depth information found on the pages of this book from the animal’s point of view.

This book will help you:

  1. Get professional intuitive insight into how your beloved friend experiences the dying process and how the afterlife works so you can find solace in knowing they’re OK.
  2. Decipher whether your pet is ready to cross over and how to identify the signs.
  3. Understand the spiritual experience your animal’s soul goes through as they cross over.
  4. Get clarity about how your pet views your part in their death and what they want you to know.
  5. Identify the signs your pet is sending you from the afterlife and how to continue actively nurturing a deep relationship with them.

Above all else, The Incredible Animal Afterlife will give you the wisdom and tools to feel more at peace with your pet’s passing and open to receiving their undying unconditional love.

Paperback $12.99 | eBook $9.99


Hi, I’m Danielle!

Over two decades, I’ve done thousands of readings with people and their beloved pets – alive and passed – to learn more about all phases of the dying process.

Every day, I get questions from people experiencing the pain of losing their furry friends. They’re seeking answers and more information about death that only the animals themselves can answer.

So, in The Incredible AnimalAfterlife: What Your Pet Wants You to Know, I tell you exactly what the animals have intuitively shared with me about the dying process, how they feel about it, and what they want you to know.

I’ve written this book to help you heal, gain a profound understanding of the animal’s death and dying process on a spiritual level, and offer a rare perspective about your pet’s afterlife and their connection to you.

I can’t wait for you to read it!

Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Intuitive and Soul Level Intuitive Coach®

This information freed me up from wondering if my animal is passing soon and what should I do. Instead, I now know how to keep things normal and that things unfold as they are meant to.” – Catherine A.

“This book is full of hope, compassion and deep thoughts that have allowed me to take on a whole new perspective on losing my cat. Now, I look at her picture and feel a sense of gratitude and joy instead of despair.” — Jason

Are you ready to hear from the animals themselves?

Take a deep breath and know this: reading this book will stir up some sad feelings, and it will also help you move toward healing and gain a more compassionate understanding of death.

You’ll see that you’re never alone, and your pet is waiting, eager to reconnect as you become open to the idea. Order here!

Paperback $12.99 | eBook $9.99

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