Danielle’s PERSONAL Thanksgiving Meditation Tool

[Since this post, I have decided to give this meditation away free – just click here to get it right now! ]

Here, in the US, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday is known as “an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal.”

Instead of worrying about the food, who will and won’t be attending the meal, who is being nice and who isn’t, I have created a different plan.

Starting five days ago, I began a forty-day meditation. Usually, I shy away from words like “meditation” because so many people hold negative connotations about it, but in this instance, the focus and intention of that word is exactly right. I made this Thanksgiving meditation tool up based on my gut about what would best serve me right now – and boy am I glad I listened!

In my meditation, I am going through each part of my body and focusing on it – to bring the attention inward. I start at my head and feel and sense it. I pull the energy in toward the center. Then, I move to my neck and do the same thing. I keep this going all the way down until I have completed my entire body head to toes. It’s taking me twenty minutes! When I reach my toes, I hang out for a moment feeling my body, my emotions, my energy and noticing the immense calm within I have created.

But wait! I’m not done!

Next, I start thinking about the negative belief that I want to shift. If you’re familiar with my Soul Contract work, you know there are five main negative beliefs: “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not safe/supported/protected,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m not lovable,” and  “I’m not deserving.”

For me, the one that I’m still working on is “I’m not good enough” so I bring that thought to the forefront of my attention. And then, I simply begin to construct experiences in my head and how those experiences will play out, once more of me believes I am awesome. For example, I imagine speaking in front of 30,000 people about how their animals are helping them – and then (and this is the important part), I FEEL my emotion around this! The more I feel the emotion, the stronger the experience gets within me.

After running through several different “I AM awesome” scenarios (ie the opposite of “I’m not good enough”) in my head, feeling the excited, passionate, happy, joyful emotions associated with all, I then move into the final short phase.

I spend the next couple of minutes sitting in silence, thanking my SELF for being able to create this and thanking the universe for working with me so that I can experience all I have experienced today. Feeling that gratitude seals the meditation and sets me up for a truly wonderful day. In all, it’s taking me about 45-60 minutes to do this but I’m sure you could do it well in 30 minutes if that feels better to you.

So, this is absolutely NOT what I was going to write here today. In fact, what I had planned on writing was something about gratitude and thanksgiving and the holiday season – but now, I realize that I DID write about that in a much more personal way.

And who knows… I’m feeling moved to translate this meditation to a recording so you might be seeing it soon. Please try it out and comment to let me know how it’s working!

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  1. Donna O.
    Donna O. says:

    Danielle, you are so easy- going & nice & helpful that I was surprised you stress over Thanksgiving.

    I learned awhile ago the only person I can control is me. I can’t change mean people & I can be thankful I don’t see them everyday.

    I am thankful for a plate of food, some laughs, & I’m always thankful to see my kids obtain family memories.

    So my family makes fun of me being late. OK. I was. I am. Yeeha. Whatever minor flaws we have are meaningless in the big picture.

    So please look at Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate a good year w your son & husband, be yourself because that’s all we can each be,share a meal w people you don’t see all that often, & divvy up the meal/jobs if its at your house. If you can’t cook a turkey, then make chicken!

    I am thankful you are GREAT at what you do. You bring me joy & simplicity.

  2. Lisa Suslowicz
    Lisa Suslowicz says:

    wow! a guided recorded meditation for US? That would be awesome! I would be and am so grateful that you are even considering this! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! Btw, I am still practicing tagging, and I have found many silly shallow ones and I’ve been able to make big changes in my habits and my life. Thank YOU

  3. Ali
    Ali says:

    The Recording MP3 of this meditation will be a wonderful GIFT of Thanks Giving Season from you Danielle.
    If possible please add all 5 Negative beliefs to be Eradicated.

  4. Debbie Kirstein
    Debbie Kirstein says:

    This is fabulous! And as a reminder: the work I did with you changed my life forever in wondrous ways. Thank you again and thank you for this meditation. Many Blessings.

  5. Erica Hodgson
    Erica Hodgson says:

    Thanks you for sharing this beautiful information….I love it and also feel moved to do this internal work! Your book, “Soul Contracts,” is fantastic! Thank you so much for all you do.


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