On the fence about what to do? Maybe reading about other people’s experience will give you the information you need! Check out what people from all walks of life have to say about Danielle’s readings, sessions, classes, teleseminars, and more! (Some testimonials taken from BestPsychicMediums.com).

In speaking with Danielle, an immense sense of her connection, peace and humility washed over me. She was spot on in her messages and her fun, clear and delightful attitude certainly helped ease me in the acceptance of her words. I would HIGHLY recommend having a reading with her… sign up now! Don’t wait!! I am honored to have spoken with her and look forward to doing so again…soon!!

Jennifer Barrett

Danielle is truly gifted in her ability to see. She was amazingly accurate and helped me to see things about myself that I was not able to see on my own. She taught me successful tools for dealing with these things. I now have a lot more energy and can be more useful to those I serve. Her guides are undoubtedly from the highest spiritual realms. By far, the best psychic experience I have ever had.

Donna Riggio

My reading with Danielle was just wonderful. She had really good insight about an issue I am facing, and she picked up on it without my even saying what it is! That is true ability. She also confirmed what I have been sensing in my own future, again, without me feeding her any info. Finally, she removed negative soul contracts that have been keeping me from moving forward, and I really do feel free.

Roxanne Nelson

My animal communication reading with Danielle MacKinnon was phenomenal! Genuine, kind, and incredibly accurate, Danielle has the unique ability to connect not only with a beloved animal companion, but also with your guides to deliver powerful, life changing messages. I recommend Danielle so very highly!!!!!

Heather Tobin

Danielle has truly amazed me with her abilities. She not only can read the animal but also the human with amazing accuracy. I recommend her and her classes to everyone I know. I look forward to every class I now take with her.

Denise Jackson

Danielle is a phenomenal teacher and coach who loves to empower her clients. I highly recommend her classes and coaching sessions. She has an amazing ability to identify and help with what you need to work on to reach your goals. Thank you , Danielle!

Laura Wooster

Wow! Danielle’s reading for my companion, Blaise, was not only good for me but great for him. There has been an amazing improvement in his behavior within a matter of days and our relationship is vastly improved thanks to her acute insights and kind guidance. This was an incredibly fun and highly satisfying experience. Danielle is wonderful and I enthusiastically and unhesitatingly recommend her to everyone.

Mary Ellen Woods-Iler

Spot on clarity around my work at hand! Danielle realigned my thought processes and approach to better my journey to be of humble service. I am most grateful for her gifts as they benefit all who are drawn to her for assistance.

Patrice Gerrior

The best thing about working with Danielle is her ability to understand the way I learn and work with that. Danielle’s straight forward approach is also something I love about her. While always coming from a place of love she is able to say what needs to be said. I have recommended her to several of my friends. Danielle is a true light and has helped me to make many wonderful changes in my life. I highly recommend her.

Cindie Davis

What I loved most about my soul contract reading with Danielle MacKinnon was that it helped me to better understand the people in my life and my relationships with them. Danielle taught me why each person is in my life, why they behave the way they do around me, and why I respond to them the way that I do. Most importantly, my reading with Danielle taught me why I chose to have each person in my life (from a soul level), which has helped me to be more understanding, forgiving and compassionate with friends and family members because I now relate to them at new, higher level.” ~ Bob Olson, BestPsychicDirectory.com founder

Bob Olson

When speaking with Danielle she’s incredibly funny and spunky, talking to her is like talking to an old girlfriend which is a major plus as this makes the client more comfortable. She accurately described my dog and his personality, I met her at a retreat (my dog was not with me). She told us what his soul contract was with my mother which thinking about it, is TOTALLY spot on! I just love Danielle, anyone thinking about getting a reading from her should do so without hesitation!

Krystal Lugo

The first day I met Danielle, I sat with her, listening to her say things that I didn’t want to hear. I left there with my protective walls up, thinking I would never see her again. Over the next few days I thought about what she said and finally let the walls down enough to let myself in. My life has never been the same. I’m grateful for her guidance, & continue to work with her as I continue to grow.

Nicki Peluso

My session with Danielle for my new friend, Lefty was quite helpful. She had some great insights on what was going on with the human/animal dynamic in my house and some helpful suggestions for the issues we were having. I would definitely contact her again.

Christine Paiva

I have booked a second session with Danielle, after a very successful first session, which was an animal reading for my beloved but troubled dog. Her insights were invaluable and I immediately recognized that Danielle is extremely gifted. She is also so friendly, it is so comfortable talking to her. After a few moments it felt like we had been friends for years. I will definitely continue to turn to Danielle for guidance.

Cheryl Smith

My session with Danielle brought me SO MUCH MORE than I had expected, on so many levels. I expected to get information on my many pets but I also got most excellent and insightful information on me, which was quite unexpected, and needed! The information will really help me pull the many pieces of my life together and head in the right direction. Talking to Danielle is like talking to a trusted friend. I can easily say the session was worth every penny.

Patty Daley

Danielle is an amazing practitioner with deep gifts to offer her ‘confidants.’ Friendly, cheerful and ‘spot on’ in her words and attitude. Amazing ability to connect and move energy on multiple levels. If you are reading this, then only doubt stands in your way – make the call!

Rick Van de Poll

I consulted Danielle for an animal reading. I got more than I could have imagined out of that visit! Danielle is truly a loving, sensitive, gifted woman.

Cindy Schlitz

I have had several readings over the years and this one was truly a blessing. I immediately felt comfortable with Danielle. She connected with my guides easily and brought back information that has helped me move forward, to see my natural potential, after very major life changes. Thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing God-given talent.

Leslie Eckert

I had an off-line clearing with Danielle and WOW what an amazing experience! I felt my vibration shift during the clearing and continued to feel its effects days after. Following the clearing, Danielle sent me a comprehensive and supportive email detailing the clearing itself and suggestions for me to receive the most out of the work. I’ve also had the opportunity to see her give animal readings in a live group setting and she is the real deal. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Susan Ragazzo

My reading with Danielle brought everything together for me with my 3 (now 4) beagles. Danielle has an exceptional gift which words cannot describe. I felt very much at ease and calmly connected to Danielle from the beginning. I wanted to understand what was happening with my senior beagles and Danielle helped me, and my veterinarian, put a plan together for treating one of my dogs. I am truly grateful to her for her insight, compassion, and gift.

Fran Demiany

I had a soul clearing with Danielle on 25th January via SKYPE. This work is amazing, Danielle guides you through the session asking permission to access your Akashic Records and clear any unwanted blocks with permission of your higher guidance. She explains whatever is meant to be cleared, will be during the session. I will be in contact again for sure, I highly recommend Danielle and encourage anyone to make this valuable investment in your journey.

Martin Mc Menamin

This was a wonderful experience, Danielle is warm and positive. She was able to tell me my dog was experiencing mouth/teeth pain, when I had no idea. I found his gray/bad tooth right after our conversation, exactly where she said. Thanks so much to Danielle as I wouldn’t want my dog in pain. I highly recommend her.

Maria Stoner

I had a soul clearing with Danielle yesterday. She tapped into my language that I use that most don’t … and her assistance is invaluable. I felt so much energy stirring and leaving me during her most loving guidance. So much has moved that I’m really nurturing myself since. By far, her loving work is the best I’ve experienced. I’m booked for a soul contract session in a few weeks … I am very excited about working with her again.

Donna Larner Lavery

My hour with Danielle was wonderful! Through her gift I was able to receive much needed health and dietary information about our dog Max, most of it directly from Max. The soul contract information she provided was clear and useful. Schedule and appointment–you wont be disappointed.

Sharon Smith

Danielle’s words made perfect sense when I heard them – some of it confirmed some loose threads I head and some of what she said named some stuff that I wouldn’t have come to on my own but makes perfect sense. I appreciate that she gave me some specific exercises and techniques to help with what she found.

Kerry Cesan

I recently had an Animal Communication session with Danielle. It was wonderful. Her insight was invaluable and her reading style is very friendly and open. She told me things about my cats that were dead on. I was still a little unsure but she told me that my youngest cat was out of alignment and I should take her to an animal chiropractor. I was a little unsure but we had our appointment today and Danielle was correct again. I would recommend Danielle without hesitation to anyone.

Carolyn Meda

I recently had an Personal Clearing session with Danielle. It was great.She told me things that I just knew about me. By far, her work is the best I’ve ever experienced in my life. I would recommend Danielle to anyone. She is amazing.

Juan Quiroga

We booked an appointment with Danielle to ask about a direction for our dog’s health. We had no expectations and were astounded at the naturalness and profundity of the experience. Our relationship with our dog has deepened and Danielle’s insights and connections where more than insightful they provided us with a great sense of comfort and expansion. Danielle has an amazing ability that we believe is well worth experiencing. You will be amazed.

Chris & Lyn Buckingham

I found the conference call with Danielle to be insightful & helpful. Now I know what to do with making him a happier camper and myself, too! I even went & bought a different type of dog food – something that simple can make a big difference. I, too, am making some changes for myself which will bring better harmony in my life. Thanks Danielle. Ellen B Brown, Bermuda!

Ellen Brown

I was amazed to hear what my dogs thought about. What they chose to tell me. I was surprised at their concern for my well being. I didn’t know that the dogs had such empathy. It was an amazing experience to hear what these sensitive canine companions had to say about my well being and health. Thank you Danielle for your light hearten interpretation of my dogs communication. Danielle helped my dog stop coughing and me feel better too. I recommend Danielle highly!!

Dani Hope

Danielle is a gift! She is right on with her readings! I was impressed with her accurateness and my life is changing after one reading. She is funky, fun, smart, kind, honest, professional, talented, down to earth, light, positive and truly awesome! I also recommend Danielle!

Wendy Van de Poll

WOW!! Simply amazing is all I can say! I have had readings with other people before, but Danielle took it to a totally different level. I doubt I’ll ever get a reading from anyone else other than Danielle – she is incredibly accurate and very insightful and will blow your socks off when YOU have a reading! I have signed up for her mentoring course and I look forward to her teachings in the months ahead. If you are sitting on the fence, don’t be skeptical – Danielle is the real deal!

Peter Baylis

I have been participating with Danielle’s online animal communication class and have enjoyed her energy and insight. However, after my recent phone session with Danielle the one word that comes to mind is “WOW”! I could not believe how quickly she connected with me and how clearly she pinpointed a health issue that I have been struggling with. She identified changes I needed to make and after less than a week I am already starting to feel better. I could not recommend her highly enough!

Ginger Hendry

Danielle is amazing and very funny! I enjoyed our session and am enrolled in her coaching/mentoring classes. I have always been psychic but want to expand my knowledge and abilities and she is just the person to help me do that!

Kathleen Thomson