Five reasons NOT to study animal communication

students who study animal communicationIf you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re interested in studying animal communication (psychic connection with animals).  Your might be interested in connecting more deeply with your pet, but hesitate to learn how to REALLY do it for one of the following reasons. You’re:

  • Worried that you won’t be any good at it
  • Concerned that everyone around you will be able to do it, but you won’t
  • Thinking you might not have the gift
  • Thinking that you might not want to know what your pet really has to say to you
  • Worried you’ll be too upset if you connect to an animal that isn’t happy

All animals are psychic – which makes learning to connect with them easier than you would think. Still, there are five very common fears around learning animal communication, but let’s look a little deeper. Each of these fears actually opens the door to something greater and deeper…

Fear 1: You’re worried you won’t be any good at it. 

As human beings, we are all born with our intuitive senses open. As we grow up, we tend to simply shut those extra senses down. Studying Animal Communication with me is more about re-opening what already exists than it is about creating a whole new skill. And that’s MUCH easier!

Fear 2: You’re concerned that everyone around you will be able to do it, but you won’t. 

So many of my students have this fear! As they start studying animal communication, many even go through that “the grass is greener on the other side” thing – which means, they may get visuals themselves but their cohort receives words. Now, they want words too! It’s all about perception here and when you get let go of how it’s “supposed to be” and just have fun with it, ALL of the senses actually open up – it’s just that everyone goes through a different process to get there.

Fear 3: You think you might not have the GIFT.

This always makes me laugh and cringe. EVERYONE can do animal communication. You just have to get out of your own way (and stop worrying that you can’t do it)! It is no gift, in that it’s not limited to only certain people. But then again, it is a gift just like eyesight and hearing are gifts. You’ve got the “gift.”

Fear 4: You keep thinking you might not want to know what the animals want to tell you.

Ah yes! What if you study animal communication, you connect to a cat and he says something mean? Well, it doesn’t work that way. EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE from the animals is delivered with love. Even if an animal is helping you grow (which is pretty much all the time), the animal will say it kindly like showing that you’re not happy in your job and then showing you what kind of job you would LOVE.

Fear 5: You feel like you’ll be too upset if you connect to an animal that isn’t happy.

Sometimes animals aren’t happy – at the 3D level. But that’s the glory of connecting with animals through Soul Level Animal Communication: you get to go deeper than that unhappiness to find out it’s purpose and what you (or the animal’s human) can do about it.

Now, you know that these fears around studying animal communication don’t have to stop you. Our animals WANT us to study animal communication and they want us to connect deeply with him.

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