Own Your Energy

Get confident, organized and happy by managing your energy.  That’s what you came into this life to learn to do. Manage your emotions, manage your body, manage your thoughts. I tell people this every day! This is your main responsibility in this life! After all, you aren’t any good to anyone else if you’re in a state of imbalance, fear or anger, right? How much can you really help your aging mother when you, yourself, can only think about getting home and going to bed?

Danielle created the energy exercises on this CD to empower you from within. Her clients have already used these tools thousands of times to improve their lives—and now she’s recorded them so that she can teach them to you as well!

  • Learn how to re-empower yourself no matter what your situation
  • Find the confidence you’ve been seeking to take your work to the next level
  • Feel comfortable standing up to that bullying boss
  • Get happy as you drive to work (even though you don’t love your job today)
  • and more!

The meditation exercises in Own Your Energy are so simple to to do and yet so powerful. Do them one at a time – or do the whole CD. It’s up to you! But by the time you listen to the last one you’ll feel wonderful in your own energy!

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