How To Handle Psychic Overload

A simple tool that makes a BIG difference!

As you open your psychic senses do you find yourself struggling with these challenges?

  • Sometimes if feels like there is JUST TOO MUCH negativity in the world
  • The grocery store seems chaotic and overwhelming
  • People are annoying and irritating
  • It feels like everyone is getting in your space

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably experiencing Psychic Overload. Danielle has run into this problem both personally and with thousands of her clients as they open their intuitive senses to the world.

Luckily there’s a fun (after all – Danielle loves fun!) solution! In this audio, Danielle will teach you how to work with your energy so that you can manage different energetic situations. She’ll:

  • Teach you how your energetic needs change based on your location
  • Show you how to assess just what your own energetic needs are
  • Teach and do a run-through of her own personal technique for working with your energetic needs

In this audio, Danielle spends quite a bit of time walking you through her technique to working with your energetic needs. She’ll even show you how to assess and re-program your energetic set point to the level that works better for you as a sensitive person.

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