A Piece of Peace

Discover the Meditation That’s Right for You – At Last!

In my many years as an Intuitive Coach, I have found one common denominator (no matter what issue was at hand) in my sessions: we ALL face challenges in our life that threaten to spoil our forward progress. In fact, many people allow their forward movement to go down the tubes the moment a hurdle is presented!  This “Piece of Peace” CD was created specifically for those of you who understand that peace and personal empowerment come from the way you manage your Self. You don’t have to feel “crappy” just because something difficult occurs! Use this CD to feel good in your own energy! “A Piece of Peace” will help you:

  • Figure out which type of meditation will ACTUALLY work for you
  • Connect deeply and securely with your spiritual guides
  • Learn a powerful meditative chanting technique intended to help you move through blocks
  • Use simple and clear tools to find peace and grounding within yourself
  • Clear your body of negativity (from family, friends, circumstances, the office and more!)

Set to exceptional didgeridoo music, “A Piece of Peace” is a clear tool for emotional, physical and spiritual grounding. Since no one type of meditation works for everyone, you’ll find an eclectic variety of methods to choose from – all easy to do from the comfort or your own home. I have also encoded each piece energetically to help you reach a place of relaxation with more peace, ease and grace than you ever have before!

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