I stopped dedicating time to myself: Wicked Cool Tool #10

by Danielle MacKinnon

Yes, it’s about noon my time on Wednesday – on Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday that is, and I am only just now sitting down to write this email to you.

I’ve been taking my time, sleeping late (this morning I slept until 6!), moseying around, and playing with my newly beefed up Me-practice.

What is my Me-practice you ask? Well, it’s me rededicating myself to time in the morning geared toward setting my intention, working with only supportive energies, doing a meditation (or three as it was this morning), and writing.

I do love writing!

With all of the time I’ve been spending writing these emails to you, and with all the time I’ve been dedicating to a few other projects, plus my family, I had really lost myself for a bit.

Or, at least, I’d lost my dedication to myself.

Because of the beliefs I grew up with, it’s been a particular challenge for me to consistently dedicate time to myself. Nurturing ME tends to be the first thing that falls off the list of priorities in times of challenge.

Which is exactly what had happened over the past few weeks. Everything was about prepping for the holidays, getting Cole straightened out at school, planning for family visits, dealing with unpleasant family interactions… and all my Me-time flew out the window.

But here’s the cool thing about being me (and it’s also the cool thing about being you):

I noticed that I lost track of things and I simply decided not to do that anymore.

But, with all of these things I have planned for myself each morning, I guess it might mean that sometimes I don’t get my email out to you until lunchtime.

Or sometimes the kitchen is a mess.

Or sometimes I drive my car on fumes because I wasn’t able to get to the gas station yesterday.

And that’s OK with me. Sometimes it’s just the way it’s going to be.

Interestingly, one of the things that set me back on track (i.e. made me realize I need to go back to doing ME) was reading Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief.

It reminded me how there is a natural ebb and flow to everything – and how change comes about as part of that process: whether it’s at the micro level of my cells, the present day level of my daily experience, or the macro level of the different continents around the world.

And that I can choose how to be a part of that, based on what I believe about myself, based on what I perceive in the world around me because of those beliefs.

I know that this whole email was a round about way to get to today’s Wicked Cool Tool Wednesday tool, but hey… that’s my brain worked today 🙂

How do you dedicate time to yourself? Share below!

Love and Light,

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Well, I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s crazy you think 6AM is late! haha. I WISH I was a morning person- BUT that’s how I dedicate time to myself. I let myself sleep late on the weekends. That is- until my husband and I have kids 🙂


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