Stop the Noise

stop the noise

My son, Cole, stopping the noise…

Stop the noise. We have the opportunity to stop the noise” right now!

It seems people and companies and TV shows and so many other businesses are knee-jerk reacting right now with nine million sales, end-of-the-word type TV shows. (Did you know the most watched show on Netflix last week was a show called, “Pandemic”?)

But you’re here – and you’re reading this email. So, I’m thinking you already KNOW that we don’t have to experience the world in this way. You know that we have a choice AND that by those of us who get this coming together, we actually have an opportunity to create some pretty incredible change… right!

So how can you reduce or perhaps help stop the noise?

Let’s just breathe and think…

What if, instead of knee-jerk reacting and judging others, we all took advantage of this time to reconsider our own lives AND lifestyles? For example:

I’ve been reconsidering

  • what types of things I value doing with my family.
  • what is truly enjoyable for me to do after work.
  • how I want to spend my time on a daily basis.
  • what parts of my business I REALLY, REALLY love.
  • my long-term goals in my life….

Right Now to stop the noise:

I believe that right now, we’re all being given an opportunity to reprioritize by the Universe. I’m not saying this is an easy, gentle or fun thing (who makes change thing things are easy, gentle or fun?) but this IS an opportunity to figure out ways to live and breathe closer to what our souls desire and crave.

I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to reset and realign my entire life. I don’t believe this opportunity is supposed to be limited to just one area – it’s about looking at EVERYTHING and taking stock and figuring out what REALLY works. What REALLY helps you and those around you grow, evolve, and connect?

We are ALL struggling in different ways with at this time in the world. Some are struggling physically, some emotionally, some energetically – some financially (some – all of those!). When struggle like this occurs, I look at it as opportunity. This is our opportunity, right now.

Love and Light,

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  1. Usha
    Usha says:

    Thank you Danielle ..yes there’s fear in the air. But connecting with my streeties everyday makes life worth living … especially now that more are hungry n need loving and feeding

  2. Gina
    Gina says:

    Thank you Danielle. There’s so much noise that my energy is greatly affected. The fear is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      OK – the fact that you feel that way – let’s get you out of that! What can you do RIGHT NOW that can help you feel better, even for just five minutes?


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