The Spirit Whisperer by John Holland

by Danielle MacKinnon

The Spirit Whisperer by John HollandSpirit Whisperer and Danielle MacKinnon

Psychic Medium John Holland, author of “Born Knowing” has written about his experience with Danielle in his new book “The Spirit Whisperer.” John had brought his dog, Koda, to see Danielle for an animal communication session. Said John “[Through Koda] Danielle took on the mannerisms and characteristics of [my] friend. I would never have believed it. It was a near perfect imitation! How could she have picked up someone’s personality in such detail unless Koda was sending her impressions? … I was so impressed with Danielle and although this was my first experience with an animal communicator, somehow I knew it wouldn’t be my last!”

Since this experience, Danielle and John Holland have worked together to both assist animals and to enlighten audiences about the deep love animals have for people.

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