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Start Date:

May 12th 2020

Soul Level Psychic® 301

Soul Level Psychic® Course 301

There’s a lot to be said for someone who has spent years putting in the work to develop and hone their intuitive or animal communication skills – and if you’re like me, you LOVE that honing process. In this course, you’re going to push your intuitive skills further than you ever have before! You’ll test your confidence, and take risks — all in the name of continuing to open and expand your psychic senses.


  • Must have completed SLAC 201 OR SLC-Core
  • Must be open to exploring intuition without attachment



Giving readings, whether for fun, through volunteer work, or as part of your business, starts with you and your relationship to your intuition. You’re the one with the passion for helping, you’re the one who loves using your intuition, and you’re the one who’s passion has fueled your fire and kept you going through an often tricky world!

Now it’s time to take that passion and fire it up so you can move your intuition to the next level. This class is your guide to doing just that! 

In #301, you’ll learn to connect in differently – leaving your former intuitive limits behind. How your intuition works and how you share that information is unique to you but how do you tap further into that so the people you’re working with  can see the beautiful, incredible, extraordinary being you are and THEY are?

This course gives you the opportunity to dig in, reveal, and cultivate exactly that!

Can you say vulnerability?

In this class, I share how my intuition really works, instead re-packaging it to make it easy to learn for beginners. Let me help you learn from my experience so you can dive in to what is really happening with your psychic abilities. Let me open the doors to my intuition so you can use what you find to blow your own doors wide open.


What’s Included:

  • Six interactive 90-minute Livestream video webinars with me
  • Homework opportunities that push you beyond what you THOUGHT your intuitive limits were
  • Classwork, homework, and lessons specifically created for your specific intuitive needs (yes – this means, the content is different, depending on the specific needs of YOUR class)
  • Access to the private Facebook community (your lifeline to your peers, support, and wisdom)
  • My guidance throughout this unknown growth process

What You’ll Learn:

What you get out of 301 depends on what you put in. If you’re willing to take risks to up your intuitive game, this is the right class for you.

One past student described her class experience as the “ability to play indulgently with [my] intuition, while also growing it.”

Could there be anything more enjoyable than working with a group of skilled intuitive readers to push your psychic limits while also honing your skills to give better, deeper, more fun readings?

Find out what you can really do intuitively!

Soul Level Psychic 301

Ignite your intuition.


About this class  Regardless of how long you’ve been working with your intuition, if you’re like me, you’re still growing, you’re still evolving, and you’re still expanding. I’ve been doing this work professionally for almost twenty years and I’m still learning! What my work looked like even a year ago is completely different from how it looks today, and I know that 12 months from now it will go through yet another metamorphosis.

Wouldn’t you like to add new techniques, new understandings, and new confidence to your intuition?

Wouldn’t you like to have a bigger, better handle on the various ways your intuition is handing you information (after all, we know it’s not just “I saw, I heard, I felt…”)

Wouldn’t you love feeling like you have a whole new way of working with the information coming in – to allow you to take your readings to places you’ve never yet gone?


    Begins: May 12th 2020

    Class dates: May 12, 26, June 9, 23, July 7, 21

    Class times: 2pm Eastern

    10-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the First Day of Class

    To apply for this course, please email school@daniellemackinnon.com with an indication of your interest. You must meet the prerequisite requirements listed above to apply.

    Tuition options:
    One Time Payment: $1997   or   Four Payments of $549

    Link to purchase course will be emailed to those accepted to the program.


    • Must have completed SLAC 201 or SLC-Core
    • Approval from Danielle MacKinnon

    Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:

    If you decide you would like to drop this class, we’re happy to offer you a full refund if you make your request by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream video class. Please notify us via email within that timeframe.