Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Practicum®

Get support and feedback as you experience giving real-world Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Practicum®

Get support and feedback as you experience giving real-world Soul Level Intuitive Coaching®

Your opportunity to safely put your Soul Level Intuitive Coaching skills out there!

Once you’ve learned my Soul Level Intuitive Coaching (SLIC) technique via the Core course, it’s time to put the method INTO practice.

In the Practicum, you will bring two volunteer “clients” through the entire Soul Level Method®, with you as the SLIC Coach!

But don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure, as I’m taking care of that! With personalized feedback from me, support and feedback from my Certified SLIC Practitioner Teaching Assistants, and feedback from your colleagues – you’ll emerge from the Practicum ready to get your SLIC Coaching business going!

Why the SLIC Practicum, really?

You’ve learned my SLIC method, you’ve worked with your fellow student practice partners, AND you’ve received your own Soul Level Intuitive Coaching experience in Core.

I created the Practicum to help you develop the confidence in SLIC that will help you work with your clients in the best way possible.  And the best way to do that is through real-world experience with real-world clients.

You already know how it works in theory with your fellow students, so in the Practicum, we’re providing you with the training wheels to work outside of your fellow students!  When you work with someone who doesn’t already know what a Soul System is or who hasn’t clued in to any of their negative beliefs before, SLIC is very different (and very exciting!)

And that’s why there is so much feedback built into this course. With feedback from me, your Teaching Assistants, your colleagues, and potentially your clients, you’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, where you forgot to consult your Guides, and more.  By the time you complete the course, you’re ready to take those training wheels off and fly!

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

As you work with your volunteer clients, you’ll surely come up to situations you haven’t experienced before. This is why I’ve built the opportunity to both GIVE and Receive feedback into the course.  With your colleagues, you’re giving feedback AND you’re receiving feedback too! And guess what? You don’t just grow from receiving feedback. Lots of my students have reported major “Aha moments” when GIVING feedback!

Here’s what you get in your

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Practicum:

Practice Real-Life Coaching

  • Work with two (2) real life volunteer clients as each experiences 5-6 SLIC sessions with you
  • Become comfortable with the different aspects of yourself required, depending on the needs of your client
  • Learn how to relax into letting your Guides lead the session (trusting that it will still work is a big deal!)
  • Gain more comfort with the Soul System®, it’s various parts, and the specific vocabulary 
  • Further develop the relationship with your Guides so you can feel comfortable assisting others in their journey through SLIC
  • Develop a feeling of safety while holding space for your client’s experience (rather than jumping in and taking control)

Personalized Feedback

  • Receive feedback from colleagues specifically related to sessions with your volunteer clients
  • Receive support and feedback from your Teaching Assistants. They’ve been where you are now, so they have a lot to offer!
  • Receive guidance through the private group forum. Ask your in-the-moment questions and get answers!
  • Receive personalized guidance from me
  • Give feedback to your colleagues on their SLIC sessions with their volunteer clients!
  • Experience +/- four (4) live webinar labs with me where you can ask questions, get support and more
  • Practice/play and ask more questions for feedback in our Teaching Assistant led labs
Here’s what past students have to say about the

Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Practicum!

Tuition Options


One-time payment
Or 4 payments of $799

This Course Includes

Six (6) live webinar Labs with me

Live webinar Practice Labs with your Teaching Assistants

Private group forum for your questions on the go

Colleague Feedback Sessions

Personalized Feedback on two of your SLIC sessions

Prerequisite for Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Certification

Easily accessible via on smart phone, computer, tablet

This 4 month course is by application only. Please enter your name / email address to be notified when registration opens.

Terms & Refund Policy:
We offer a 100% money back guarantee within ten (10) days of the first live webinar. Email us at within the applicable time frame to let us know!

You may be wondering...


For all your curious questions before joining.
If you love working with your intuition and your Guides and you want to learn how to harness this to help others, this is the course for you! If you are not interested in helping others in this way, and simply want to continue your psychic skills exploration and development, try my Soul Level Psychic 101® course. It’s just for you!

Absolutely! Imagine being able to ask your Guides whether or not something is aligned with you. Through this course, you’re going to learn how to do that!

The prerequisites for this course is Soul Level Psychic 101 and Soul Level Intuitive Coaching Core. Once you’ve completed those courses, you’re eligible to join this course.  Check the Course Catalogue to get started.

This course is the third course in Danielle’s SLIC Certification track. To learn about the other required courses, please visit the Psychic Development Course Catalogue.

The next course begins April 18th, 2023. Please be sure to fill out the form above if you are interested in being notified when enrollment opens.

This course will require you to have a good internet or wifi connection as well as a desktop with webcam or a smartphone or tablet.

This course is usually about four months long. Sometimes the length depends on my schedule or holidays, since it is all live webinars. However, this course is only taught at certain times during the year. Please check the calendar to see if a start date is coming up.

Each live webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes. Sometimes things go over a little bit though. Every webinar is recorded.

It is your responsibility to secure two volunteer clients from your own network. Because this course is only taken on the road to SLIC Certification, having to find your own volunteer clients starts you on the path to building your network.

You CAN choose to just watch, but one of the best aspects of this class is speaking and interacting with Danielle and your Teaching Assistants. This is how they get to know you and your intuitively talents. How much you participate in the live webinars is completely up to you though.

Every live webinar in this course is recorded and available within 24 hours of the live class. It’s always more fun if you can attend the live portions, but not everyone can.  And that’s OK. You’ll still want to practice with homework partners though!

Yes, this course is one of the prerequisites for becoming a Certified Soul Level Intuitive (SLIC) Coach with me. You can see the layout of all of the requirements on the Psychic Development Course Catalogue.

If you’re taking any of Danielle’s courses, Be Open will support these studies. The great part is if you’re in the Danielle MacKinnon School, Be Open really compliments the classes, provides more opportunities for homework partners and allows you access to more people for questions and support.

YES!! With ALL live components, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can also ask questions about the class in the group forum AND you can also receive answers from my Teaching Assistants too!

Yes, for every lesson in this course, we have closed captions!

Yes. If you decide that you don’t want to take the course, just email us at within ten (10) days of the first live webinar to let us know. You will then qualify for a 100% refund. After that time, there are no refunds.