Soul Level 301® Course
Welcome To

Soul Level 301®

Take your intuition to new heights in this selective, advanced course only for my Certified Practitioners

Soul Level 301® Course
Welcome To

Soul Level 301®

Take your intuition to new heights in this selective, advanced course only for my Certified Practitioners

Soul Level 301®
Break Your Intuition Open in New and Unexpected Ways

There’s a lot to be said for you! You’ve spent years putting in the work to develop and hone your intuitive or animal communication skills! If you’re like me, and you believe that you have more to access through your psychic prowess, this is the course for you.

In this course, you’ll push your intuitive skills further than you ever have before. You’ll not only test your confidence, your own belief in how all this stuff really works will be tested. Why? Because what we can actually do intuitively will blow your mind!

In Advanced psychic development course #301, you’ll learn to connect in differently – leaving your former intuitive limits behind. How your intuition works and how you share that information is unique to you but how do you tap further into that so the people you’re working with  can see the beautiful, incredible, extraordinary being you are and THEY are? This course gives you the opportunity to dig in, reveal, and cultivate exactly that!

Leave structure and format behind and be one with your intuition.

Build Your Confidence With High-Level Intuitive Techniques

 When you take the course, you’ll:

  • Expand your intuitive reach. Whether you’re a Soul Level Animal Communicator or Soul Level Intuitive Coach, this course will open you up to receiving even more information in your readings 
  • Develop your relationship with your intuition so that, even after the course your state of mind is more, “Let’s try it!” than “Not sure that works.” 
  • Learn the many ways your own intuition has been working – that you weren’t aware of yet (and this is different for everyone). And you know what? This is probably one of the most fun parts!
  • Play and practice with your fellow CPPs –  you’re all at the Certified level, so the practices get kind of… crazy good
  • Continue to develop your intuitive self, energy management techniques, and who knows what else!

This course is ONLY for mySoul Level Certified Practitioners®

One huge benefit of this course, and all of the 300-level courses in my school? Only those of you in my Certified Practitioner Program are eligible. That means every student has been through similar experiences to get their intuition where it is today – and it also means every student has developed the type of confidence needed to take this course.

Because this course is all about taking risks! Over the years, I’ve seen that it’s easier to take a risk when students feel a connection to their homework partner or when students feel a certain level of belief that, “Hey, just give it a try!” might actually yield some positive results

If you’re reading this but not yet certified that’s OK! Read about getting Certified as a Soul Level Intuitive Coach® or Soul Level Animal Communicator®  here! 

It’s About Strength in Evolution

Go beyond Raw Data. Go beyond I saw, I heard, I felt… Regardless of how long you’ve been working with intuition, if you’re like me, you’re still growing. My psychic skills even a year ago are different from today. When you add new techniques, new understandings, and new confidence to the mix – your intuition actually expands to match that.

Find the Power in Vulnerability

In this class, I share how my intuition really works, instead re-packaging it to make it easy to learn for beginners. Let me help you learn from my experience so you can dive in to what is really happening with your psychic abilities. Let me open the doors to my intuition so you can use what you find to blow your own doors wide open.

I want to get started now!

Soul Level 301®

Your Intuition Superpower Course


  • Six live webinar classes with me (recordings available within 24 hours)
  • Homework practices with people who can match you intuitively
  • Each of the six lessons is geared toward YOUR class. This means, I reserve the right to change the curriculum based on where I’m seeing the students will most benefit
  • Private community dedicated to this class, and this class only
  • My intuitive guidance as you discover more about the unknown
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to share your challenges and receive feedback from me and from my Certified Soul Level Intuitive Coach Teaching Assistants


  • What you get out of 301 depends on the amount of vulnerability, transparency, and commitment you put in. Each student will learn different lessons about themselves
  • When you indulge your intuition, as we do in this class, you’ll also discover more about yourself than I can teach you!
  • Past students have described this course as life-changing, eye-opening, a game-changer for their readings, and more
  • Find support and guidance from me as your mentor

Learn what you can REALLY do with your intuition!


Tuition options


One-time payment
Or 3 payments of $767

New Course Begins Soon
This course includes

Six live webinars with me

1-2 CPP Teaching Assistants

Group forum for connection and support

All webinars and course materials easily accessible via on smart phone, computer, tablet

To apply, email

Terms & Refund Policy:
We offer a 100% money back guarantee within 5 days of the first webinar. Email us at within the applicable time frame to let us know!

Keep scrolling to read the course FAQ’s

You May Be Wondering…


For all your curious questions before joining.

What are the dates for this course?

  • Dates to Be Announced Soon

What if I am not Certified in Soul Level Animal Communication or Soul Level Intuitive Coaching?

You must be enrolled in my Certified Practitioner Program membership to be eligible for for this course.  Please visit the certification page to see the requirements for Certification!

How long is each live webinar

Each live webinar is 90-105 minutes. You can watch the modules on any up-to-date desktop computer or tablet or smartphone.

Are there refunds if I decide I don’t want the class?

Yes! If you decide that you don’t want to take the course, just email us at within five (5) days of the first live webinar to let us know. You will then qualify for a 100% refund. After that time, there are no refunds.

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