Got Energetic Shit Standing in Your Way?

Real Time Clearing of Energies and Patterns Stopping You Masterclass

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Soul Level Energy Clearing – No Experience Necessary

Energy Flows

Energy has a natural flow. It follows thought patterns, intention, ideas, and more and it is attracted (and moves toward) other energy that matches it. In fact, there’s even a whole movement dedicated to the flow of energy called the Law of Attraction!

Energy Sticks

While energy prefers to flow, sometimes energy gets stuck. Energy can stick in your liver, it can stick in your bathroom, and it can even stick in your thoughts!

Some of the deeper stuck energy will be released automatically as you learn the lesson holding it in place (we’ll talk more about this in the class), but other stuck energy can be released through simple identification and intention.

And when you begin releasing the lighter stuff, it clears the way for you to more easily address those soul level lessons!

My approach to energy clearing really works

Our energy and the things we need to learn within our energy is layer upon layer – each layer representing something different to help us evolve our soul. My approach helps you address the layers you can immediately address, while also helping you discover the big stuff too!

Soul Level Energy Clearing Masterclass

Discover How to Identify and Clear the Energy

In this on-demand masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to position yourself for the greatest possible outcome
  • Get immediate personal benefits as you practice the technique
  • Find out how to identify the areas where you need to do clearing
  • Learn techniques for clearing (based on which energy you’ve discovered)
  • Discover how to release attachments to the clearing
  • Go through the clearing techniques with me

What You Find Out

Clear the Path For Soul Level Healing!

Learn Why Your Energy is Sticking

Stuck energy feels like you just can’t take off. Breaking out of stuck energy is about more than simple clearing, it’s about clearing with understanding. When you “get” where this came from and why, the energy clearing becomes easier and more complete.

energy clearing

Clear and move energy for the greatest outcome

I guide you through my personal process for clearing energy. You’ll learn, step-by-step, my technique so that you can immediately begin using it for all of your stuck places.


I also intuitively tap in to those who were in the class live, to give the best answer – which will help YOU with any of your questions too!