Soul Level Educator® Courses

For those Certified Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioners with an interest in teaching Soul Level Animal Communication®, we offer the Soul Level Educator® module as part of our catalogue of animal psychic courses. Here, you’ll be given the information, experience, and tools to begin teaching Soul Level Animal Communication® to the world at large! Certified Soul Level Educator®s have completed SLE 301, SLE 302, and SLE 303 and qualify to teach SLAC 101 using Danielle MacKinnon’s branding, marketing tools, and more.

Soul Level Psychic® Course 301

Course 301 helps you take your intuition to a whole new level so that you can more easily work with your clients and students and create the best experience possible. Learn with less structure so that your intuition can lead the way.

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Soul Level Educator® Course 302

This course was created for professional animal psychic looking toward becoming teachers and focuses on two aspects: becoming a proficient Teaching Assistant and integrating Soul Level Coaching into the teaching experience. Both of these skills help you work more deeply with your clients and students and develop more confidence than ever before.

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Soul Level Educator® Course 303

Course 303 is geared toward those professional animal psychics that want to spread animal communication through the world. In this course, you’ll learn Danielle’s specific method for teaching her Soul Level Animal Communication brand beginner classes. It is the final course in the Soul Level Educator module.

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